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Siemens Run 2009

(Photos compliment from pmtey and Shirley Sohg)

I have registered my self (of course with the help of Nawal & Emi) in almost all running races this year as a commitment for a healthy lifestyle but for the past 2 months, I have lacked in training and missed 3 important races namely the Standard Chartered International Marathon, Ipoh 21km International Marathon and the Seremban international half marathon.

With a mere 1 week training, I ran today, 19 July 2009 the Siemens 10km run 2009 and completed in 1 hour 10 minutes. It was my 27th recorded races since I start running in 2004.

I am pleased and was glad that I ran today's race. The Siemens Run was the best and most well organised race in all the 27th events I participated. In fact, very close to the organiser of the prominent Singapore Standard Chartered International Marathon.

The race started at 7:30am sharp and was flagged off by the Kuala Lumpur City Mayor Yg Bhg Dato Ahmad Fuad Ismail. The first 5km was quite hilly but I enjoyed the route. The water stations were located at every 2km and there were generous amount of water at every water stations.

There were many race marshals standing by the road side standingby to assist runners and I only saw one marshal on motorcycle which was good. I am against and anti motor-cycle marshals in any running races. The slow cruising marshal on motorcycle polluted the air choking most runners on the street. It is a running event and race marshal should either used bicycle or be on foot but in other running events, there were dozens of marshal on motorcycles.

The weather was perfect. There were no sun and it was quite windy but the route along Jalan Raja Laut at the last 3km was badly polluted. That was the only inevitable set-back.

The last km before the finishing line was the orgasm. There were loud party musics, traditional drums and beautiful young cheer leaders in short skirt. The cheer leaders were smiling, jumping and cheering all the way probably as strenuous as the runners.

For a registration fee of only RM10, the finisher gift pack was worth more than RM50 including a big bottle of Nivea lotion (retailing at RM30 i think) and various other items.

If there was a best organiser or best race contest, my vote will go to the Siemens Run 2009; 5 star rating, thumbs up and well done.... thank you. It was an orgasmic event.


Ipoh international 21km run

I had never been to Ipoh but the 2 hours drive last Saturday was really worth the trip. I was cruising at 220km per hour on the north south expressway and there was no road block but I had to slow down a few times when I got conned by the poster of the police photographing speedy car that was displayed under the overhead bridge ala real policeman in action.

I left home at 3pm on Saturday afternoon after a good carbo lunch. Nowadays, most restaurant practice ‘no-frill’ menu, mostly bearing no fat, no cholesterol and no sugar added. But my lunch was definitely with free fat, cholesterol and added sugar... for the same price!

My journey was assisted by a pretty and sexy-voiced Sarah.. my loyal navigator…GPS! She navigates me all the way to my destination and I did not get lost! hah.. cheap thrill.. I know but really.. my sense of bearing and direction sucks.. Nawal would know. We arrived in Ipoh at 5pm but headed straight to Sports complex to view tomorrow race starting and finishing point. We went to collect my race number from Suhaimi, my Personal Trainer and the person responsible to drag me for the Ipoh run at the Heritage hotel. Suhaimi was so excited to run the race that he brought along his wife, daughter and both mum and dad… goodness.. I would freak out if everybody were present. As usual, my second sparring partner Abu, conveniently went on sick leave although he had registered for the run.

Impiana Casuarina hotel where we checked in for an overnight stay was only 10 minutes drive from the sports complex. After a hot shower, my good friend Sidik brought us for a tour at his new house before dinner. Sidik’s house still smell new and I had conveniently declare one of the 4 bedroom house as my room!!!

We came back to the hotel and slept early after a very good meal, compliment from Sidik. Unlike the last MBK 10km klang run (last weekend) when I did not have enough sleep, I was all prepared for this Ipoh 21km run. Everything from my vest all ready with the race number, my ipod, shoe, polar watch, cap, water bottle, power gel and shorts were all nicely displayed on the vanity table. I woke up early at 4am but had a stomach upset!!! And went to toilet every 10 minutes, the whole morning…. goodness. At 6am.. I ignored the stomach ache and rushed to the race venue. We were gathered in a field and was made to wore a band to mark the registration.

The event was officiated by the Prince of Perak witnessed by the new Chief Minister. Yes, the new Chief Minster from the opposition party. Perak was one of the 5 states that falls to the opposition. We waited for the Prince to blow the gun and shortly later, the race began. We were disappointed with the organiser when the whole participants for all distant categories, 5km, 7km, 10km and 21km started the same time. It was too crowded and the shorter distance runner sprinted from start whilst the 21km runners were slower causing major traffic chaos and almost accident amongst the runner. Considering the opposition was from a religious fanatic PAS, I was waiting for the Chief Minister to ban the race because all runners were too sexy (for fanatics) exposing their legs, shoulder and arm but thank god, the Chief Minister was civilised and accepted the runner’s ‘uniform’ in good spirit.

The running route was mostly flat road and there wasn’t much hilly terrain. My run did not went too well when I had to cruise the whole 21km at 165 heart beat per minute or 90% of my maximum heart rate… on an average speed of 7.7km/per hour only (thanks to Polar heart rate and speed monitor). The abnormal high heart rate was probably due to the lack of rest the whole of last week. The weather was also good without unbearable heat or rain. I had the best view of Ipoh town through the running route and I was impressed at the town’s cleanliness and friendliness. I completed the run in 2 hours and 37 minutes and was satisfied especially when I had to cruise at 90% max HR on 7.7km per hour speed only. I was praying that my heart or lung wont burst but imagine if i can run & cruise at the same average 220km/hr speed i drove my car on my way to Ipoh....

We left back for KL immediately after the run and stopped by ‘Touches de Siam’ @ Centrepoint, Bandar Utama, for another ‘heavenly’ massage. I will definitely be back for next year’s Ipoh race. Now, I am browsing the internet for the next running event. I have registered for the Adidas King of the Road 22km run on 10 August 2008 but that is in another 1 month!!! I need another run before that or I will be craving like an addict! Oh god……..

Race & races...

I was in a daze when my alarm went off sharp at 5am last Sunday. I usually wake up at 530am daily without any alarm for my morning runs at the kiara hill. I was dazzled for a moment thinking why did the alarm screamed so early and jumped out of bed immediately when I remembered I had the MBK Klang 10km run that morning. That was the first race since the Singapore Ultra marathon about a month back.

I grabbed my spec, rushed to find my race number and in a flash, I was sipping my first coffee in my study room all geared up ready to run. It felt awkward going for a race without my two sparing partners Nawal and Abu. Both had other prior engagement and cancelled their participation at the race day eve.

Klang was a stranger to me but I was fortunate to have the GPS built-in my car and arrived at the race event by 6am. I parked my car and walked to the stadium to warm up and submit my registration number at counter A to start the race. I took note of other participants and notice a good mixture of all races. There were equally as many Malays and Indians as the Chinese. I have run various quarter, half and full marathons in Malaysia and this is the first race with the best mixture of races. It was a truly Malaysian event.

Being a regular at the most popular jogging track in klang valley such as the Kiara hill and the park, Lake Gardens, Kelana Jaya and KLCC, I cant help but to notice the Chinese are the dominant occupant of the jogging tracks. In fact, in all other running event (save as the MBK Klang event), we can find very few Malays and Indians. Similarly at boutique gyms such as the Truefitness which I am currently a member and previously at the fitness First gym, majority of the club members are also Chinese dominated. Sadly, running or exercising has not become a Malaysian culture.

What has not become a Malaysian culture too is the mindset of some ‘races’ in Malaysia. Race is a very sensitive and much debated hot topic with Tun Dr Mahathir being accused of playing the racist card in Johor recently as the last straw to gain the public support. The opposition PKR wanted to abolish the NEP for equal rights in all races. Not to forget the HINDRAF went all the way to the Queen of England to appeal for their race rights. What really are the rights that the Malay is protecting and the opposition wanted to abolish? And what was so important that the Hindraf went all the way to the British Queen bypassing our government, our king and our constitution?

At random, whenever I met my Malay colleagues and friends, I always ask that one simple question. Do you know your rights as a Bumiputra? The Malay were furious and another word by any other races questioning the special privileges for bumiputra as provided by the federal constitution, would have triggered another 13 May with Dato Seri Hishamuddin probably fronting with his Keris. The truth is, a random sampling of 10 out of 10 malay (my fellow colleagues and friends) does not know what are their Bumiputra rights but will not hesitate to draw their Keris if the privileges are threatened. Similarly, I asked my Chinese and Indian friends if they are being suppressed being a Malaysian (but non-bumiputra) and on a similar sampling of 10 different friends and colleagues (non-bumiputra), none of them understood what the big fuss was about but both the Chinese and Indian in their own right will protect whatever they deemed theirs. In other words, every malay, Chinese and Indian will bleed blindly to protect their rights… even without knowing what they are protecting!!!! So here we are, Abdullah Badawi, Anwar Ibrahim and Hindraf provoking the innocent Malaysia politicising issues that none of their supporters truly really understand.

The best pleasure of participating in running races is the real harmony of being Malaysian. It is the best display of unity and solidarity irrespective of race and religion. Everybody run with one objective… to complete the race! Imagine all Malaysian irrespective of race and religion, work together bearing one similar objective (whatever that objective may be), I believe that will be the real spirit of Malaysia Boleh!
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