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If you were ever stopped by police (especially those in Blue uniform) whom is always in the look out for samaritans driving a car with 'expired road tax' (cari makan), then there is only one way out!! Bayar Rasuah!! Pay the bribe!! Otherwise, you will be in my shoe...

On 17 February 2012, I drove from the Curve back to my house at Sungai Penchala (5 minutes drive away) with Aaraf using my Proton Inspira and unbeknown to me, my road tax was 3 days expired when a police car with siren flashed and pulled my car aside.

Three very junior policemen in blue uniform came out from the car and approached me. The police whom was wearing a police reflective jacket that covered his name and the police number, told me that the road tax had expired. I was shocked and quickly apologised and promise to have it renewed immediately.

The police speaking in malay, asked how to settle and me being naive (not getting the 'hint') and was probably stupid, simply profusedly apologised. Using his gadget (some portable device that look like PDA), he said both my road tax and car insurance had expired and if he issue a summon that would attract a compound of RM300 each! meaning.. a total of RM600. He said, if I buy him a drink for RM150, he will not issue the summon.

I was flabbergasted and felt very embarrassed, I said, the road tax was only a few days expired. I overlooked, Minta maaf banyak banyak and I will have it renewed immediately. The police continued to say, so how do we resolve this? I say, I will resolve it by having it renewed immediately. My father too was a civil servant, I wont break the law, I continued.

The police officer whom was not happy, just continued to say, the choice is mine... pay RM600 (RM300 fine for expired road tax and another RM300 fine for expired insurance) or just pay for some duit kopi. To cut the story short, I refuse to pay rasuah and was issued a summon (SUMMON NO 02AH731758) which I have forgotten all about it until today.



A huge trailer bearing plate number WSC 2033 scrapped the rear of my sister's Jaguar at Desa Sri Hartamas on 16 May 2009. it was 2:45pm and there were witnesses at the scene. I was shopping for running shoes the New Balance store, One Utama when i received the news. i rushed to the scene immediately and saw Suhaimi, my personal trainer, rhiza my brother in law (whom co-incidentally were there too), and many others. Fortunately, Emi was not injured.

The lorry owned by HENG CHEW NGO TRDG & TRANSPORT, 2448 East Street 9, JinJang Utara, Kuala Lumpur driven by an Indian. The driver rudely scolded my sister before disappearing away. Well-trained and vanity having carried her camera with her at all time, Emi took pictures of the lorry, plate number, road tax, company names and address . The Jaguar was immobilised. The damage to the car was extensive with a broken bumper, spoiler, rear and front door and puncture tyre and broken rim.

I called Tajul from Allianz Insurance, the insurer of our car whom immediately dispatched Mr Yap from the Allianz insurance panel workshop. In any unforeseen accidental event, always call your insurance company whom will advice and extend all form of assistant. Tajul & Allianz were efficient and i am grateful for their assistant. Mr Yap brought us to the Jalan Bandar Traffic Police Station to lodge a police report.

I was more impressed with the efficiency of the Police force personnel at the Jalan Bandar Traffic Police station. Corporal Abdul Razak attended us within less than 10 minutes of waiting. He took Emi's statement and printed the police report before politely directing us to the Investigating Officer Sgt Amran. We met Sgt Amran whom were polite and interviewed Emi in less than 5 minutes.

Another police officer took a picture of the damage jaguar. Within less than a total of 30 minutes from the arrival at the police station, everything was completed. Doing a police report for car accident was dreadful and used to take at least half a day but nowadays, our Police are very efficient and fast. Congratulation and SYABAS (well-done) to the Royal Malaysian Police.

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