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Did you know that Malaysian is the fattest country in the South East Asia? According to a statistics from the National Health and Morbidity Surveys, 15.1% of Malaysians aged 18 and above were suffering from obesity as of 2011 which is a 14% increase as compared to the same demographic in 2006. It was also reported that over 2.6 million adults were obese while over 477,000 children below the age of 18 years were overweight. Malaysia Minister of Health Dato Seri Liow Tiong Lai said, Malaysia are outweighing our Asean neighbors and number 6 (fattest) in the whole of Asia - behind some middle eastern countries. Nicholas Cheng from the Star newspaper has the full report at HERE.

As part of our corporate social responsibility to overcome this Fat Malaysia crisis, we co-sponsor the Malakoff Race series including the forthcoming Malakoff Penang 17km run on 17th March 2013.

Corporal (COBC) Kenny in Penang representing COBC, Malaysia at the Malakoff Press Conference.


 Lance Corporal (COBC) Kenn or his real name Foo Sze Ken holds a Diploma in Business Studies and Sports Science Level 1 and have a special interest in sports having participated in SUKMA from 2008 to 2011 in Karate. The Aries gentlemen was a Silver medalist in MAKAF Junior competition in 2005 and Bronze for Senior Championship. LC Kenn is a 3rd Dann Black Belt in Goshin-Ryu Karate.
LC (COBC) Kenn @ Foo Sze Ken at the centre before a karate Competition


Abdul Azizam, a Sabahan and a worldwide Ahmadiyaa muslim community missionary moved to Penang in 2010 and probably had the shock of his life with Penang food delight that saw his weight prospering to a whopping 98kg... 2kg short of hitting the 3 digit weight level. It did not help too with Abdul Azizam or more fondly known on facebook as Sam Kaola's passion in cooking!! He did not just love to eat but he also loves to cook... a deadly combination. When an average Penangite would go clubbing at night or layparking by the beach, Azizam would go restaurant-hopping trying out various food ports available in the island. Infact, Azizam kept a chart and list of best eateries in every part of Penang (hah.. now we know who to contact for food in Penang). While others who landed in Penang would visit all the historical and tourist attraction sites, Azizam would be exploring all restaurants and that was exactly what he did when his family visited him in Penang from Sabah. He brought them to eat all around the island as oppose to bringing them site-touring that little island.

Abdul Azizam never gave up during his training


Vibram Five Fingers from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP has been up to various mountains from Gunung Datuk to Gunung Nuang and has been to various running races from 10km to 21km and soon 42km!! Latest, the Vibram Five Finger has encroached into  Bustanu and soon, all the Pahamins clan will be Vibramatised. For a start, Dad.. Pahamin A Rajab had his first taste of the italian design and Hollywood's best trainers for 2011 yesterday at his Birthday!!


Whats cooking this weekend? Yes, a bootcamp beach session in Penang, our regular Long Slow Distance (LSD) running and.. err.. a Three-In-One high tea birthday celebration for Melor Edina Pahamin (26 February), me!!! (1 March) and Nawal Aini Zulkifli (4 March). This was shortly after spending two nights of birthday celebration for Dad (23 February), first being a doa selamat and a family Karoeke session! Yes, we usually do not need a reason to party but when there is a reason... needless to say.

The scary Cheah Boon Choong @ Sarge (COBC) Boon!!
The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) in Penang ended the February session by holding its 12th session by the beach and if you are an MC12 recruit at any of COBC 35 platoons at 7 locations, you were all welcome to workout by the beach... that usually ended up with a beach party!!!!

We had the pleasure of having journalist from Kwang Wah Yit Poh with us to party at the Penang beach after an excruciating a funtabulous workout. There were no picture during the beach workout but post-workout........ see for yourself!!

Oh.. Heaven!!!!


If there was a most supportive platoon award.. then Penang platoon would proudly won. When the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) held a roadshow at the Hard Rock Hotel in conjunction with the Convent Green Lane School re-union and alumni at HERE, many of them came to support in Grey COBC Tee. Naturally, we invite them for a buffet lunch worth RM85 ++ per head at Hard Rock Hotel.

The former Asia best Karate Champion, Sarge (COBC) Boon arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel as early as 9am to set-up the display booth at the Hall of Fame. He was assisted by his lovely assistant Christina. They displayed some equipments that are frequently used to whip and whack get the best results out of any recruits. They even had the Hollywood's voted most preferred shoe in 2011, the Vibram Five Fingered on display. Have it the Sarge's way, he wants to five fingered everyone in the Hall.
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