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Life turn sweeter as we get older and mine turned sweet'est with a 25mmol/l glucose count over the weekend and it was not a pleasant experience.

It has been almost 10 years since I had Diabetic type 2 and has been on 850mg metformin (glucophage) twice a day and 30mg Diamicron MR (Gliclazide). When I changed my lifestyle into a super active outdoor person and adopted the Blood type diet, I self-revised the dosage of my medication to 850mg metmorfin once a day and stopped the Diamicron MR. When I went on mega-active activities with recent half marathon and Mt Kinabalu climb, I did not replenished my supplies of medication thinking the mega active lifestyle would self-regulate the sugar level.... very clever of self-proclaimed doctorate Dr Armin Baniaz.

The diabetic has been quite friendly since diagnosis except for a few hypoglycemic moments which over the years, I had learn to recognize the symptoms. The symptoms of hypoglycemic or low blood sugar that I found very pronounced in me was the sudden shiver, excessive sweating (even in an air-condition room), jelly legs, disoriented and slurred speech. I had never experienced high blood sugar or Hyperglycemia until recently (with 25mmol/l).

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