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We walked to the nearest Mamak restaurant from the commissioner of oath office at Desa Pandan. We sat as we ordered Nescafe tarik. This was at least my 7th glass of Nescafe tarik today. I lit my cigarette, lean against the white pillar next to our table as I listen to Jay. Jay, an indian lawyer, began by voicing his distress at how members of parliament, politicizes racial sentiment. It is despicable to hear the non-bumiputra questioning the NEP and the bumiputra themselves claiming they will not survive without the NEP. The political party had successfully created racial distress from the non-affected Malaysia citizens.

The concept of NEP never took place in the appointment of Proton Edar (or formerly known as USPD) dealers. The appointments of Proton Edar dealers were never for the Malays nor were there any percentage of Malay dealers being maintained at all time. Proton Edar dealers is probably the true picture of the Malaysia economy without any racial sentiment being politicized. I was in Corporate Finance with the Commerce International Merchant Banker back in 1997, when I first applied and appointed a Proton Edar dealer. Though I would like to believe that my appointment as Proton Edar dealer was on my own merit, having been with the team that was responsible for the corporate acquisition and restructuring of DRB-HICOM, I am sure there were many other qualified Malays. Despite my credibility being in Corporate Finance, Student Union President in a British University and being actively involved in NGOs, the truth is, I was appointed a Proton Edar dealer in 1997 because my dad was the Director General of the Road Transport Department or JPJ, I was 23 years old. The youngest dealer ever appointed.

This reiterates the economics of who-you-know or chronyism rather than the ‘what-you-know’. Whilst the economics of Chronyism may be instrumental to secure a proton dealership in the past, the ‘who-you-know’ or ‘what-race-you-are’ does not have any impact to any preferential treatment on the business well-being of a Proton dealer, irrespective whether you are a Malay, Chinese or Indian. There are many successful Bumiputra dealers and there were also many failed Chinese dealers. Prominent dealers under the late Tan Sri Megat Junid or even Dato Seri Chua Jui Meng irrespective of race ceased to be a dealer when they were still in power, when their business failed. The ‘who-you-are’, ‘who-you-know’ or the NEP does not guarantee the success of a Proton dealer. There was a healthy mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian proton dealers in the network.

The Malays were not appointed a Proton dealer because there were Malay under the NEP, nor were they successful because of any additional assistant rendered by Proton or the government (NEP). The non-bumiputra dealers did not fail because of extra assistant or facility granted to the malay. Even with the existence of the NEP, the rise and failure of a business lies in the COMMITMENT of each individual dealer irrespective of ‘who-you-are’, ‘what-you-are’ race and ‘who-you-know’ chronysim.

The current political outcry politicizes racial disharmony akin of saying the Chinese dealers has been marginalise because of bumiputra benefits that they (Chinese) were deprived. On the other hand, UMNO’s outburst on the Malay needs to be salvage with NEP or bumiputra rights is also unwarranted and unbecoming. These are all old political tricks to gain support.

Do not get conned into believing the political outcry in racial disharmony. Malaysia has progressed well without racial disharmony. To move forward, we must all be COLOUR BLIND and see Malaysia as Malaysian instead of Malay, Chinese or Indian.
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