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KASIH LEIA IXORA AZHAR, 12 years old from Bukit Damansara Primary School (SK Bukit Damansara) won the National Co-Curriculum Excellence Award 2011 for primary school girl category. Kasih was earlier selected  as Kuala Lumpur state candidate and competed with 4 other students from Pahang, Kedah, Kelantan and Negri Sembilan to win the prestigious National Award. Kasih Leia Ixora was accompanied by her parent Chempaka Emalin Pahamin and Azhar Sulaiman in Sarawak to attend the most prominent recognition to students, teachers and schools under the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

The eldest of the Pahamin's third generation, Kasih was 'processed' in London when Azhar Sulaiman was completing his post-graduate architecture diploma and Chempaka Emalin Pahamin was studying her Masters in Law. Kasih was born in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on 30th October 1999 and her presence since, had never failed to make everyone smile, giggled and laughed. She loves to sing, dance and loves the stage and microphone. She will speak, sing and dance on stage and infront of the camera without even being invited... sometimes, she even speak, sing and dance alone, all by herself. Kasih converse well with everyone be it with adult, child and even cats and monkeys!! Kasih brings with her a cheerful and positive vibes wherever she goes. The award signified our belief that curriculum activity is unequivocally as important as education. The award itself speaks of Kasih. Although we siblings very rarely argued but we almost did when I insisted of adopting Kasih away form Chempaka when Kasih was born. I should have kidnapped her. Kasih is the jewel of the Pahamins.


29 OCTOBER 2010. Kasih Leia Ixora, the eldest daughter of my eldest sister Chempaka Emalin Pahamin (& Azhar Sulaiman) is also the eldest third generation of Pahamin clan celebrated her 11th Birthday yesterday although her actual birth date is on 30 October 2010.

Kasih's birthday celebration was held at the Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon at 7pm last night and was attended by 30 of Kasih's school mates and cousins.

Kasih's brother Andika Rees Pahamin came as a Pirate and Kasih Iris Leona was dressed as a Devil. Aaraf Eid Pahamin came as Count Dracula.

The kids gathered before being escorted into the Haunted house... Some kids were very excited, some 'eksyen' cool.. and some were hiding behind the table.. scared!

The dark ambiance, the sounds and the hantu-dress made it scary even for adult. It was obvious when Melor Edina Pahamin too was speechless and sat quietly stationary behind a desk trying to look brave infront of the children.

The twins, Andika Rees Pahamin and Kasih Iris Leona (picture on right). Those that attended the party were Myra Alissa, Dayang Aina Rashiqa, Azri Raziq, Thea Irena, Nik Reanna, Nik Nazran Harith Danial, Amir Aniq, Aishah Soraya, Ru Xiang, Nusra, Hana Li, Myra Zahidah, Arief Johari, Hazim, Deena Iman, Amirah Askandar, Dianndre Erica, Ildina Murni, Dania Kamilia, Tengku Sara Afiqah, Tengku Adeira Hazirah

There were many Hantus and Hantis at the party... and they were really frightening.



The weekend was as usual... full of 'ings ! Beside Bootcamp'ing, Facebooking, Proton'ing, Blog'ing, Run'ing, driver'ing doing errand'ing... this weekend too was about skate'ing.... ICE-SKATING!!  No not me...  

25-27 June 2010 was the 6th International Skate Malaysia Competition featuring greatest skaters around South East Asia and Middle East! The Pahamin platoon comprised of 7 skaters RAFEL Zichry Onn, KASIH Leia Ixora, Andika REES Pahamin, Kasih Iris LEONA, RAINA Edlyn Jasmine, Melati Enida and Kenanga Elyzze but the battalion includes Aqfar Naeem Abulais, Nor Marissa Alia Lokman and Aneeta Lingam.

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