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"We all found that we really identified with it. After all, who has not make at least one big mistake in their lives that they have not regretted? Basically its being honest with ourselves and staying true to who we are, despite the mistakes we have made or the different life paths we have chosen..." that was how the name for the pop-punk with swirls of frenetic screamo band that launched its 2nd album at the Publica on 29 April 2012, was agreed and picked by Darren Teh and his band.

There were no mistake when we attended and had a funtabulous time experiencing so much energy on stage upon receiving personal invitation from its lead vocalist cum guitarist and a fellow comrade at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Darren Teh. [Picture: Darren (on right)'s hair was red-der than my shirt and longer than Nawal's]

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