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Wednesday 17 March 2010, There were only 39 recruits today, a minor improvement from the last session with only 30 recruits. Aisan Lim is still missing alongside many others but we were given a huge discount on AWOLs.. infact, a complete pardon. Sarge Simran, Corporal Faizal and Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum are the instructors that have prepared 2 kick-ass circuit for the day.

The 30 recruits were divided into team Alpha and team Bravo. Sarge Simran took team Alpha for the first circuit and Corporal Faizal with Lans Corporal Elin brought team Bravo for the second circuit.

Team Bravo was further divided into two teams, the Guns and Rifle for the ass to ass aka S2S aka Strength to Stairs Relay . Team Rifle began with a run up-stairs holding the rifle straight up over the head while team Guns waited for their returned at the starting point by performing 14 repetitions of three fix exercises. When the partner from team Rifle returned, he will tapped the partner from team Gun for the relay from strength circuit (the three exercises) to the Stair-runs with the rifle. Kay Hassan from team Rifle partner-relay with me from team Guns.

The three type of exercises are the push-ups, Lunges and Flutter Kicks (chest, Legs & Abdomen).



Flutter Kicks

Kay Hassan ran pretty  fast and tapped-relay while I was performing the lunges. I took the Rifle, stretched it straight up above the head and ran. Running with the rifle was good for the arm and back but it makes running a lot more difficult. Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum tirelessly continue to motivate us to keep our hands straight above the head.

The circuit was continued non-stop for 8 minutes before a 45 seconds water break. After the 45 seconds water break, the three type of exercises was replaced with the triple-cardio workout which means "torture times three"... its my most hated workout... the Mountain Climbers, Truster and Frog jump. The second set of S2S circuit was also for a duration of 8 minutes.

After completing the two sets of 8 minutes S2S circuits, we went to Sarge Simran for the "Tyre & Sandbag Insanity" circuit... scary!!

We saw four huge tractor tyres with 4 cones aligned 2 meter distance from one cone to the other, behind each of the tyre and another cone aligned 5 meters at the front of the tyre. Its like.... in one straight Row, there are Cone 4, then Cone 3, Cone 2 and Cone 1 aligned 2 meters from each other behind a HUGE TYRE and after the tyre, there is the last Cone A located 7 meters away.

There are 4 rows in total and a sandbag is placed behind every cone1 to cone 4 in all the 4 rows. Every recruit must take position at each cones and tyres. The circuit began for an 8-minute circuit with the first recruit flipping the Big Tyre to Cone A and back to start-point. The flipping of tyre will determine the time-duration before the next relay.

While the first recruit flipped the tyre, recruit at Cone 1, CORE & OVERALL WORKOUT; performed the Squat Press with the Sandbag. While Squatting down, the sandbag is lowered to chest level and during squatting upm the sandbag is raised above the head.

Cone 2, CHEST WORKOUT: 3-point Pushup on Sandbag. With the sandbag flat on the ground, the left hand is place on the sandbag and the right hand on the ground, and perform one rep push-up before changing the left hand to the ground and the right hand on the sandbag and perform one rep push-up and change again.

Cone 3, SHOULDER WORKOUT: Sandbag Front Raise. The sandbag is raise at the front until shoulder height and lowered down.

Cone 4, ABDOMEN: Sandbag Touches De lace Crunch. With both leg 90 degree raised while lying down, the sandbag is raised up to touch the shoe lace by contracting the abs muscle.

The recruit flipped the tyres to Cone A and back to start-position, he will run to Cone 4, and those at Cone 4 moved to Cone 3, Cone 3 to Cone 2 and so forth enabling every recruit to performed the fix exercises at every cones. The circuit was repeated for 8 minutes before a 45 second water break.

After the water break, the exercises at Cone 1 to 4 was replaced by the following workout:

Cone 1: CORE MUSCLE & OVERALL WORKOUT. Sandbag swing. On a squat position, the sandbag that is held with both hand is swing from between the leg and up to shoulder level.

Cone 2: LEG WORKOUT: Squat Jump. Squat jump is performed by squatting down and jump up with the Sandbag held at chest level at all time,

Cone 3: SHOULDER WORKOUT: Shoulder press. On a standing position with one leg to the front, the sandbag is raised above the head and lowered to chest level.

Cone 4: ABDOMEN WORKOUT: Sit-up with Sandbag. The sandbag is raise across the knee while sitting up extracting the abs muscle and lowered to thigh level upon lowering down.

The second sets was also repeated for a duration of 8 minutes.

The 'Pardon' for todays AWOLs was wise... if we had to performed 60 Grunts before the circuits today, we would be burning bodies instead of fat.

I burned only 580 calories. Strength training burns lesser calories than mega cardio. I actually prefer more strength training than cardio or a combination of both similar to today's workout!! I love it...... Those AWOLS & Absentees, you missed a damn good workout!!


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