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It has been awhile since we last trained at the Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Subang jaya USJ1 and since many people from OBC-BU wanted to replace their missed session to ACE in January, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and I decided to hooyah USJ1 as well. It was more to support JOHN CHUAH, SHEARLING TOH, James Fong, Lilian Lee, Ju Kuang Tan and Jeremy from OBC-BU and meet recruits at USJ1.

Although we sped almost at 200km per hour, we arrived at USJ1, 5 minutes late and joined others in the midst of the warming up session. We left Sungai Penchala at 5:38am for the 5:45am session... deep down.. very deep at the back of our mind, we had our fingers crossed that Sarge (OBC) Dann wont be punishing late-comers on Bring-A-Friend Day. A few minutes after our late-arrival, Nor and Joannita Zaleha Yusoff arrived and shortly even later, Lilian Lee arrived fashionably late. Maybe its the 'in-thing' to be late now or maybe everybody was confident there wont be any punishment on BAF day. 5 late-comers!!!

Sadly, late comers are still late comers even on BAF day.. should have known better!!! but since it was BAF,  Sarge (OBC) Dann only gave us 40 GRUNTS, a BAF discount of 25 grunts!! One late comers attract 15 grunts as punishment and we only had F. O. U. R. T. Y. grunts. (thank god??). I think the grunts was meant for JOHN CHUAH whom is lobbying hard to ban Grunts from OBC-BU.

John Chuah, Shear Ling Toh, Ju Kuang and Jeremy was not late, there went AWOL!!! JOHN CHUAH & SHER LING TOH probably should be crowned the new FFK-King & Queen... they conveniently disappear every time they say.. "See you on USJ1".



The Seal Pups or the Chief Original Bootcamp for children that was originated from the 20-years old Australian military-inspired program at Bandar Utama is now officially open for those age from 5 to 12 years old. No Seal pups is not those military style yelling and screaming but its the military-inspired teamwork and discipline that is instilled unto the children.

The Seal Pup lead instructor Daing Daniel Fitri or known as Sarge (OBC) Dann at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP fraternity has been training Taekwondo to children as young as 3 years old for more than 9 years since 2002 at the DDF Taekwondo Academy. Three of Sarge Dann students has been accepted into Malaysia Taekwondo team and had won various gold medals. Sarge Dann himself was a Malaysia gold medalist for Taekwondo.

Sarge Dann was assisted by Lans Corporal (OBC) (P) Rosey and Lans Corporal (OBC) (P) Ody. LC (OBC) (P) Rosey is a certified accountant and was previously the co-owner and operator for Party Pixies, a children party organisers which was a partnership amongst three siblings Rose Emini Pahamin, Melor Edina Pahamin and Chempaka Emalin Pahamin.

Party Pixies was K.I.V. when the lawyer siblings were too busy with legal work and I kidnapped Rose Emini Pahamin into family business as our accountant. Rose Emini Pahamin have had extensive experience interacting and handling kids during her tenure with Party Pixies. LC (OBC) (P) Ody on the other hand is a sports science graduate and took special interest in child psychology. LC (OBC) (P) Ody is a 7 months old recruits that had took extra effort to adopt and learn the culture and trade of the Chief Original Bootcamp program having been a recruit for more than 5 months prior to being mentored by Sarge Dann as an instructor. Alongside LC (OBC) (P) Ody and LC (OBC) (P) Rosey, there are 5 other recruits cum trainee-instructors that is being mentored by Sarge Dann to prepare them for assessment by Chief Brabon. Instructors at the Chief ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is regularly assessed and re-assessed, trained and re-trained by Chief and its Master Global trainers to ensure the quality and result is homogeneous globally.

Have FUN, get FIT, feel FREE at the FIELD..

The Seals Pup or the kids bootcamp is now open for online-registration at HERE. The Seal Pup is available once or twice a week depending on your child's need. There are two option for the once a week session  either on Thursday 6:00pm to 7:00pm OR Saturday at 7:45am to 8:45am. Alternatively, for those parent who wants their children to be more active physically, they can opt for a twice a week session on both Thursday (6pm-7pm) and Saturday (7:45am to 8:45am).


Seal Pups BU KidZ Bootcamp (SINGLE-THURSDAY) : 6:00pm TO 7:00pm (RM100 per month)

Seal Pups BU KidZ Bootcamp (SINGLE-SATURDAY) : 7:45am to 8:45am (RM100 per month)

Seal Pups BU KidZ Bootcamp (DOUBLE- THU & SAT) Thursday @ 6-7pm & Saturday @ 7:45am to 8:45am) (RM180 per month)

For JANUARY, first week is a FREE-TRIAL, and the january promotional month fees for SINGLE is RM75 per month and DOUBLE is RM160 RM120 only.

**The fees charged includes a one-time free T'shirt & a camo-cap which is compulsory for every child to wear during all sessions.

The Seal Pups are for children age 5 years to 12 years old.

For more details.. CLICK HERE.

Register online now at



The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA  & USJ1 yesterday introduced and launched the SEAL PUPS or the Kids Fitness program in conjunction with Aaraf Armin's 8th Birthday.  The SEAL PUPS is part of Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program originated from Sydney, Australia and is now available in Malaysia at Bandar Utama. The program offers after-school, school holiday and mandatory physical activity programming for children, through it's SEAL Pups kids's fitness program.

Apart from increased physical fitness and better health, the program also promotes team work, communication skills, lateral thinking, self confidence and leadership skills.

Poor co-ordination and/or poor ball skills (whether perceived or actual) are often the cause of children shying away from physical activity. It seems that little is available for those students who do not wish to play organized sport. With the rate of childhood obesity at an all time high, schools and families must look for solutions which will inspire our youth to be active. The SEAL Pups program is aimed to achieved just that.

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