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For latest updates on 2012 calender click HERE.


CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia monthly session starts and end for the year 2012 as below. Subang Jaya previous platoon codename: 'USJ1 Alpha' and 'USJ1 Bravo' is now renamed 'USJ- Charlie' and 'USJ1-Echo' With effective from December intake to streamline the timing for all platoons. 
MC12 program: RM299, Military Corps Training, 3x week, 12 sessions a month.
MC8 program: RM199, Military Corps Training, 2x a week, 8 sessions a month.

Training Days:
Alpha, Bravo, Zulu (MC12) sessions are on every Mon, Wed and Fri
Sierra (MC8) session is on every Mon and Wed
Charlie, Echo (MC12)sessions are on every Tue, Thu and Sat
Tango, Yankee (MC8)sessions are on every Tue and Thu

Training Time:
5:45am - 6:45am: Alpha, Charlie, Tango
7:00am - 8:00am*: Bravo, Echo, Foxtrox
6:45pm - 7:45pm: Zulu, Yankee
* (Depending on location, some may be fix at 6:50am - 7:50am to avoid morning traffic)

1) Ampang: Only Alpha, Bravo, KLCC- Tango, KLCC-Fotrox, KLCC-Zulu
2) Bandar Utama: Only Alpha, Bravo, Tango, Yankee, Seal Pups
3) CyberJaya: Only Charlie, Echo and Yankee
4) Damsansara Height: Alpha, Zulu and Yankee
5) Shah Alam: Only Alpha and Zulu
6) Subang Jaya USJ1, only Alpha, Bravo and Dust
7)  Penang: POLO-Alpha, POLO-Bravo, PDC-Charlie and Tango

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