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Diabetic Eye

It has been almost 20 years being diabetic (the perks of being sweet) but I have never done any diabetic eye test much to my sister, Docta Ta's dismay. This year, I took the first step and am now at the OPTIMAX eye specialist, Taman Tun Dr Ismail for a diabetic eye test.

This is to avoid Diabetic Retinopathy and avoid blindness. The whole processes will take almost 2 hours. Hence, I'm writing this blog on my iPhone while waiting.

Upon arrival, the friendly nurses will first do a vision test and check the eye pressure with a machine. 

Once this two initial tests had passed, then the process of eye dilution began with a few eye drops every 10-15 minutes. The eye drop sting abit but is bearable. This will take about an hour to ninety minutes until the pupils are diluted. 

After the few eye drops, the vision seemed brighter but more blurred. I felt abit nauseate but didn't know if that was part of the side effect or maybe I over ate the pulut ikan kering for breakfast. A moment later, I cant read at all with spectacles.

After the eyes were fully dilated, the doctor called me in. This eye dilution will enable the doctor to see through the retina for any nerve damaged or blood clot in the eye. That process took less than 10 minutes. It was the preparation that was lengthy. The result was almost immediate. There were no blood vessels or nerve damage and my eyes were good (Alhamdulillah).

The nurse asked when I arrived if I had brought along my sunglasses. She said, I wont be able to drive without any sunglasses after the test. I said I did because I did bring along my sunglass. The only problem was, my sunglass was without any power and my eyes will continue to be blurred for the next 5-7 hours.

I have a meeting with YS Teoh from Les Mills in 2 hours and I have to get home. After much thought, I found a way... 

Drove back home with double spectacles on 25km/hr speed. It was the longest drive home from Taman Tun Dr Ismail. I rescheduled to have the meeting with Teoh at home instead. Thanks Teoh.

Last but not least, for all diabetic patients, please don't forget your eye check at least once a year before any permanent damage done. More importantly, please keep in record all food consumed daily and blood test done randomly before food and 2 hours after (note to self too!!) Have a good weekend.


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