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If there is an industry gap in the automotive that can be addressed, what would it be? Yes, that would be the mismatching of car owners budget and convenient to the thousands of car workshops nationwide. Car loan is any household's second biggest expenditure after the housing loan and of course, every household would put aside a budget for these loan repayment but rarely does anyone actually set aside budget to repair and/or service their car.

A car is akin of our health. When we are healthy, we rarely go for a medical check-up even when we do know (or unbeknown) of those symptoms for common critical illnesses but when we are sick, we would immediately seek for the best clinic or hospital. Similarly, we would drive around confidently with our car until the car had a heart attack and it just drop dead... the engine I mean. Unlike our health, these medical expenses can be sorted with a medical insurance (Call my friend Affiq Zakie at 0102315911 for immediate coverage if you do not have one) but there is no medical insurance of sort, to cover for our cars.

If we fainted, breakdown or had a heart attack, we can call 999 or 911 for an ambulance but there is no 999 or 911 if our car drop dead in the middle of no where! What do we do? Call Daddy? Darling? Friend? err.. no!! Post for help on Facebook?

Living in a hectic society with inevitable traffic jam, we simply do not have the time even if we do want to service our car regularly and attend to car repair. However, did you know that many workshop provides pick-up service from your house or home to the workshop, service or repair your car then send it back? Well, they do but how would we know which one does and which does not? and how would we know if we can trust the workshop to take our car without disappearing?

Sometimes, we read about a good service promotion for our car but getting there is another story. Getting lost to find a good workshop with good promotion is almost a lifestyle.

Leveraging on GPS and mobile technology, all this issues plus a lot more headaches and heartaches related to car problems & maintenance can be resolved and it will be resolved. For the past few months, we have been working endlessly to develop this new mobile application, trademarked & copyrighted as CarBengkel that will provide car owners with instant access to thousands of both authorised OEM car workshops and/or independent specialised workshop nationwide. This caters to all type of cars from Perodua, Proton to Mercedes Benz and BMW.

CarBengkel is a new app that connects us to car workshops and mechanics in our area for repairs and maintenance by leveraging GPS and mobile technology. With CarBengkel, we can choose to service our car at an authorised OEM or a specialized workshop and easily place a request for whatever we need, such as a tow truck in case of an emergency, a pickup to bring our car straight to the workshop, a simple appointment, or a quotation from a workshop. Yes, soon we do not need to drive around to check on prices and we do not need to spend hours googling, then call various workshop to check on price and/or stock availability. It is all with just a few taps on your handphone. For more information, view the website: 

CarBengkel app is available on both android and iphones without any fees. There is no cost or fee to download the apps and to use all its features.

We expect to launch it in May 2015. Until then, hold on to your car service and maintenance and Stay Tuned!! 

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