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One of my favourite stress relief and weekend routine is taking a stroll at the Night Market as well as doing grocery shopping. When I was young, my mother always brought me to all sort of market, fish market, morning market [Pasar Tani], night market, Pasar besar, pasar borong yada yada.

Over the weekend, on my regular stroll at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail night market I was amazed by the effort and initiatives taken by the Boost team. This was the second time I met them. Once was last weekend. Boost is a mobile app, an e-Wallet of sort and they did a great job recruiting pasar malam sellers.

I bought a whole basket full of vegetables of all sort and only paid RM3 from otherwise RM15 and the grocery was paid through the app called Boost.

Being a technoprenuer and a start up myself, I could not resist to Vlog this mobile app called Boost. I wish and my prayer for the Boost App to be a great success. All the best. For more information on the Boost Apps click here ->

Who can ever imagine going to Pasar Malam and make payment through the handphone. Dont even need a credit card.


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I was invited by Amir Afif Azmi, the creative producer for Cradle TV to participate in a business talk show called the Start it up ala Jimmy Fallon. Cradle TV is an online video platform that records seminars, talks, event and news on technology. The Start It Up business talk show will be the first business talk show series in Cralde TV with 13 episodes. I am on the 11th episode.  The talk comprised of 2 segments with the first being a casual and a fun short interview followed by a game show. 

The only game I have played my whole life was the board game monopoly & scrabble (and chess as well as the malay board game called 'dam haji'). I am not too fond of this game but heck, of course I will try. What is better than to try out new things. The downside for losing, the loser will be showered with bubble foam recorded on TV.  The host, Razif Hashim was the only person I knew (or probably in Malaysia) that actually graduated with a degree in Acting. No doubt he was very natural, funny and hilarious.

The other participant on episode 11 with me was Jazz Tan from is a platform that connects over 40,000 youth events with corporate brands reaching out to millions of youth across the world. For corporate companies or businesses that wants to reach out to the youth, you can contact

LOOKING FOR A CAR WORKSHOP? This Local App Will Find One That Won't Overcharge You

This article was first published at by John Lim (On behalf of CarBengkel team, thank you John &

Looking for a reliable car workshop is not an easy feat in Malaysia. Many car workshops are known for overcharging and providing poor quality parts.

 Image via Auto World
Remember the last time you were overcharged for a repair? Yeah, me too.

The good news is you don't have to fret anymore! Car Bengkel, a local app set up in collaboration with the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), aims to help motorists survive this ultimate road challenge.


CYBERJAYA, 18 JANUARY 2016. “The campaign was launched to recognize trusted workshops in Malaysia as part of MAI’s effort to modernize and improve the services in the automotive aftermarket sector”, said Dato Mohamad Madani Sahari, Malaysia Automotive Institute Chief Executive Officer.  “There are RM5,000 prizes to be won by the public and as well as the car workhops.

1)            The Grand cash prize RM1,000 will be awarded to the public that successfully introduced the most workshops. The first runner-up will win Cash Prize RM500 and 2nd Runner up cash prize RM300.
2)            The public that shared his/her selfie infront of the referred workshops on either Facebook or Instagram with a hashtag: #carbengkelworkshop and have the most like will win cash prize RM300 each (Facebook and Instagram), RM200 for 1st runner-up and RM100 for 2nd Runner up.
3)            Workshop that is referred the most on facebook and Instagram will win RM1,000 advertising credit on CarBengkel.
4)            There are many drivers in Malaysia with their own trusted mechanics and workshops and there are more drivers, mostly ladies whom are completely ignorant on where to bring their car for service or repair. With this campaign, we can enroll more trusted workshops in addition to the the 2,800 workshops that had already registered with CarBengkel mobile application for the benefits of other drivers.
5)            There are 15,000 car workshops registered with local authorities nationwide servicing more than 23 million vehicles on the road.
6)            Public can introduce any car workshop, tyre outlets, accessories shop as well as tow truck.
7)            All workshops introduced will received a sponsored CarBengkel training on how to increase traffic & profit and a credit worth RM1,000 for advertisement on CarBengkel.
8)            Public can also refer any OEM authorized workshop such as Proton, Perodua, Toyota, Honda, Nissan or any other OEM authorised workshops to cater to more than 2million cars on the road that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.
9)            This campaign is launched in conjunction with the forthcoming Chinese New Year festive season as we expect many will visit the workshop for their car maintenance and repair before going on holiday. This is the best time for the public to refer the respective workshops.
10)         CarBengkel mobile application provides a more convenient way to service, repair and/or obtained a cost estimate for any repair or spare parts. This will enable the public to save time, reduce expenses for car maintenance and have a better experience dealing with mechanics and workshops.
11)         In 2015, CarBengkel won the prestigious VISA Retail Innovation Award in December, selected as Top 7 best startup at the SME Innovation Challenge and won Top 5 best at the Echelon Thailand.
12)         Expenses for car maintenance are never budgeted by any household unlike housing and car loan and can be a big burden to the public.
13)       Public only need to download CarBengkel App which is available in three languages (Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin) and is compatible on both Andriod and iOS handphones and introduce their favourite workshop by tapping on referral button in the app.
14)         The workshop will then receive an SMS with a link to download. The workshop needs to tap on the download link and follow a simple step by step guide to register. Once the workshop had registered, the referral will get a point.
15)         Those with the most points for successfully referring the most car workshop, tyre outlets, accessories shop or tow truck combined, will win RM1,000 cash reward.  

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