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Malaysian government through the national Automotive Policy (NAP 2014) & Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) have placed a high emphasis to improve and enhance the services in the automotive ecosystem for the benefits of the public. The NAP 2014 focusses to give consumers greater benefits that include costs transparency, enhanced level of repair and services with proper procedures and qualification of mechanics, spare parts standardization, insurance coverage and others.

NAP 2014 would fulfill the need to standardize the local automotive after-market industry, as this industry has a direct impact on the consumer. The NAP 2014 initiatives will assist to set proper systems to standardize all of the stakehoders in the after-market that includes workshops (independent or franchised), tyres and accessories shops, spare parts dealer (new and used parts) and car dealers.

Part of the initiatives taken by MAI for the automotive aftermarket is to support the car workshope to be more competitive, proficient and customer-centric. MAI initiative through its primary app MAGIS (MAI Automotive Garage Information System) and its complementary Carbengkel app for workshop enables workshop to compete in term of competitive pricing, fast service, better customer service as well as retention and transparency. 

While MAGIS intends ot improve competitiveness in every car workshop, the CarBengkel apps provides a competitive solution to their automotive needs. 

The public will benefit from CarBengkel app for car owners, through the most reasonably prices services and repair as well as having the platform to request for quotation for any services and/or repair for their vehicle. It is MAI's vision for the public to have access to the pricing of all parts and services listed by workshops. The public too can benefit from the convenient of having their car being picked up for servicing or repair.

CarBengkel will also enable new car buyer to view and book through his/her handphone, the schedule of their next service to maintain its manufacturer's warranty as well as view the cost of service maintenance. Through CarBengkel, new car buyer will be reminded of their compulsory serice to maintain their car warranty.

It is our vision to further improve the cost of car ownership, reduce the cost of car maintenance and make it more convenient for customer to attend to their car servicing and repair needs.

(Malaysia Automotive Institute, an agency under the Malaysia Ministry of International Trade and Industry)


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