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When it is time to workout, we trained!! When it is time to work, we worked!! When it is time to run, we run!!! When it is time to sleep, we sleep!! When it is time to party... We party like there is no tomorrow!! If there is one trait that is common with recruits at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, we all learn to live life to the fullest.

The theme for the party was Halloween!! In conjunction with the party theme and as a countdown to the anniversary gatherings, we launched our 'training in theme' at all platoon to further excite the already hype program. The training in theme too would loosen up any barriers or walls between recruits in the spirit of camaraderie and of course, it would break the monotony of working out routine.
While the first Anniversary party theme was Superheroes that was attended by Superman, Batman, Ironman, Catwomen, Supergirl, Gorgeous girl yada yada... (See HERE for pictures) and the second Anniversary was Uniform and all the Generals, Hitler, Nurses, french maids and various fantasy-came-into-life dress wear (See HERE for pictures); the 3rd year anniversary theme was Halloween!! We figured, it was time for recruit to over-powered and be more scary than the instructors and we were right!! The instructors were so mild as compared to the scary recruits (good thing, they did not bully the instructors).

The Chief's Original Bootcamp celebrated its 3rd year anniversary at the Bravo Italiano Restaurant and Bistro in Damansara Perdana yesterday. I admit, it can be challenging recognizing recruits without their Grey training tee but to recognise them all looking sexily frightening was errr.. horrifying!

On our 3rd year anniversary, on behalf of the team in COBC office and on field, I would like to personally thank each and every one of our past and present recruit for all the support, enthusiasm and passion in keeping our drive for fitness and health as a part of our lifestyle.

COBC is not just a place to workout. It is a platform for friendship, networking and especially for training or things-to-do Kakis. You are never alone in whatever healthy thing you want to do.. be it you want to cook and eat right (just log on to Instagram #Fizacooks) you will find all the dietary food menu online with a step by step guide and a bunch of bootcampers will diet with you. If you want to eat and dine (That's my department!!), you will find a batallion of food lovers for you to go out and dine with. If you want to watch a movie, theater, stand up comedian yada yada yada... a battalion of recruits will follow you !! If you want to run nationwide or worldwide for that matter.... Dozens of new, season and serious runners will run with you. The same goes with other specific type of outdoors such as cycling (the likes of Kitson Foong and Muzaffar), mountain climbing (such as Nur Farah Ain Azmi (Mount Kinabalu) (Ampang Dusk), Zahrah Mohammad (Mount Kinabalu) (Bandar Utama Dusk) and Wan Hafizuddin (Mount Kinabalu) (Bandar Utama Dusk).. For more details of the achievers, see HERE.  COBC is truthfully what you make the best out of it.

At this 3rd year Anniversary party, we were overwhelmed to see most of the big names at all platoons attended the gatherings... Their passion and support for COBC was exemplary. You know who you are but to name a few... the Seah family, Maslina Ahmad Ismail whom once trained with me at BUA but now mostly attended Ampang, Afiza Abdul Halin whom was Rose Emini Pahamin training comrade in BUB but now hop around at other platoons being COBC poster gal; Kitson Foong, Sheikh Hisham, Chee Yee Law, Muzaffar Bashir, Harun, Andy Wong, Penny, Jenny, Siti Shuhid, Ahmad Zaidi, Helynda, Suzila Borhan, Sueyin etc etc....

This anniversary party was the 30th party that we had organised since the last Retro theme party in April this year where we did the Harlem Shake and will be a re-start of more parties to come.

1) June 2010 - World Cup Fever - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
2) July 2010 - White & Denim (The Duke, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
3 & 4) August & September 2010 - Aidil Fitri  (Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
5) October 2010 - Nerd and Geek - The Library, e-Curve
6) November 2010 - Hats Off - TGI Fridays, Curve
7) December 2010 - Ho Ho Ho # OBC International 20th Anniversary Celebration - The Modestos, Curve
8) January 2011 - Balik Kampung - Raja Affandi Jamaludin's Residence, Kampung Penchala
9) February 2011 - Pajamas - Viki Lim's Residence
10) March 2011 - Stripey Dotty - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
11) April 2012 -  Cowboy and Cowgirl - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights
12 & 13) May & June 2011 - Superheroes - The Soul'ed Out, Desa Sri Hartamas
14) July 2011 - Green and Yellow - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
15 & 16) September 2011 - Halloween - Tony Romas, Mt Kiara 
17) October 2011 - Wear your Old Cloth before COBC - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
18) November 2011 - Luau Hawaian Hotbods party - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
19) December 2011 - Smoking Jazzy Roaring Twenties - The Taps, Jalan Tanglin
20) January 2012 - Gennaio Italian Bootcamp Festo - The Italianes, The Empire, Subang Jaya
21) February 2012 - Ay Yariba yariba MExicano - Las Caritas, Damansara Heights
22) March 2012 - Checkered and Funky Glass High Tea - The Library, First Subang.
23) April 2012 - Rubic Cube Colour - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights
24) May &June 2013 - 2 Years Anniversary Party
25) July 2013 - Uniform Party
26)  August -
27) September -
28) 4th Quarter 2012 (Oct, Nov, Dec) - Christmas Party
29) 1st Qtr 2012 (Jan, Feb, Mar) - Retro Party

Please find below, the snapshots at the 3rd Year Anniversary party.

There is a charity caricature. Donate RM20 for charity and have your face on caricature!! Thank you 

Youngest bootcamper!!! 

Lance Corporal James in bandage!!

When bandage was open... 

Nenek Kebayan also came !!

The buffet food was good and delicious with large portion and enough for all

Buffet was served from 7pm and while the food was served Dr Malek Aziz and Farhanah Bamadhaj was spotted by the road side.... picking up someone? No, he was waiting for his Halloween dress to be sent.

The Spirit of Bootcamp award for the month went to ..

After the certificate presentation for the 100% Attendance, Commitment & Effort and Spirit of Bootcamp, we invited the audience to pick 5 best dressed male and female according to theme.

The candidates for the best dressed male and female then had to perform some show or cat walk... or err.. cat crawl?

Then we took a vote!!! ...for one male and one female winner.

After the vote, we had a few strong male and female for a 'last man standing' challenge to give out some consolation prize to the best winner.

The best dress male & female and the strongest male and female won am exclusive green army COBC tee.

COBC Models modelling the green army COBC tee...?

After the prize giving, we celebrated COBC 3 years old birthday with a cake!!

As the party ended, COBC announced the 2013 Battle of Platoons to be on 18 January 2014. Start training!! Thats the end of a great camwhoring, eatwhoring, socialwhoring and partying... Until the next party, keep that 6 pack intact and see you at training field.



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