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DDF Taekwondo Academy

18 July 2009, I befriended Daing Daniel Fitri 3 years ago but it was only recently that I learn of his amazing achievements. At such a young age, Daing Daniel Fitri is not just a 4th Dan Black Belt instructor but he is also the President of DDF Taekwondo Academy with 5 other branches in Klang Valley. Daniel Fitri is the instructor for Aaraf Pahamin, my nieces and nephews Kasih Lea Ixory, Rafel Zicry Onn, Rees Pahamin, Kasih Iris Leona and Raina Edlyn Jasmine.

Daniel Fitri first learn Taekwondo when he was 6 years old and passed his junior black belt (Poom belt) grading three years later in 1996. The same year at the age of 9, he entered and won his first medal at the International Islamic University competition.

After competing and winning a series of competition and participating in various Taekwondo skill demonstration, his 'bakat' attracted the interest of Malaysian 4th Prime Minister YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah which saw BAKTI sponsoring Daniel Fitri in 1996 to pursue his training at the Taekwondo World Physical Education Professional Training Institute in Korea. At the institute, Danial was selected as the first non-Korean to be part of the 'Korean Little Tigers Team and demonstrated their talent at the World Cup Taekwondo in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

In 1997, PEPSI sponsored Daniel Fitri to further his training at the Korean National University of Physical Education, Seoul Korea. Danial Fitri was under the supervision of the Taekwondo Dean Prof Lee Seung kuk.

Daniel Fitri was selected into Malaysia national junior team in 1999 which he participated and won Gold medals in most national and world Taekwondo competitions. He participated in the Malaysia Inter-university every year for 15 years and was acclaimed as a competitive fighter before retiring in 2007 to focus in nurturing younger generations via his Taekwondo Academy that was established in 2003. Since the establishment of his academy, he has produced 3 national team players for SEA and Asian Games.

Daniel Fitri's main Academy is at No 16c (3rd Floor), Jalan Memanda 5, Ampang Point, 68000 Ampang but Danial's other centres included:

A) Allied Martial Arts Gymnasium
Desa Sri Hartamas.
B) Ding Martial Arts Center
SS4 Petaling Jaya.
C) Taska Kindicare
Jalan Pakat, Ampang.
D) Tadika Senyum Chomel
Ara Damansara
E) Apartment Mawarsari

Daniel Fitri's achievements todate are summarized as follows:


14-17 Jul 1994
Bronze International Islamic Universiti Malaysia (IIUM) Invitational Taekwondo Tournament

21-22 Jul 1994
Emas Youth Taekwondo
Competition 'Rakan Muda' Petaling District School Division

Demonstration KL in association with UWPTA Taekwondo Demonstration Team, Grand Ballroom, the Legend Hotel

03-06 Aug 1995
Silver International Islamic Universiti Malaysia (IIUM) Invitational Taekwondo Tournament

23-24 Sep 1995
Gold 1st Dumex Kids Taekwondo Championship, Kuala Lumpur (UWPTA)

04 Mac 1996
Demonstration Solo demonstration for ex Prime Minister YBhg Tun Dr Mahathir & Yg Bhg Tun Dr Siti Hasmah (BAKTI) Carcosa Sri Negara

23-24 March 1996
Silver 16thNational Youth Taekwondo competition Malaysia

25-26May 1996
Demonstration World Cup Taewondo Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL, Little Tigers Demonstration Team

22-23 March 1997
Silver 17th National Youth Taekwondo Competition, Malaysia

09-10 Aug 1997
Silver 2nd International Taekwondo Championship, Stadium Negara

19-23 Nov 1997
Observer 13th Men and 7th Women World Taekwondo Championship, HONG KONG

07 Nov. 1997
Demonstration Solo Taekwondo Demonstration at the Grand Ballroom Hotel Equatorial, Bangi (Pepsi Nite)

28-30 Nov 1997
Silver Taekwondo championship Hanmadang 97, Chamsil Sport Complex, Seoul KOREA

11-13 May 1998
Bronze 18th National Youth Taekwondo Competition Malaysia

Demonstration Solo Taekwondo Demonstration for DYMM Paduka Seri Tuanku Yang Dipertuan Negeri Sembilan (Seremban Marathon)

12-21 Sep. 1998
Demonstration Solo Taekwondo Demonstration for Commonwealth Game, Bukit Jalil

Gold Poomsae Event, Perwira In House Taekwondo Academy

05-12 May 1998
Observer Asian Games, Bangkok, Thailand

02-04 Jul 1999
Gold National Youth Taekwondo Competition, Universiti Malaya

10-19 Aug 1999
Bronze World Taekwondo Festival 99 & 2nd Korea Open,Chung Cheung College, Seoul, KOREA

04-05 Sept 1999
Gold 19th youth Taekwondo competition, Malaysia

23-25 Sept 1999
Gold International Islamic Universiti Malaysia (IIUM) Invitational Taekwondo Tournament

02-05 Dec. 1999
Gold National Interclub Malaysia, P.Pinang

01-02 Jul 2000
Gold 20th Youth Taekwondo competition, Malaysia

24-27 Aug 2000
Gold National Youth 'Rakan Wajadiri' Taekwondo competition Universiti Malaya at Bukit Jalil

18-19 Nov 2000
Gold 5th National Interclub Malaysia, Johor Bahru

30 Jun -06 Jul 2001
Bronze 4th Korea Open Chung Cheung college, Taekwondo championship Seoul,Korea

08–11 Aug 2001
Quarter Final 1st Asia Junior Taekwondo Championship, Taipei, Taiwan

10-11 Nov 2001
Gold 21th National Youth Taekwondo competition, Malaysia

22-23 Jun 2002
Gold 22th National Youth Taekwondo competition, Malaysia

26-27 Jul 2003
Gold Close Kuala Lumpur Taekwondo Competition 2003

02-03 Aug 2003
Gold International Islamic Universiti Malaysia (IIUM) Invitational Taekwondo Tournament

18hb-19 Okt 2003
Gold 8th Taekwondo championship National Interclub, Malaysia (selangor)

20-21 Dec 2003
Silver 28th National Taekwondo Championship, Sibu, Sarawak.

30 May-03 Jun 2004
Bronze SUKMA X, Negeri Sembilan

27-29 Ogos 2004
Silver 29th National Taekwondo championship, Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil

31 Jul–1 Aug 2004
Gold 4th MMU Taekwondo Championship

11- 14 Feb 2005
Gold (Best Player Award) Martial Art Nation Rakan Muda 2005 (Martion UM)

21-23 Apr 2006
Gold UM Open Taekwondo championship 2006, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

Gold 2006 MASUM Taekwondo Championship, Uitm, Shah Alam, Selangor

15-24 Dec 2006
Bronze 13th ASEAN Taekwondo University Games, Hanoi, Vietnam

Gold 2007 MASUM Taekwondo Championship, USM Penang.

I am glad my sister Chempaka Emalin introduced Daniel Fitri to me. He is so passionate about Taekwondo training and teaching that he gave additional classes a few times a week to ensure Aaraf a 6 year old child qualify for the junior black belt grading last week.

As a pleased and satisfied customer, I had to share Daniel Fitri's passion with anybody (from as young as 3 to even older than 50 years old) that is keen to learn and master the art of Taekwondo. Nonetheless, I am proud to see and support a young malay businessman in pursuing his dream to expand his Taekwondo Academy. Please call Danial @ +60122150263.

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