Rienna Choo is not just the ordinary women next door but she is a great mother, a wonderful wife and a pioneer at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. Being a mother is a blessing but it is also physically and mentally challenging especially to maintain the same physique after giving birth and to have the extra energy to care for the expansion in the family and maintain her household chores as well as the family's welfare. Many years ago, Rienna Choo barely weigh 60kg before giving birth but after 6 months, the wife to a general surgeon at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital weight more than 65kg and the weight continued to grow bigger and better than most investment's unit trust and stock market irregardless of whatever the economic climax was.

The biggest challenge was after Rienna gave birth to her second child and that was the point of no return... where everything from dieting to endless visits at slimming centres and workout program had all failed. Being positive, Rienna had to always joke with her husband that the surgeon had invested well in her as she continued to grow stronger, broader and bigger even when the financial market crashed but when Rienna Choo could not fit into size 'L' clothing, she knew she had to take a drastic action. Rienna being the smallest and shortest in her family could not accept her bigger than her usual size and was so desperate to lose weight that she wished there was a military-form of exercise without having to enroll as a military personnel. Her dream came true when she saw a small advert in the Star that reads "Chief's Original Bootcamp (formerly known as Original Bootcamp) from Australia" at Padang Merbok.

Rienna was so excited that she rounded up her partner-in-crime, Amy Ho and her niece Natasya Lee to immediately enroll and attended the first session. Rienna had a total body ache for the whole week that she would have given up if she did not pay the RM299 monthly fees. Infact, Rienna said, if she had attended the free-trial at the Bring-A-Friend day, she would not have enrolled and would not even gone back for the second session being tormented by the muscle ache but as weeks passes by, she felt the energy rush, she felt her fitness improving and her body becoming lighter and firmer. From the comfort of an air-condition slimming centre, Rienna whom rarely sweat herself out, began to discover the other side of her as she enjoyed and had so much fun in each and every outdoor workout session. The experience was overwhelming that she simply felt indescribably good.

At the COBC, Rienna met some fun, crazy and wonderful people whom are into running. "I was amazed that there are people who would pay money to run 5km to 42km. I do not think I would run even if anyone would pay me money", recalled Rienna. "Rose Emini Pahamin and Nyna Mohsen was so much into it, that they encouraged anyone and everyone to do it!! The ladies kept saying Yes, You Can Do It!!", said Rienna Choo in her usual cheerful mode.

(Rienna Choo on her first few months that she joined the COBC)

"I was really impressed at their spirit and energy when they actually came and attend COBC the day after they ran and complete a full 42.2km marathon in Singapore. They then planned an introduction run to get everyone at the bootcamp to run at TTDI Park akin of what they organised now at the weekend COBC LSD", continued Rienna in full of enthusiasm.

"I had never ran but being in the circle with them, I was tempted to give it a try and I did!! But there was no fun and it was just plain torture", cried the mother of two.

The athletic-look Rienna said, "I struggled the first 10 minutes slow jog which felt like the longest 10 minutes ever and walk all the way to complete just 1 loop around the lake with a distance of 1.1km".

"That first experience was unforgettable because I could not breath and was panting to get some air into my lungs. My legs were wobbly and refused to move and I had to force myself to complete a lousy 1.1km distance", said the once a Ranger and now a Delta. Every recruit is assessed on the first day of every monthly session and a couch potato that Rienna was, is usually categories as a Ranger. Ranger is the beginner category while a Delta is the elite athletic in the platoon.

"After a few months with COBC... from a painful 1.1km walk around the lake, I am able to complete an average 5km to 10km during the weekend LSD. I signed up my first 5km running competition in March 2009 and completed my first 10km at the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon (SCKLIM) the following year together with others from COBC", said the charming Delta.

"Todate, I have done a few 10km runs and one 21km half marathon. I am proud of my timing and achievements as honestly, I would never imagine myself as a runner and would never thought that it was actually possible for me to pick up running in my mid 40s", said the once voted the Spirit of Bootcamp for Bandar Utama Alpha. Rienna Choo is most admired by many at the COBC for her determination to continuously improve herself. Her competitive will against her own achievements had spread like a wildfire amongst other recruit. The true spirit of a fighter is not against anyone else but it is against ourselves and our own target. No one but us know what we can and is capable of achieving.

"Before I joined the COBC, 3 years ago, if you were to approached me, tell me to wake up at 5am to workout, to do crunches in muddy water, getting punished because someone came late, I will gently touch your shoulder, look straight into your eye, shake my head and say, Please get a life dear...", said the now lean and athletic recruit that everyone thought was in her mid 30s instead of her real age but a youthful look is the beauty of keeping ourselves fit and healthy.

"Exercising at the COBC is now my lifestyle and daily routine", said Rienna whom had never took a break from COBC for 3 years now. She continued in her usually friendly smile, "I enjoyed and still is enjoying and look forward to continue this lifestyle for many more years to come". 

"I just can't wait for my alarm to go off every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Even after  3 years, occasionally, I would jumped out of bed in the morning to realize it is not a bootcamp day but that is how much I look forward for a good morning exercise at COBC", said this lady whom even convinced her sister Lily Choo and her niece to take care of their health by exercising at the COBC.

"To make sure I have sufficient time to get my children ready for school, I would wake up early, shower, prepare their breakfast, packed their lunch boxes for school, drive to exercise at COBC at Bandar Utama and usually the first few to arrive', reiterate Rienna whom doesnt accept any excuse for not exercising. 

(Picture: Rienna Choo with her partner-in-crime Amy Ho and other COBC pioneer bootcamper Viviven Luyen Ow)

" I would rather arrive early, than risk taking a snooze on the sofa and miss out a great session". explained one of the most disciplined recruit at Bandar Utama Alpha.

"I have scoliosis (curving of the spine) and regularly have severe pain around my shoulder blades and spine. After doing COBC, I noticed the problem had diminishes and I do not get it so often", explained the healthier Rienna.

Rose Emini Pahamin respected Rienna Choo's spirit and commitment. Recalling the first LSD with Rienna, Rose Emini said Rienna sprinted at the last stretch neck to neck with her and Rose Emini thought quietly to herself, "Dang this women is strong for a new runner".. and that was more than a year ago.

Rienna ended the interview with a strong emotion that had also aspired me, "I am glad that I found COBC and meeting all the wonderful people. The people at COBC kept me motivated to always improve myself. They are never exhausted with their encouragement and I get very inspired the more they share their experiences. Without every recruit at the COBC, I would not have been able to do and achieve all my fitness. Thank you for getting the best out of me. I never thought I can be what I am, look as great and feel as excellent as today without all your support. Thank You very much and a big hug and huge HOOYAH to all!!!"


Rienna Choo was voted Malaysia Champion for 2012 "8Week Challenge". See Rienna Choo's progress at -> http://arminbaniaz.com/2012/10/vote-for-rienna-choo-for-cobc-8wc-semi.html


  1. ah,finally we get to know Rienna Choo better.From Padang Merbuk days till now,she has never failed to keep a happy disposition especially during the tough COBC sessions! ( must be her secret of maintaining that young look ! )
    How she juggles her motherhood and her fitness regime is really something!! Proud to have you with us Rienna!


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