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Death is an understatement

I spoke to Z a moment ago to see how she is coping. Her husband suffered from a burst capillary in the brain and is physically paralysed and lost his ability to speak. Her husband is undergoing speech therapy and had to go through physiotherapy to walk. Nikki, the husband is in his early thirties and was an active gym member.

A few months ago, he collapsed while walking alone in Bukit Bintang Road, Kuala Lumpur. A passerby found him and brought him to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital and the doctor had to perform a brain surgery immediately to save him.

I knew Nikki through Nawal. Niki was a friend to Nawal first when they were both active with RPM classes almost twice a day at the Fitness First back in 2004. Nikki is a fun and outgoing guy.

I am still at the office clearing out my IN-tray that was left in a mess when I sacked my personal assistant for criminal breach of trust but that is a story for another occasion. I sat alone after talking to Z and wondered if there is any assurance in life at all. I have known Nikki for his fanatical enthusiasm at the gym. He exercised regularly although he looked abit overweight and is always smiling and laughing. For a healthy, cheerful and stress-free guy, a stroke-like attack is out of the equation.

But it happens. What could be worse than death? Is it better to have a sudden death or to survived being handicap? I have survived a nightmare being given 3 years to live but hey, at least I know my predicament is perhaps only for 3 years. What if I survived a sickness but without being able to talk or walk or without even any memory or the ability to eat or drink.

I cannot even imagine being in Nikki’s shoe and can only imagine the pain that Z is going through. I feel for both of them and pray for Nikki’s condition to improve.
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  1. Bless & cherish each moment we have because we never knw what happen next..May yr fren rest in peace and and get all blessings from God. Amin!

  2. Its sometimes the little ways that Allah reminds us that accepting life, as it is, as how HE has planned for us, and not being skeptical always, is good for us and our health and spirituality.
    Its uplifting to actually embrace what is given to us, rather than to scrutinise it,right?
    Lets make life beautiful.
    Theres beauty in everything. The best of it lies in the way we embrace the blessings given by Allah and what we do with it.
    Don’t blame on life.


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