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when peace dissappear, there is only faith..

Taman Tun Dr Ismail or TTDI was my playground back in the 80s during my teens. Although i lived in SS3 Kelana Jaya then, i would cycle all the way to TTDI daily to meet friends. BMX was the hip then. I was attached to my BMX more than even my girlfriend then.... Eh... Okay thats not true... but the truth is, i love my bmx and would cycle and gather everyday at TTDI.

My closest friends then were Zarir, Edsimor and Syamreen. Both Zarir and Syamreen stayed in TTDI and so were my other BMX friends like Sofian muda, Sofian Mahmud, Kanai, Shahrun, Wailang etc. We would cycled and hang out until late night without any fear and we never did have any problem.

Those were the good old days... of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000, KL.

My brother came back from london for summer holiday last month. Barely a month later, he was attacked @ TTDI. It happened last week on Wednesday, after he had supper with a group of friends at Mosin, TTDI. As he drove home after supper, at the traffic light infront of VADS (or previously known as IBM building), an unknown black car speeded, rammed and knocked his car from the rear. He was beaten up, slashed with parang and left bleeding unconscious by the road side. My brother did not know the 4 assailants whom attacked him and could not remember the black car registration number.

He was tormented, sustained major bruises and a 12 inch long wound on his back. There were no injuries on his face, head or the front of his body except for the back. Meaning, he was pushed and attacked when he was lying down on his front. Fortunately it was a Parang and does not require any stitches as the wound would be deeper if it was a knife. My brother drove my dad’s red MG that is now badly damaged. I am more devastated to learn that there was neither any bystander that helped or any eye witness that came forward. My brother’s friend arrived at the scene 10 minutes later, found him lying on the tarmac by the roadside unconscious. This incident was kept away from my mum’s knowledge and I trust that the reader will not discuss it with her or any of my sisters (if you know them) to avoid any unnecessary stress. My mum does not use the internet and it is unlikely that she will read this blog. If anyone has any information about the incident, please contact me.

Last night, 6 men with guns went to my neighbour’s house mistaken it for my dad's. They drove a van and confronted my neighbour’s Gurkha guard. One of the 6 men, showed his gun that is secured on his waist and asked the guard to cooperate. He asked the guard if the house belong to the “Dato with an aeroplane whose son always goes out at night (presumably my brother)”. The guard denied and said that the house belongs to somebody else. Upon realizing it was the wrong house, they left. My neighbour called and informed my dad the next day.

It may or may not be related but I am not discounting the fact that someone is trying to hit my family too. I was once warned, when I first launched the Fasfik establishment, that car workshop is Chinese dominant and the Chinese do not negotiate, they kill their competitors. I am neither racist nor do I believe in this remark but I am taking extra precaution in case there is some truth. Nonetheless, since inception, most of the Fasfik outlets had been robbed and my equipments damaged by parang-wielding robbers and the MG was used to site visit most of my outlets.

I met the TTDI police chief and lodge a report. The district CID investigation officer also came and took my statement and is investigating both incidents. The CID found the van registered to a car workshop @ Damansara Uptown. By now, there would have made the arrest for further investigation especially since it involved guns.

TTDI neighbourhood including Penchala used to be a quiet and peaceful area. Now, we all must be careful when leaving home whether during daytime or at night. There is no better and safer place than home. Most of my guards at home are now armed. When there is no peace, we have to secure, protect our family, be strong and have faith that everything will turn out positive.
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  1. Dear Armin, I am very distressed and disturbed to hear of the violence that your family has had to face recently. I think at this stage, you can assume that it is a personal attack against your family and your business. The evidence certainly points to that. Unfortunately, this means living in fear, if not for yourself, then at least for your family. At this stage, vigilence and precaution must rule. And if possible, no more late nights and never try to be a superhero. Take care. Linda


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