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“Life is like a box of chocolate, we don’t know what we going to get”, a quote made famous by Forest Gump, one of my favourite movie acted by Tom Hanks. Truly, I love it when I pick a chocolate from a box to be delighted with a rich creamy chocolate with crispy hazel nut inside but was not amused when I picked another one to discover a bitter chocolate with yucky sour juice in the middle. Yes, it depends on preference but such is the similarity to life. We give it our best shot to get the favourite rich chocolate with hazelnut, but may end up being bitter. Some people call it luck but I call it fate. Luck is by incidental and fate is pre-determined by the almighty. I never believe in luck as I wondered alone being chauffeured driven for a meeting at Proton Edar.

Yes, I am test writing my blog using my Nokia Communicator E90. It has been almost a week since my last blog-post that used to be daily. I have so much to write but time is always against me. ya ya… nawal called it 'hot hot chicken shit’.. but really… okay, no more excuses. So I am forgoing my regular short nap in the car whilst travelling to meetings and appoinments to write my blog. I have 26 minutes before reaching Proton Edar head office.

Many people feel their success came from good luck or good feng shui or perhaps through following the great horoscope. There are also some, like my buddy Abu, who believed his success was generated from years of sheer hard work but there are also many who worked hard all their life and still far from reaching their goal. Either they are not fated yet for success or simply do not have any luck yet, they will have to be patient and never give up until they meet their fate or luck. So long as we do not give up in our effort, we will be rewarded with good luck or good fate whichever that we believe.

However, giving up is sometimes inevitable as we are all human. We may be drained or burnt out sooner than we expected and may just drop everything and blame it on bad luck or bad fate. That would be ironic.

To avoid burning or drained out, we need a good source of constant inspiration so that we can continue working towards achieving our goal or plan. Our life became a pack of batteries that always requires re-charging. A battery for love, another battery for career and a battery for health etc. When any of the battery is in low-battery (low batt), it requires re-charging.

A good health may disappear too when we are stressed and under pressure. When the health is in low-battery, a good source of recharging is through running. Daily running will keep the body fit and healthy. Similarly, in a relationship, if it is not constantly charged, it can be in ‘low-bat’ and may soon dropped dead or the relationship may break. If your luck or fate is good, the relationship may last longer but if you do not have any luck or the faith in each other suddenly disappear, it is time for re-charging. When we are in low-batt mode, scream to your spouse/partner that you are in low-batt and require re-charging. The source for re-charging may vary but usually, a good quality 30mins to 1 hour aday of chat, tlc or sex can do wonders. It did to me…. (I think… )

What is also important when in low-batt is our religious faith. It has been almost two years now, since I performed my pilgrims and yes.. I was also in low-batt. From an occasional monthly gathering with Dr Juanda, volunteered by each group members taking turn hosting, our group had decided to meet every fortnightly. Dr Juanda was previously Sabah Deputy Mufti who guided us when we were performing our pilgrims in Mekah. One of our group member, Dato Fadzil had volunteered his company's training centre for as our fortnightly gathering point and Dr Juanda had agreed to visit KL from Sabah for every gathering. Without these gatherings, I may drifter farther away and is always in low-batt! These gatherings is a good source to re-charge my religious faith even before in low-batt mode.

We will be in the ‘low-batt’ mode at some point in life and it is best if we can identify the source to constantly recharge ourselves before the battery is dead. I arrived at proton edar in time for my meeting but I have forgotten how to email this my blog to post it. sigh.. I guess, I can only post it later………………
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  1. Yeah..we always have to recharge our life bat(i call it a reconciliation, sounds like doing accnt huh..:-)). To me dats how i knw where i am.
    It's true, "Life is like a box of chocolate". That was a very good movie, I've watched it a few times.Tom Hanks deserved the award he received. Pilgrims? Bestnye if u can do it..May Allah bless u n yr family always, Armin.


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