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Benchmark Assessment!!! What is it? and how it is done?

Yes.. By now you would have completed your benchmark assessment. The benchmark assessment is held at the start of every intake each month with an objective to first gauge the recruits physical ability in strength, muscular endurance, stamina, agility and speed. With the Benchmark Assessment too, instructors will have a better insight in the recruits ability to go beyond their physical fatigue. This is important for instructors to get the best out of the recruit during training.

Once the assessment is concluded, recruits will be placed unto their respective rank, eg, Delta, Seals and Rangers according to their benchmark timing and workout form as well as the technique observed and performed during the assessment. However, please note that the benchmark timing is not the only factor used in categorizing recruits but there are other characteristics and factors.

BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT is important and should not be missed. Previous month's recruits whom are not continuing their session in the following months should also perform the Benchmark Assessment upon completing their 12 sessions to see their level of fitness improvement.

There are 2 parts of the Benchmark assessment.

1) Benchmark Assessment 1 (BM1),  there are Four (4) Exercises involved in the Benchmark Assessment.

i) Running 2 laps of 200 meter track.
ii) Pushups (10 repetition on toes & 15 on knees)
iii) Grunts (10 repetitions)
iv) Situps (15 repetition without assistance, 20 rep with feet assisted)

There will be no resting between workout and once the 3 sets of the circuit above is completed, the timing will recorded.

# For recruit that could not complete the benchmark assessment within a given time, a formula will be use to calculate their end-time using the time taken at the end of the last sit-up on second set. If the recruit could not complete the sit-up on the second set within the pre-fix time, then the recruit's time will be denoted as DNF (Did Not Finish).

2) Benchmark Assessment 2 (BM2), 1 Mile Run (or 1.6km)

Recruits are required to run 8 laps of 200 meter track for the 1 mile run.

# Similar to BM1, if the recruit could not complete the 8th lap within a given time, a formula will be used using the time and the total number of laps (Eg. Completed 5 laps in 10 minutes) to calculate the end timing.

Whatever your benchmark time is or if you could not complete the benchmark assessment or if the time is not what you had expected, please do not worry, there is only 1 way forward at the COBC... yes further improvement!!! Your focus should be on what will your time be at the end of the intake.

p/s- Next is when the real training began!!


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