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Do we workout in the morning or evening to burn more fat is one of the most frequently asked question. It is good if you do have the luxury of time to choose but if you do not, then working out at any time of the day is a luxury that we all must target to achieve.

The flow of energy in our biological system implied no correlation on the time of the day whether morning or evening that determines how much and how fast we burn those unwanted fat but it is the level of intensity and the duration of our exercise that determines the speed and the amount of fat we burn to perform a given task. The exercise program is the key to either fat lost, athletic performance and/or improved health.

The exercise program determines the conversion of macro-nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats, into usable energy. This flow of energy from carbohydrate, protein or fat will determine our ability or capacity to perform a given exercise program to optimize performance or fat burning phase. This is termed as Bioenergetics that refers to the breakdown of chemical bonds in this macro-nutrients (carbo, protein and fat) to provide the energy necessary to perform biological work (such as an exercise program).

At the Chief's Original Bootcamp, the program was designed to tap our three energy source namely the phosphagen system, glycolysis and the oxidative system to fuel our energy requirement while training to achieve our training objectives. This three energy systems are active at any given time but the contribution of each system to overall work performance is primarily dependent on the intensity and the duration of the exercise.

In a workout for example a resistance training or in sprinting, our body is first fueled by the fastest energy supply, the Phosphagen system or the stored energy in our body but this energy system can only supply energy for a short period. This energy system too is active at the start of all exercises regardless of intensity. Once the energy supply is exhausted the body continued to fuel it via the second energy system which has been simultaneous supplying the energy together with phospagen. The glycolysis provides energy by breaking down carbohydrates either the glycogen stored in the muscle or glucose delivered in the blood. This energy system is usually utilized over a less intense but a prolonged workout. The third, the Oxidative energy system uses fat to burn as energy and is the slowest source of energy which is usually utilised during less intense but prolong workout phase.

The level of intensity and the duration of the workout will determine how efficient our body is at losing those unwanted handles regardless whether we are working out in the morning or evening. However, our testosterone level is at the highest in the morning and hence, working out in the morning does make us stronger. Morning workout too was proven to improve our sleep pattern at night. It does not matter whether you workout in the morning or evening or as long as you do spare anytime of the day to workout but choose a program that can give you the result that you wanted.

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