HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. Lets start the year of the Horse with a transformation!! Yes.. true Let us take the first step by taking control of our health and challenge ourselves to get the best body and the best health in just 8 Weeks!!! What is an 8 Week Challenge? For more information click HERE

Ask yourself where will you be in 8 Weeks? or by the first quarter of this year? Make this year a productive year by making a complete physical transformation without any surgery, operation and without having to spend half of your savings. All that it takes, is the determination and the 'want' to change. You are just a click away.

The followings are the schedule of dates for Summer 2014 8 Weeks to Wow challenge in Malaysia. Please note, the dates vary with that in Australia due to COBC's 1 week break for the Chinese New Year.

(Please note the dates below are tentative dates and may vary/change without prior notice. Management reserves the right to vary any dates accordingly. Please always check our facebook at HERE and this blog for latest updates.)

Mon 27th Jan – Registration officially opens (you can register for the challenge at HERE. For COBC recruits, you can get the discount code by contacting Admin Farhanah or Admin Rose. This discount code is only for COBC recruits and not to be shared with anyone else).

Please note that you are also require to enroll for BOTH February intake and March intake at HERE to be in the Challenge and win the grand prize of RM15,000. For the best promotion, click HERE.

Saturday & Sunday 8th/9th Feb - Photo-shoot with a newspaper bearing the date but only upload them once you have the measurement & the benchmark timing (How to pose for the picture, see "Before Photos and Rule at HERE but to view the rule, you must be a registered member for the 8 Week Challenge).

Monday & Tuesday 10th/11th Feb – Can start uploading Before Images, Measurements and Benchmark scores. Please remember to get all measurements, photos & the benchmark score first before you began to upload them. Challenge officially begins !!!

· Friday 14th Feb – Registration closes

· Monday 17th Feb – Must have completed pre-Challenge uploads. (Which means you have until 17th to upload your before-photos, measurement and benchmark timing).

 · Saturday 5th/6th Apr - Can start uploading "After Images, Measurements & Benchmark scores"

· Sunday 6th Apr – Challenge officially finishes

· Tuesday 7th Apr – Must have completed post-Challenge uploads
Public Voting Opens*

Public Voting Closes*

Semi-Finalists announced & Licensees vote on Finalists*

Finalists are announced & Judges start deliberations*

Champion(s) & Runner-up are announced*
Post-Challenge photo shoot with Finalists + Stand Outs*

* Dates to be advised.


ULTIMATE PRIZE: Your new Body, Health and Fitness!!



MALAYSIA RUNNER-UP: Half the prize of Malaysia Champion

This award replaced the previously known as Local Champions award. The winner for the Most Inspiring Local Challenger will received 3 months of Bootcamp Sessions (retailing at RM897) to be immediately used after the announcement. 

Stay Tuned for a step by step guide to registering online!! HOOYAH