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Where will you be in 8 Weeks? How about a healthier you? Because what is life without a good bill of health? What is money without a good health to spend it? What is happiness if we are bedridden being sick? But if health is less interesting? Then what about being sexier with a lean body and a six pack abs as well a total body make-over? What if you can get both, a clean health and your dream sexy body in just 8 weeks on top of being more confident, attractive and energetic. Those are the least that you can gain from participating in the 8 Weeks Challenge.

What is the program all about? Well to sum it all up, you will undergo (1) a bootcamp training for an hour per session, 3 times a week for 8 consecutive weeks. The program is what differs the Chief's Original Bootcamp with any other bootcamp. It is designed by a former infantry soldier, the founder of the Chief's Original Bootcamp program; Chief Brabon. How much is the bootcamp training? The fees differ with variety of promotional package. For best rate, click HERE. (2) You will also receive a 20 minutes high intensity home workout program and (3) You will receive a nutritious food menu to eat and follow throughout the challenge (who says anything about starvation and dieting- Its just all about eating right). The food is as important as the workout itself. For more information on the origins of the 8 Weeks to Wow, you can read at HERE.

Once you have registered and pay for both February & March session (for a total of 8 weeks) then please follow the steps below. Note- ALL WIP members do not need to advance pay for February & March intake and they can just follow the normal WIP payment but WIP members do need to enroll for both February & March intake. How to be a WIP member, click HERE. Acceptance to the 8Weeks to Wow (or 8 Week Challenge) depends entirely on your acceptance for both February & March intake. THERE IS A MAXIMUM LIMIT PER LOCATION AND IT IS ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

Below is an idiot-proof guide to registering for the 8 Weeks Challenge. Please remember to first enrol for February and March intake as explained above.

FIRST, go to website:

The CLICK "REGISTER"at the top right (see picture below).


Contact ADMIN FARHANAH or ADMIN ROSE for the discount CODE. 
The discount CODE is only given to recruits that have registered for February & March intake.
After typing the discount code, click on "APPLY CODE".

Please asked for the CODE before subscribing as there is no refund will be given after you have subsribed.

The you will be directed to the page below, CLICK "SUBSCRIBE".

You will be directed to the paypal page 
(Note: you do not need to have a paypal account to pay).

Once you have made payment, you will receive a payment notification from paypal and you can then logged into the members aread to receive your nutritional recipes, home workout and receive a daily mail from Gunny Brabon, COBC HQ. If you cant log-in, please sign out first by clicking the SIGN OUT icon on top right, refresh the page and log back in.

Please note that Australia had started their 8WC on 3rd February 2014 and COBC Malaysia on 10th February 2014. We are 1 week behind which means, your daily email is 7 days ahead of our Day-1. Please check your recipes and home workout to start from Day 1.

Have a wonderful day!! Stay tuned to see your transformation in 8 Weeks!!


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