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Mount Nuang is the best day trip Mountain in Malaysia that I have been to. The intensity of the climb was perfect but most importantly, the bath in the cold mountain water was heaven that took away almost immediately all tiredness and exhaustion.

I have been up Mount Nuang a dozen times, half of it alone, soul searching & searching for peace. Sometimes, training for some events and a few times, introduced a few friends to mountain climbing. I blogged the last expedition up Mt Nuang with a group of wonderful people at HERE. Today, I brought my nieces and nephews for a Chinese New Year escapade. The plan was for them all to appreciate nature and train for the Pahamin's 3rd generation expedition up Mount Kinabalu. Oh Gawd!! That will be my 4th climb up the highest peak in Malaysia. So far, only 2 out of 6 second generation Pahamins had conquered the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

In an expedition of 9 pax that comprised of three adult, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed (the person that introduced me to Mountain climbing), Anny Chunraem and myself, we brought along Aqfar Naeem, Kasih Leia Ixora, Aaraf Armin, Rafel Zichry Onn, Andika Rees Pahamin and Kasih Iris Leona to their first mountain, the highest peak in Selangor- Mount Nuang.

 We left our Bustanu Pahamin at 6am after packing 3 loaf of bread with Sardines and 10 pack of nasi lemak seringgit lima kupang from Bistari in a convoy of 2 cars. 

We reached Camp Lolo at around 930am and boys being boys, they quickly jumped into the freezing cold water.

The water was so cold!! It took me 15 minutes to slowly get into it.


As we descended down, Aaraf fell twice injuring his knee and had to be rescued by motorcycle.

After the climb.. everyone was very energetic!! Especially the gals.

We went to the Sentul Fish head Curry and had the biggest fish head ever.

Everyone successfully reached Camp Lolo which was our target to give the kids a taste of the mountain. We did not proceed to the peak as that require alot more training but we will definitely be back to conquer the peak once they are all ready... as the finale before the Kinabalu expedition.

Today was a good ending and a good start on a Chinese New Year Calender. Aaraf's 2014 New Year Resolution includes conquering the peak of Mount Kinabalu and to run his first 10km. 1 month down, 12 months to go.... HOOYAH~


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