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Ramadhan is coming to an end in a few days and to end this period of fasting for the muslims, the bootcampers from all platoons gathered at my house for a long overdue gathering. This fostering of comradeship moment brought us all back into memory lane when we were all still fluffy and heavy to where we are all at now!! I had a great moment, listening to Penny, Marie and Sui Lynn journey with COBC and enjoyed getting updates from recruits from all over. There were more than 40 pax that brought variety of food for the pot luck iftar.

The invitations for the pot luck were sent by Afiza Abdul Halin. Guests that rsvp'ed were only less than 30 but not all recruits are tuned to Facebook invites. All instructors except for Affiq and James whom had prior engagements, came including the tall and handsome korean look-alike (as they say) Sarge Chun. Unfortunately, Staff Sarge Nawal was in Sydney for bootcamp training with Chief and could not be there for the iftar. Those that never tried, had their first taste of Corporal Amir's famous lasagna. I finished almost half of it and wanted more before everything was clean sweep. With almost 50 recruits from all over, I am always amazed at the spirit of camaraderie among fellow bootcampers... a true reflection of Malaysians.

Since this is the last week of July intake where I was absent form training throughout the whole month, on behalf of Dr Malek and the team from the Chief's Original Bootcamp.. we would like to wish everyone a Selamat Hari Raya. We would also like to seek for everyone's forgiveness in the spirit of Aidil Fitri, if there were any fault, weaknesses or flaws in our management, trainers and customer service. We are imperfect and full of flaws but will always strive to improve. Thank you for all the support and feedback, we hear you. Your compliments are the successes of team effort and your feedback are our room for improvement. See you all in August intake and on 23rd August for a fancy dress Bootcamp Party.. HOOYAH!!!

Angpaw RM500...

Ang Paw RM500

Ang Paw RM3,000!!!


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