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"Every adult should have a health screening examination done especially if they are above 30-35 years old male and 35-40 years for female" ~ Institut Jantung Negara.

Sometimes I wonder if men are generally born with inferior quality than women.. Women seemed to have better quality that it attract potential risk 5 years later than their male companion. Statistically, women too lives way longer than men.

Heeding my friend's advice whom conveniently fix an appointment for me today, 27 June 2014 at IJN, I arrived at 7:45am. Traffic was smooth, parking was easy and I was greeted by a friendly and smiley receptionist at the ESP Executive Screening Centre located at Block A, National Heart Institute. My stomach grumbles having been without any breakfast awaiting for the blood sample to be taken. Registration took barely 10 minutes, I picked the 'Elite Health Screening', paid and shortly later, I was called in for a blood sample. After the blood sample, I was directed into a room for an ECG and Vascular Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) which took approximately 15 minutes. I was buried under a string of cables that was short of being glued to my chest. When Anny took a picture of me, I thought I almost look like sick Robocop.

Then I was led into a private room where we had breakfast. The health screening package which cost me almost RM1,400 came with a RM4.00 tuna sandwhich. For the fee paid, I think there should be more on-the-house food varieties, maybe a buffet breakfast. I think the breakfast box cost more than the sandwich. 

IJN Breakfast pack.

After breakfast, we quickly went for a chest x-ray which was part of the 3-5 hours of tests. The X-ray only took less than 10 minutes. After the x-ray we had an hour session with the nutritionist/dietician. This was my first meeting with a professional nutritionist. We did a CSI sort of investigation on my food intake and was lectured for an hour on how to normalise my diabetic, cholestrol and blood pressure. In short, it is all about the portion and lotsa vegetables.

Then I was directed for a breath CO test to detect carbon monoxide (if I am a smoker) and to see my lung capacity. I passed both with an average score and there were negative carbon monoxide!! Its been 3 years since I last touch any form of tobacco.

Last but not least, the "stress test". The Doctor explained the processes of the stress test. There were five levels altogether and many failed before they can complete level 3. I was connected to a string of cables again to monitor my heart and blood pressure. I stood on the tread mill and began the test. The intensity was increased every 3 minutes and it was a walk in the park. I passed all levels and passed the stress test to the doctor's satisfaction.

Finally I was directed into another private room for a consultation with the cardiologist. All the test results were out and the cardiologist went through the each of the result. My diabetic and cholesterol count were horrible... in the Cardiologist own word. Which means, I have to do something about it. My stress test was great but it is only a 70% confirmation that my there is no blockages and my heart is healthy. Being a high risk profile for heart problem, the Cardiologist recommended for me to undergo a CT Scan for a better picture of my heart.
The whole processes took 5 hours. The best news for me after the whole examination and consultation is the Cardiologist's clearance for me to continue with my military-inspired, group outdoor high intensity training at the Chief's Original Bootcamp!! I have not felt so relieved for so long and almost jumped out of the chair I was seated. I cant imagine exercising with any other program than the Chief's bootcamp.

After the false heart attack last 2 weeks with shortness in breathing, unprecedented high BP at 165/95, squeezing pain in the chest that rushed me to the Damansara Specialist Hospital, I have been disturbed that the program may be too intensive for my heart and health. It did not help when Chief Brabon and the COBC Admin and instructors forbid me from training unless with a Certificate of Fitness from the Doctor. Being the owner of the Bootcamp does not help when it comes to health.
The Cardiologist also cleared the intake of all my workout supplements which is a story for another blog. Now that I am all geared to make a comeback at Bootcamp Bandar Utama Pre-Dawn, I have to contained my enthusiasm and strengthened my faith first for the holy month of Ramadhan.

Last but not least, I strongly urge everyone to go for a health & heart screening at IJN. The hospitality there is remarkable and unlike any other hospital. Very friendly, polite, attentive and professional. To make an appointment, contact:

ESP Team (Aida Ibrahim, Mohd Azmir, Sitti Naida Mandasin & Tay Giat Sing)
Executive Screening Centre Department|Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute)
Telephone DL: +603-2600 6421 / 6423  | Email:
For a preview of the type of heart/health screening available, click picture below to enlarge.

See you all in August at the Chief's Original Bootcamp after the fasting month. Until then.. Selamat Berpuasa!!

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