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January 3rd - Special Session with Master Sarge Coad.

UPDATE: To register for the complimentary session with Master Sarge Coad, please email:

Master Sergeant Coad is the 3rd highest ranking in the world's oldest military-inspired bootcamp, Original Bootcamp, Australia (known as Chief's Original Bootcamp in Malaysia). He was the first man responsible to bring the Original Bootcamp program to Malaysia in 2008 and we took over in 2010. He last visited Malaysia and conducted a session in 2009 and he is coming back to Malaysia for a short transit on 1st January. Rob had agree to conduct a session for Malaysia recruit on Saturday, 3rd January 2014 at Pre-Dawn. The last session we did with Master Sarge had left us with a strong impact till today. This is one special session that no one should missed. Below, is his brief background. 

Master Sergeant Rob Coad

A former member of  the Royal Australian Army’s 2nd Calvary Regiment (Armoured Surveillance Troop), Rob is no stranger to the intensity and effectiveness of the military’s discipline based training methods. As the Franchise Owner and Head Trainer of 5 separate ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP licenses in Adelaide, Rob has quickly become one of the countries most respected Bootcamp instructors, and a highly sort after fitness advisor. Rob recently returned from Sydney where he had been representing ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP as Senior Conditioning Coach for the 2009 series of the Gladiators television series.
As if Rob isn’t busy enough heading up some of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP's most successful Bootcamp programs, he is also the National Coordinator for ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP’s exciting new adventure training program, Spec Ops.

Rob’s Qualifications include:
  • Certificate III in Fitness Instruction
  • Certificate IV in Fitness Instruction
  • International Fitness Master Trainer Certification
  • THUMP Certified Advanced Boxing Specialist
  • Certified Level II Military Fitness Specialist

Rob has trained a broad variety of individuals and groups, including professional athletes, models and groups for large Corporations. For him, professionalism, confidentiality and creative training methods are always apriority.

Please register early to avoid disappointment. To register, please click HERE. The session is complimentary for all those that had registered for January 2015 intake.

We are also pleased to announced the 2015 Bootcamp Intake Calender as follows:

January Intake: Jan 5th/6th - Jan 30th/31st: 
February Intake: Feb 2nd/3rd - Feb 27th/28th. 

February 2nd: Start 8Week Challenge

March Intake: Mar 2nd/3rd - Mar 27th/28th
Mar 27th: End 8WC

April Intake: March 30th/31st - Apr 24th/25th
Apr 25th & 26th: Longest Day (Australia) Platoon Challenge (Malaysia) 

May Intake: Apr 27th/28th - May 22nd/23rd

June Intake: May 25th/26th - Jun 19th/20th

July Intake: Jun 22nd/23rd - July 17th/18th

Jul 18th & 19th: OBC Conference (Australia) 
July 19th - 31st: Specialty Training or Recovery Week

August Intake: Aug 3rd/4th - 28th/29th

September Intake: Aug 31st - Sept 25th 
August 31st - Start 8 Week Challenge

October Intake: Sept 28th/29th - Oct 23rd/24th
October 23rd: End 8 Week Challenge

November Intake: Oct 26th/27th - Nov 20th/21st
December Intake: Nov 23rd/24th - Dec 18th/19th


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