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The weekend was as usual... full of 'ings ! Beside Bootcamp'ing, Facebooking, Proton'ing, Blog'ing, Run'ing, driver'ing doing errand'ing... this weekend too was about skate'ing.... ICE-SKATING!!  No not me...  

25-27 June 2010 was the 6th International Skate Malaysia Competition featuring greatest skaters around South East Asia and Middle East! The Pahamin platoon comprised of 7 skaters RAFEL Zichry Onn, KASIH Leia Ixora, Andika REES Pahamin, Kasih Iris LEONA, RAINA Edlyn Jasmine, Melati Enida and Kenanga Elyzze but the battalion includes Aqfar Naeem Abulais, Nor Marissa Alia Lokman and Aneeta Lingam.

Before the competition, the girls were dressed to kill and Nawal Aini Zulkifli was incharge of the transformation to make them hotter.

Kasih Leia Ixora

While they took time having their face painted, Sunway Pyramid was packed with audiences, spectators and supporters impatiently waiting for the event to start...

The judges too were ready for the Competition to began.. 

The competition began.......

Kasih Leia Ixora competed in 5 events. She won a total 3 GOLD MEDAL for Interpretive, Footwork and team competition 4 (tribute to Micheal Jackson). She won Bronze for Artistic and fourth placing for freestyle. Kasih was the eldest in Pahamin Generation 3. She was born on 30th October 1999 and is currently studying in Standard 5 at the SRK Bukit Damansara.

Kasih being hyper active is also into Ballet dancing and is a junior black belt in Taekwando (Poom belt). Kasih loves to read and will inherit Mummy's huge library of story books. Kasih indulge herself luxuriously in all form of junk food, compliment form her grandmother, uncles and aunties. She is a people's person and will be the closest of friend to any stranger in less 2 minutes..  Usually, we will never leave her out of sight or she will disappear. When she is not munching junk-snacks and skating, she plays her Drum.

Kasih Leia Ixora won a total of 3 Gold and 1 bronze

Rafel Zichry Onn competed in 2 events namely Hockey Skating and Puck Handling/Shooting. Rafel Zichry Onn, 9 years old was born on 7th May 2001 and is currently in Standard 3 at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Bukit Damansara.

Beside being part of ice-hockey team, Rafel is also a Taekwando Junior Black belt and is a strong Manchester United supporter. During the World Cup, he supports England but quickly drop England when England lost. Rafel is also an active football player, an avid 'eater', and a nintendo game enthusiast. Rafel also plays guitar and will inherit his dad's collection of 12 guitars???

HOCKEY SKATING - Skater skates 1 lap forward around the rink with the puck on stick. They drop the puck, and then turn backwards to skate 1 lap backwards. Skater with fastest time wins.
Rafel Zichry Onn won Gold medal for Hockey Skating and 
Gold medal for Hockey Shoot

Andika Rees Pahamin competed in 3 events being the Hockey Skating, Puck Handling/Shooting and Speed racing. Rees, 8 years old is the twin brother to Kasih Iris Leona and was born on 13th March 2002. Rees is now in standard 2 at the SRK Bukit Damansara. Rees is also a junior black belt in Taekwando. Amongst all the third generation of pahamins, Rees is the smallest boy.. in size.

Beside ice-skating and Taekwando, Rees is also a loyal supporter of iPhone and is a strong team-player of PSP games where he spends most of his time 'training'. Rees also plays Guitar.

Andika Rees Pahamin won 1 Gold (Speed Race) and 1 Silver (Hockey Skate) and  4th placing for Hockey Shoot.

Kasih Iris Leona the twin sister to Andika Rees Azhar competes in 3 events Freestyle 1, Artistic FS1 and Footwork 1. Leona, 8 years old was born on 13 March 2002 and is now in Standard 2 at the SRK Bukit Damansara. 

Leona is the Kiasu'est amongst all the 3rd Pahamin generation having scored nothing less than no 1 or all As in her exam. If she failed to get no 1 or all As, she will cry in tantrum and lock herself in her room. Leona also plays Piano.
LEONA won 2 Gold medals and 1 silver for the three events she participated.

Raina Edlyn Jasmin competes in the pre-alpha (6 years old) and won Silver medal. Raina was born on 1st July 2003 and is in Standard 1 at the SRK Bukit Damansara.

Beside Ice-skating, Raina also attend Ballet and hold a Red belt in Taekwando. Raina loves to make-up. Everyday, she will find and search for her Aunt Nawal to asked about make-up.

Raina is a complete replicate of her mum Melor Edina... especially in throwing tantrums without any hesitation and sometimes (maybe most of the time), without any reason. Raina is gorgeous, pretty and  adorable.. 

Raina attempted to be be a violinist but gave it up for Singing class to partner up with Aaraf.

Melati Enida age 13 was born on 31 July 1997 and is now in Form 1 at the SRK Sri KDU. She competed in six events namely Jump & Spin Med: Panel A, Freestyle 3, Artistic FS3 and Solo Competition FS3: Panel A, Footwork 3 and team competition. Melati Enida won 3 Gold and 2 silver.

Beside skating, Melati Enida also took part in Ballet classes. She also holds a junior black belt (Poom Belt) in Taekwando.

Her favourite book is the New Moon and she is one of the new generations that idolised Micheal Jackson.

Kenanga Elyzze aged 12 was born in year 1998. She competed in 6 events at the Skate Malaysia 2010 including Jump & Spin Med: Panel A, Freestyle 3,  Artistic FS3. Solo Competition FS3: Panel B, Footwork 3 and Team competition. Kenanga Elyzze won 2 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals and 1 Bronze medal.

Kenanga Elyzze is now in Standard 6 at the SRK Taman tun Dr Ismal. Elyzza is also a junior black belt (poom belt) in Taekwando and active in Ballet.

Solo Competition- This is an entertaining and "Fun" routine which emphasis the skater's acting ability and not technical skating ability. a) Character- a famous, easily identifiable character, b) Dramatic- a theatrical performance that sets a mood and evokes an emotional response. c) Light Entertainmen- to entertain/light hearted. NOTE: Solo Spotlight Duration for levels. PA - DELTA is 1 minute, FS1-FS5 is 1.5 minutes and FS6-FS10 is 2 minutes.

Aqfar Naeem Abulais competed in 3 events and won One Gold and Two Bronze in Hockey Skating, Puck Handling/shooting and speed racing.

Naeem 9 years old was born on 9 April 2001 and is currently in Standard 5 at SRK Bukit Damansara. Beside Ice-hockey, Naeem enjoys football and also holds a red belt in Taekwando.

Speed Racing- Skaters will race only forwards around the rink for two laps. Skaters under 10 years will race on-lap. Skaters will start 2 at a time (from two different points on the rink). The Skaters with the fastest time in the entire age group even will win (not just fastest of the 2 Skaters in that timing group).

Nor Marissa Alia Lokman competed and won 1 Gold and 2 Bronze medal in freestyle 3 and Footwork 3. (pending Pictures & further details.)

Aneeta Lingam, age 10 was born on 2nd November 2000 and is currently in Standard 4 at Sri KDU Smart School.

Despite jumping two level up from Freestyle 2 last year .... Aneeta made us all proud with the 3 Golds and 3 silver in the 6 events that she participated, namely Jump & spin Intrepretive: Panel B, Freestyle 4, Solo Competition FS4.

Aneeta won 3 Gold for footwork 4, Solo Compulsory 4 and team 4 (tribute to Micheal jackson). Aneeta also won 3 Silver in Freestyle 4, Artistic 4 and Jump and Spin Intermediate (which is with a partner).

Aneeta is also a 2nd Dann Junior Black Belt for Taekwando (Poom 2) and had recently passed both her grade 1 Violin and Piano practical and theory test with distinction. Aneeta is scheduled to sit for her Grade 2 Piano test in August.  Aneeta enjoys reading, skating and especially having friends over at her house.

Raina Adlin Jasmin competed and won 
Silver for pre-alpha (6 years old). 

Rafel Zichry Onn won Gold medal for Hockey Skating and 
Gold medal for Hockey Shoot. 

 Andhika Rees Azhar won 1 Gold (Speed Race) and 1 Silver (Hockey Skate) 
and  4th placing for Hockey Shoot. 
Naeem Abulais won 1 Gold and 2 Bronze.

 Kasih Leia Ixora won 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 bronze

In short, the Pahamins brought home 13 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 bronze. The children were superb... Damn gorgeous and skate beautifully thanks to Coach SURAYU ISMAIL & SHAZFINAZ HASHIM, WEI KIN CHRISHA, AIZA AND GARY...

Coach Surayu & Shazfinas Hashim, Wei Kin, Chrisha, Aisa, and Gary.. thank you for the tireless effort in getting the best out of the kids.

To all the Skaters... Congratulation on the winnings... but remember its not about the Gold, the Silver or bronze. It is more important that you had fun and enjoy the sport. Good Luck to all the Mums and Dads in coping with them as they enter their teens.. huh...... sure headache.

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  1. Wowwwwww.... I must've caught them training at some point when I was there doing my random spots of jalan2 di Pyramid... and I always love watching the little kids skate... =)

    Well done, Pahamin clan.. keep up the good work!

  2. Shalyz..

    Thank you.. Watch only? why dont you try out skating alternating with the bootcamp? :-p

  3. Thank you uncle Armin for the wonderful comments about me ,especially the "having friends over at my house" it's my favourite thing to do. i am very honoured to be mention in your blog

    Regards aneeta <3

  4. Hahaha.. ermm.. I gave all the ballet I learnt back to my teacher.. plus, I ni kan cam berat (I'm actually heavier than u) and tak berapa proportionate.. so nak balance (esp on one leg) tu payah sket.. =)

  5. Aneeta,

    hehhee.. You a good host to be loving having freinds over at your house. Good luck in your future competition... and take care..

    with all the new Polar, new Tanita and all the running... all that is left is the food-control.. :-p Your teacher must be happy to receive back all the ilmu-ballet.. hehehhee :-p

  6. wow..i only knew i was mentioned in your blog when some decided to google search my name hehe... wow very honored to be featured in it indeed...
    Thank u..also to the skaters PARENTS (for the lessons hehe which really helped them accomplish their victory) & to the skaters FAMILY/FRIENDS for all the support which boost their confidence to NEVER GIVE UP!!
    ~Very Proud Coach of her students.. Coach Surayu~ =D

  7. Coach Surayu..

    Thank you for dropping by my blog... and thank you for the tireless effort in my my nieces and nephews the best.... :-)

    take care..

  8. Am I consider the last person to know about this blog? 
    Whatever it is, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for having my name and picture mentioned in the blog.
    With or without the gold,I’m still proud to see all the kids did very well on that day. Seeing all of you standing graceful, full with confidence and skate like a champ on ice are the being achievement I’ve accomplished. Thank you for being so wonderful and to be able to bare with me,kids. I guess all the torturing paid off 
    Not forgetting to all the mum’s for putting so much effort, for not missing any practices and to stayed late night just so that they can practice their MJ routine. Thank you so much for being such a supporting mum’s.
    Looking forward for many years to come~
    Coach Shaz


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