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KLAS11- New Commander in Charge...



Received a call from Selva Kumar the Administrator for the Original Bootcamp Malaysia at 12:30pm today whom said that the Original Bootcamp Australia was not happy and took offence with the write-up done on their trainers in Malaysia... specifically the Gorilla picture.

Perhaps that was abit insensitive of me to related Corporal Faizal Ariff Abdullah to a Gorilla but the message I conveyed was his achievement in losing 50kg from 124kg to 70kg through natural diet and exercises.. Hence from a Gorilla to a HUNK which can be seen from the first picture posted. Again, something to be proud off and a motivating factor to other recruits.

The Blog too was a compliment on Corporal Faizal's ability to lead the platoon...

I also wrote an email to Corporal Faizal to inquire if he is offended and if he is, I am making a public apology here... but there is no reply todate.

Since, some people are more sensitive than others and to avoid offending anybody... This blog post will be removed soon... 

It is by no means contain any untoward malice.




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  1. Armin,
    i cant believe you succumb to delete the post.

  2. bro, i think of joining bootcam becuase of you


  3. Armin,

    First, I dont understand why you do so much marketing for the Bootcamp. Your write-up is nothing more than a free marketing for them.

    If they cannot take critics, and it is not even critic, they shoud not be in Business.

    You should work out something like a Malaysia Bootcamp, maybe with Ministry of defense which i am sure the Ministry will consider favourably given the good intention.

    I think we should boycott Australian company anytime for our own.

  4. Tuan Haji,
    I think it is degrading for somebody of your stature to do a public apologize.

    but that shows humility and a good sign of a good leader.


    p/s- the way you write about the Bootcamp, we thought you have share in it!

  5. and i agree with Pemuda,

    Somebody should start something with Mindef rather than succumb to those Australian.


  6. Dear Pemuda,

    I was not doing any marketing.. simply sharing my experience :-)

    Dear Faiz,
    No, it is not my new business.. I was having fun with my adrenaline..


  7. Boss, salam. me & friends joining the Bootcamp because of you. Ingat fun tapi macam serious je ni?


  8. Anon 1,

    I did not succumb. Selva called and spoke to me politely.

  9. Armin

    a'kum, kenapa sampai macam ni sekali ek?

  10. Datuk Armin,
    What happen? I open up the blog and only see the deleted message. i think we should start boicot Australia again. one time our Tun M also boikot Australia. Take care Datuk. (Yong)

  11. Dato' Armin,

    Salam. this is my first time writing on your blog but i have been followig your blog with interest.

    I respect your perseverance and passion in everything you do.

    congratulation Dato


  12. Bro, what happen? sorry blur (alex) why Australia is involved?

  13. i from PJ alpha. Although never met you but i feel like i know you. Keep writing and keep us motivate.

  14. bro,
    keep up writing. if you dont write, i quit bootcamp liao!

  15. armin, I hope you wont quit Bootcamp.

  16. armin, I read all your blog and i must say you have a good sense of humour and very sports man but i dont like the tone of the administration. i dont think you should be among those people. being humble is one thing but dont let people push you. its your blog.

  17. min, are there really military people? aku cancel la macam ni.

  18. I feel really sorry for you guys. Armin said 'compliment" and a commentor said "critics" Which is which now? Started from one topic and ended on another with no rational thinking. I dont think even us MALAYSIANS will not take a positive compliments if that accompanies with a not so positive photos such as Pigs, Monkeys or Donkets in that manner. Come on guys...think..with your HEAD!!

  19. armin, you were the life of the botcoamp page. now boring liao lar (tan)

  20. Megaa,
    I read Armin's blog before it was deleted. There is nothing critical leh. got to read between the lines lar. sure there is kingkong picture, but that was the 'before' picture.. and NOW converted into the MACHO person that Faisal is. Read properly and understand the mesage la.kalau tak paham, go back to school! PhD konon!! use your head lar dont be so superficial leh

  21. Sure he is PhD student meh? I am also doing PhD. which department is he?

  22. 1) if this is really a military camp- i wont join!
    2) without Armin's blog to enlightened us at the Bootcamp, MANY and me included would already give up
    3) many times i want to skip bootcamp but continue because of Armin
    4) whatever he writes, i can really really RELATE. So whatever he say, cynic or serious, depicts the true picture
    5) i find his blog very motivating and very inspiring for me to continue with the bootcamp.

    i would give up if they expect us to treat them like military bosses. I am paying for the fee and i am not getting paid salary like the army to respect them.


  23. Guys..................

    take it easy.... different people has a different "emotional Quotient" aka EQ. a compliment to some, may be deemed an embarassment to others.. we dont know...hence i delete the post.

    So no big deal guys... it doesnt matter australian or malaysian.

  24. Mate,
    I am an Australian living in Malaysia. I love Malaysia and Malaysians and I dont think Australian give a damn about your blog post. You know what i mean? Australian are more open-minded. Malaysians are quite narrow minded.

    You should write to the Australian counterpart.


  25. Yg Bhg Datuk,

    I think it is more disrespectful for people to call by your first name without addressing your title as a Datuk.

    If Proton were to be as sensitive as the people that manages the Bootcamp whether an Australian or Malaysian, Proton would have long closed shop.

    My point is, if anybody wants to be in business, one must be open to critics and concern more of their CLIENTS than their own staff.

    The Bootcamp is a private company that survived through the customer. Customers sovereignty is the ultimate force.

    Not the Company or the Staff whether it is Australian run or Malaysian operated.

    The success in business is through the word of mouth from satisfied clients and not through satisfied staff.

    I regret the incident and you should exercise your right as the customer to find an alternative.

    Datuk, please convey my regard to your father and congratulation on your successful venture.

    Good Luck

    Major (R) Ramli Khusairi

  26. WOW! What a Drama all for what???It was a Malaysia Instructor who was offended. How did Australia become to enemy here? Also, was a public apology ever requested? Not from what I have read so far. So who has Armin Succumbed to?
    Why would we want to Boycott the Australians Pemuda? If it weren't for them, we here in Malaysia wouldn't even have an idea of what Bootcamp would have been like. Let us be fair, not ungrateful.
    The Original Bootcamp that we all love so much here in Malaysia is actually an Australian program but from what I understand it is a Malaysian company. Malaysia is gaining the benefits and it's being run by locals. You are all jumping to conclusions. I think Bootcamp is great, I’ve been doing it for 4 months now and it's the best thing that's happened to me. I thank Rob Coad and Selva for bringing the Australian program to Malaysia and sharing the experience with us.


    KL Recruit

  27. hey KL, do you know whats going on? Please read the blog.Its the Australian administrator was offended with Datuk Armin's blog and ask selva to talk to Datuk armin. from what it seemed, Major Ramli is right, shouldn't the company be concern with their clients than their own staff? if the staff is offended, the company should not interfere ask the staff to speak to datuk. datuk was already willing to make a public apology?

    Datuk, I am sorry i didnt know you are a datuk. -Kumaranesan

  28. From what I have read, this all seems pathetic and blown way out of proportion.

    Be Thankfull people!

    Actually, I think the company should care for it's employees and recruits equally. A good person will treat everyone equally - regardless of who comes to them with a complaint and I admirer that the Original Bootcamp has looked out for his employee. A businessman who looks after his staff will always do well. We all deserve the same level of respect... right? I'm sure that Datuk Armin would do the same for one of his staff members should someone have approached him in the same way. Don't forget also, if trainers are not happy, they will not be around to instruct us recruits. therefore, No more Bootcamp. What happened to everyone's morals? all these harsh words and reactions are a little sad I think.

    KL Recruit

  29. KL Recruit: HOOYAH! for that mate :)

    Did you read all the comments before reading mine? This shows how SHALLOW your education is. I was referring to another comment that was saying why cant OBC take critics when Armin clearly mentioned it was a compliment. It was just a simple message and yet blown out of proportion such as boycot,Aussies should go to hell. Even the Gorilla turned into a handsome hunk, dont you think it's like calling the rest of us fellow Gorillas too? Oh..sorry, you may still be one..I forgot..cause you skipped the evolution part :) Sorry Armin, I didnt mean to offend you but reading at some comments here, giving me a blood rush...this is not even Bootcamp:)

    PS:Join Bootcamp or anything only for YOURSELF..not just because of someone else. Get rid of the sheep mentality.

  30. Megaa, thank you! And I couldn't agree with you more... why would you join bootcamp for someone else? That's weak in my opinion. anyway, it will be their loss!

    Most of the responses on this page are uneducated. I wasn't going to waste my time at first but just like you Megaa, I just couldn't believe how it started as one topic and has grown into something irrelevant. No one here is appreciating the chance that we have been given. If they think that one of us in KL could create this entire Bootcamp experience without the Australian program to base it on... I don't think they are being realistic at all.

    KL Recruit

  31. KL, you the trainer or the trainee?

    Sure la boss will take care of staff but at the cost of offending the customer?

    when i read all the bootcamp posts, i feel its more like marketing for bootcamp and enhances interest for people to join.

    i dont see any other blog write so perfectly and strongly with interst on bootcamp?

    so if you the trainer, please done be so sensitive la. if you the trainee, datuk did a good job in motivating the trainee. i find his writing to be very funny and relaxing esp if need to take a break from work. take whatever comment here objectively.

    anything to say?

  32. Mega,

    we all join bootcamp for personal reason but sure the same reason to get lose weight.

    lose weight is not easy and sometime oso feel like want to give up lor.

    Dato's blog keep the spirit and interst alive. not want to join bootcamp because of him la :p :p

    apa la u..

  33. Mega

    sorry la, i tak baca this part->

    (I was referring to another comment that was saying why cant OBC take critics when Armin clearly mentioned it was a compliment.)

    But why still want to get offend on past. if past is kingkong.. now no more right?

    have to move on lor :-)

  34. Friends...

    This is very typical of blogosphere... waiting to be provoked!! hehehee

    This too was how the opposition used the cybersphere to create hatred to the government and vice-versa.

    I feel i have a duty to explain...
    Neither Selva, OBC Australia or Faisal forced me or requested me to remove the "KLAS11-New Commander in charge" Blog.

    I willingly removed them because we,the recruits are quite personal with the trainers. We motivate each other to get that 110% effort!

    If there is anybody that should be offended its Faizal! because i wrote about him and posted a picture of him without his consent. it was my mistake.. so i remove the blog (without getting offended).

    There is no reason for me to get offended and thus, you too should not get offended.

    I have a made a pact with SHOBA and others from KL ALPHA for 100% attendance and is training like shit to be at par with the Superman couple Kenny & Michele.

    Please dont embarass me further with unnecessary remark. i appreciate all your comments & support for my blog.

    thank you


  35. so whats the fuss with the australian admin getting offended?

  36. Datuk,
    sorry if we sounded kurang ajar

  37. Min, kekadang aku baca blog hang, terasa nak join bootcamp. ok ke?

  38. meaning you are not going to quit bootcamp right? you should not, everybody including Kingkong want you there!!

  39. Hi guys, I'm the Faizal Mr. Armin was referring to in the blog post.

    I am thankful for his understanding of my predicament concerning the blog post. We never forced him to remove the post and in fact all of us want him to keep writing his experiences in Original Bootcamp or any other of his endeavors.

    The feedback he gives whether positive or negative is very much appreciated since we do care for each recruit (participant of the program). We strive to provide the best platform for them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

    I am human and I do make mistakes and I apologize if I have ever offended anyone past, present and future relating to this matter.

    However, I take my hat off to Mr. Armin for being the bigger man.

    Thank you and take care.

  40. meaning nothing to do with australia la?

  41. Thas what i thought mate. We are more open minded. Kenneth

  42. Faizal,

    We have high regard for you at the Bootcamp and we have better regards when we got to know the real you.

    You should be open to critics as that is the only way to improve. The past is the past. you a macho guy now and that is what matters more. know and love youself and others will see the love you have in you.

    lagipun now sudah besar la. tak payah merajuk.

  43. Bro,

    Faizal, welcome to my blog.

    That is very nice of you to apologize to my reader. You are a man after all.. hehehee :-p (joke kay!!)

    Faizal has a good heart..maybe abit sensitive but that makes him more humane and special in his own way.

    so guys.. lets move on..... there are so many other important things to blog....

  44. too sensitive lor.. but brave of you to apologize here. that is the spirit.

  45. LLS, I am a Trainee.

    Corporal Faizal, I think you are a brilliant trainer and I think you should not have apologized. WE Love you at KL! You did nothing wrong and neither did the administration in Australia by the sounds of things. It sounds like it was a private phone call between Selva and Armin and instead of keeping it private and doing the sensible thing, Armin chose to let everyone know. That is why this all blew out of proportion. So I'm glad to see that Armin finally made a response and some what apologized for the photos.

    Yong LC, I used to be a lot more overweight then what I am now and I would be very offended if someone referred to me personally as a Gorilla. Even though I know I don't currently look like one... this is not the point.

    Hopefully this all comes to an end and we can continue to love Bootcamp as we always did and always will.

    KL Recruit

  46. armin baniaz,
    i still love u like my own brother. keep the spirit going and keep bullying cos i love it! hahaha.

  47. Waa.. bloody arrogant. they have reconciled and you lagi mau cucuk.

    how you knoe is a private phone call between armin and selva?

    or maybe you are selva!!!

    This is his personal blog and he can write anything he want!! HE SHOULD NOT APOLOGIZE!

    i am sure liao!! you must be the Selva that created the whole mess and pretending to be a recruit! Thats why so offended that he let everybody knows!

    shame on you!!! boooo

  48. KL RRECRUIT, if so sensitive satay home lar. lock yourself leh.

  49. Apa khabar semua di bootcamp?,

    I have been reading what you are all writing... Armin, How Patronizing! Instead of leaving it as it was. You had to write again lah. You sound like a smart ass that always has to have the last say. Why mention Corporal Faizal is sensitive? AGAIN!

    It's now clear that you planted this seed and have sat back and watched and probably loved it. What you wrote most recently makes it look like your apology prior was not even sincere.

    If I were you I would delete this entire blog because as the comments go on, they make you look like an idiot.

    Sudah 4 Minggu Aku Ikuti blog U - Not any more!


  50. dont delete this blog. i will be dissappoint if it is delete. people who complain about the blog really need to get help. tadak otak

  51. saipul,
    ko tak nak baco, tak payoh. boleh belah.

  52. I have follow this blog for 5 years. you follow 4 week only wanna demand? who are you?

  53. Actually what was written in the blog? i read all other bootcamp blog, i dont see anything insulting? in fact, he is so passionate about the bootcamp.

    you should have abit of humour. Faizal already apologized and why would it bother you if he is sensitive or not? or if Datuk apologize or not?

    you the one that is the idiot....
    malay people wont say this-> "Sudah 4 Minggu Aku Ikuti blog U - Not any more!"

    broken malay. that one is india accent la boss.

    Dont delete this blog. we fight this together okay ;-) we at the toastmasters are all your loyal supporter.


  54. boss, kena kasi FASFIK ini orang la

  55. Dear Datuk Armin and Faizal,
    now it is beginning to be fights amongst supporters.

    When both of you have already reconciled, both supporters should accept.


  56. everybody at the bootcamp love your blog. PJ alpha also love your blog. I dont see anything patronising at all. just keep on writing maybe dont write about the trainers n bootcamp since they dont like. Lets share experiences. HOOYAAH!!

  57. KL recruit,
    dont think you speak for KL alpha. KL ALpha coromedarie so strong. Must be KL bravo!

    KL Alpha

  58. Agree,but we also dont know anybody at KL bravo except peggy?

  59. i just heard of the whole commotion this morning. i remember armin wrote a very good article about the trainers which i like. is that the story that everybody was talking about? it was all compliments to all trainers? why any offend?

  60. OHMYGOD! This is exactly why the westerners think of us as a 'backward' nation. i stand corrected, not just the westerners, the whole friggin' world! You, who DO NOT participate in Bootcamp, please reserve your comments, for you do not understand the crux of the issue here, what Bootcamp is all about, have never experienced the DISCIPLINE involved and are simply shooting your mouths off. Armin, you've taken the high road and I commend you for that. Like i told you, I see where OBC is coming from, and I am glad you see it too, unlike some people here in this forum. I'm sorry, i get sensitive when ppl jump the gun and shoot their pie holes off, esp when they blindly insult without collating their facts!

    No offence, Australia, I apologise on behalf of those 'narrow and small' minded ppl who have so easily dissed a whole nation, on account of this blog.


    KL ALPHA RECRUIT aka The Aunty

    P.S. Faizal, relax la brader.. you have not offended your clients. We are most happy with the level of professionalism demonstrated by you and your team of trainers.

  61. KL ALpha The Aunty,
    I agree with you. Please reserve comment if you are not part of the Bootcamp.

    p/s Corporal, dont need to get offended, armin speaks highly of you & the trainers all the time and i dont think you offend armin... that guy thick skin one haha

    Peace bruder! Armin, i salute you! Hooyaaaah!! Pls keep the blog coming

    KL Alpha volkswagen

  62. D.Armin,
    if you interested to join military training, why dont you join Jab Pertahanan Awam. It is pure military base.

    check out:


  63. Aunty is NOT Nawal. Aunty is Bootcamper aunty and Armin and Nawal knows who i am.. that's all i will divulge for now ;)

    KL Alpha Aunty.

  64. Rosli,

    Salam. Thank you for the army intro. I am not interested to join the army. i am passionate of the bootcamp because of the 5:45am schedule that fit in well with my working hours as well as their trainers' discipline and the training regime.

    My Dad sends his regard.

  65. Salam Keadilan dan Salam Reformasi YB Datuk Armin,

    Sorry Datuk I just wake up and still wearing my fave (the only one) T-shirt. First and foremost, million apologies because I never know Datuk is a Datuk. I believe for a very normal Malaysian like me Datuk meant Grandpa - an old grumpy old man but we all love him.
    In a more serious note, as a past, current and future KL Aplha recruit of OBC i think i don't need to reserve my comments ; ) I just want to say we (this include Datuk) love and respect all our instructors from Sarge to LC or even the administrator and all the recruits from Delta to Ranger and the same love and respect is given to our Australian OBC counterpart cause they went thru Hell before. Don't take me wrong because Hell is our dream. I believe trust and respect is something that we all can't buy with money but we can earn it. Respect others so they will respect you too.
    Trust me OBC is very very very fun if not i wont be achieving my 300% attendance even is a MC day for office.

    KL Alpha - Delta (I think)
    Still Anonymous

    p.s. Next time if u see me at OBC pls call me Delta and not by my name ; p

  66. weh gapo dio gegeh sangat ni? tok puah hati kito gi bakar selalu! tok payoh kecek banyok. oyak jah bilo!



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