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It was a spontaneous and unplanned decision to take a drive to Singapore for the ADIDAS SUNDOWN MARATHON and support more than half a dozen of our fellow Bootcampers whom are running the race. I ran the 84km Singapore Sundown Ultra-marathon when it was first launched 2 years ago but managed to only complete 56km. I completed the balance 28km (to make it a total of 84km) in 3 instalments (10km per instalment & extra 2km for instalment interest) within a month after the actual race ... (See: My Xtreme). but try not to be like me....

We left home after the final trial week session at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama and synchronized with David Gubiani to meet at Meeting Point B, at the race venue upon our arrival.

When we arrived, they were already giving out prizes..

We arrived at the race event 2 hours after the flag-off..... Err, could not resist but to stopped by the KING OF SOUP restaurant at Sultan Road and Heck.. broke my almost 2 years old BLOOD TYPE DIET that I followed since 2008.

Shortly later, PEGGY HOEGH completed her 21km run in 2:36:12... I saw her crossing the finishing line but my view was blocked and could not shoot her 'crossing-the-finishing-line-pictures', we screamed PEGGY... PEGGY.... and she just walked away...

WE SCREAMED LOUDER... PEGGY!!!!!!! and she turned and saw us...

We missed Cynthia Gan too, whom was in Singapore with her Boyfriend. Cynthia Gan completed her race in 1hour 14 minutes.

Cynthia is so happy, she could just eat her medal...

While searching for others that I had missed, spotted ROSE EMINI PAHAMIN & NYNA MOHSEN proudly crossing the finishing line in  2hrs 56mins.

Haiiiya, this two babes, kept posing for the camera..... and took so many of their pictures. We then search for other bootcamp'ers and SPOTTED... Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Nana completed her 21km in 2:36:18..

Ilyanna Aylin with excessive energy. .... and she is SINGLE!! 

Peggy Hoegh, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob... the close Bootcampers.. 

SPOTTED too... GORDON NONIS!! He completed his run in 2hrs 50mins!!

The running bootcampers... Left: Cynthia Gan, Rose Emini Pahamin, Peggy Hoegh, Gordon Nonis (kneeling), Nyna Mohsen, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob.


Nana<---- such a passionate kiss 

And the CHEERLEADERS!!!!!!!! 


 The Gentle kisses...

The 'Koya' kisses

The tongue with medal?

Dont know why the man in red tshirt raised his hand...  

Me with David Gubiani........ 

Rose: this is MY medal 

The toilets prepared for the race.... dozens of it.. meaning we cant be 'green' at Singapore. 

I broke my nail!!!!! sob sob.........

The well-deserved FINISHER MEDAL!!! 

Rose bib number....... Aiiiya... cant buy 4digit Magnum.. there were 5  numbers...

Now its time to go back..... Everybody is starving...

Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Daing Daniel Fitri, Ody Lana, Farhanah bamadhaj, drove Dr Malek Aziz Naza Ria whist everybody else including Rose Emini Pahamin took the taxi....

But I did not have the heart to see darling Sister Rose Emini Pahamin, Nyna Mohsen & Ilyanna Aylin Ayob to que and wait for the taxi.... So I offered them to take over my place.. Dr Malek and Daing Daniel too offered their seat in the Naza Ria. HOWEVER, Farhanah Bamadhaj insisted that we should ALL CRAM INTO THE NAZARIA...


and FARHANAH BAMADHAJ was so kind to INSISTED and travel in the bonet to fit everybody in... this is truely the spirit of... true friendship. It was a long 1 hour drive back to hotel and Farhanah never even complain but happily being uncomfortable.

at the HOTEL... WE SHOWERED and got ready to EAT!!! All the runners were starving and I could not leave them without food. We gathered at the hotel lobby.. and waited........ and waited for 20 minutes for someONE to come down from their 'quickie'...  I mean QUICK but additional 20 minutes longer shower. so we waited and almost fell asleep.

When everybody are down, we left for the same KING OF SOUP restaurant... okaay ok again!!!

While waiting for the food to arrive, someOne had to report duty!!??? 

and when the MAIN food arrive... everybody's face just..... 

 Whooooooooo The KING OF SOUP.........

With barely 3 hours of sleep, we checked out from the hotel.....

and went windows shopping......

and EAT.... somemore....... 

Aaraf with his Taekwando Master.. 

Whilst everybody else went window shoping....... 


Our ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK ended and we drove in a convoy of 3 cars back home... 

It was a very tiring weekend especially with the lack of sleep on the eve of bootcamp @ Bandar Utama last day of trial week, a long drive to singapore, 3 hours sleep in Singapore and now driving back and stuck in a bad traffic.

We stopped a few times for FOOD (yaaa.. okay.. again), COFFEE and chatting... 

Its not normal.. but sometimes it happens, although we are all sitting at the same table, but we chat and talk through Blackberry........

Although a tiring and exhaustive weekend, BUT being there to support and inspire friends, runners and especially my sister was well WORTH THE TRAVELLING.....

Rose Emini Pahamin, Nyna Mohsen, Ilyanna Aylin Ayon, Peggy Hoegh, Cynthia Gan and Gordon Nonis CONGRATULATION and WELL DONE....


P/s- was later informed, it was Lamb and not beef... so my blood type diet is still intact!!! but now suddeny feel like eating KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!! 



  1. i know you're trying to sell me and rose again kan? :P thanks for the support and the pics! ;)

  2. Ms Road Runner NANA,
    of course i am always promoting you & Rose.... the darlings..

    thanks for supporting us too @ OBC-BU.. :-) no more FFK yaa.. :-p

  3. dont forget to promote me too!! wink wink!!! hehee. but so sweet of u abe yaz!! everyone look so happy!! me likey!!:)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. As usual,your writing is so interesting to read. Congratulation again to all Sun Down runners and cheerleaders.

  6. Dear Nyna Mohsen,

    Cannot promote you.. you are no longer available.. :-p

    its good to see everyone sharing the same passion.

    thank you for the compliment. :-)

    ## note: I did not delete the comment posted. It was removed by the commentator.

  7. Thanks for the pics and writeup!

    I enjoyed the trip very much! :)

    p/s: Nyna boleh dipromote lagi tu!! mana tau she could land someone better ;)

  8. Dear Faizal...

    Me too.. and also Aaraf. Aaraf didnt even want to sleep. It was a short and fun trip.... and tiring.

    NO!! I WONT BE PART OF PROMOTING NYNA... since I know you and we both share similar passion. ;-)

    Nyna can promote herself (masuk bakul angkat sendiri) hehehhee..

  9. Dear Armin, I'm the one who remove it. There was a lot of typo error. Unacceptable one.. hehehe

  10. Dear armin,

    I wonder, Do you bring your private camera man ?? :-D soo many pictures of your guys ! I like it ........


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