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Our journey with the Chief's bootcamp began 6 years ago in 2009 as a recruit at the bootcamp Padang Merbuk. Alike all others, we fell in love with the program at first sight. Prior to our training at the bootcamp, I have explored everything else from running, weight training, personal training, RPM, Body pump, swimming, triathlon, dualthon and even mountain climbing. My bootcamp partner Dr Malek Aziz too went through the same phase seeking and searching for an active lifestyle and training that can keep our mojo and fitness align with our medical history. Those who were given a second life having survived cancer would understand how nothing else matters but a good bill of great health. We love the program so much that we practically begged Chief Brabon and Gunny Hames to obtained the license to operate the program at Bandar Utama in 2010. The thought of not having the program being run in Malaysia was a nightmare having discovered the previous licensee wanted to opt out.

That was the beginning of our journey running the world's oldest military inspired bootcamp in Malaysia. When the licensee for Subang Jaya, Cyberjaya, Damansara Heights and Shah Alam too opted out from the network, we quickly took over. It was all for the passion for fitness. Not much for the money but for the network of people that shares similar passion as us. 

The Chief's Original Bootcamp is where it all started. It revolutionize the whole concept of exercising in Malaysia. That was during the period where all the boutique gym mushrooms throughout Malaysia. We went against the odd to establish the outdoor group fitness concept ala Military training. Now, the bootcamp concept had grow from just the Chief's Original Bootcamp to dozens of others but todate, the Chief's Original Bootcamp is the only bootcamp in Malaysia where the program is actually designed by former and currently serving infantry soldier, namely the Royal Australian army. Of course, the program is then customize for civilian training. At the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC), we deliver the program that was professionally and scientifically design to reap out the maximum results. The founder Chief Brabon and his Master Global trainers (whom design the program for COBC) establish the program way back in 1999; for already 16 years!!

Most of other bootcamps in Malaysia are being run by COBC's former instructors and recruits whom envision themselves to be like Chief. Dr Malek and I just want to be trained by the Chief's program because there is no other program that can give similar if not better result. We do not and will never compromise when it comes to our health, this is our second lease of life.  

The journey with COBC has been very exciting. Exciting because of its recruits. Each and every
recruit defines what COBC is all about. It is not just a program but a community of people from various background, age, gender and race that shares the same goal for fitness, health and physique; hence, our COBC community tagline "Bootcamp for life", that was imprinted in our anniversary T'shirt each year as a door gift.

In conjunction with our 5th year anniversary, we introduced 2 new awards to replace the previous ACE (110% Attendance, Commitment and Effort). The new award is the Certificate of Achievement given to each and every recruit that improved both their Benchmark assessment 1 and 2 by 30 seconds. Yes, it may sound easy but those that had attended the COBC benchmark assessment will know 30 seconds is really purely mental.

The Certificate of Achievement is in tandem with our result oriented program and with what we truly believe that your only competition is yourself. Forget and disregard what other recruit's timing are. Your target is to get PB (personal best) in every assessment. Our target and our instructor's KPI is to make sure you improve your previous timing. 

The first batch of achievers were:

Ampang Evening platoon: Mohd Azrul Anwar

Bandar Utama Dawn: Oswald Phang

Bandar Utama Evening:
1) Anna Wong
2) Vincent Chee

Damansara Heights Twillight:
1) Shane Cheng
2) Alya Maryam
3) Aileen Doraisamy
4) Pervinder Kaur Gill
5) Chan Wei Jieh

Subang Jaya USJ1:  Anne Law

Yes, very few out of more than 400 recruits in the network that actually able to improve their timing by 30 seconds every month.

Moving forward, this certificate will be awarded on the first Friday of every intake. Please motivate, encourage and if needed to, drag your fellow comrade out of bed for the assessment! Let's make a different, let's achieve something every month. Let us get a PB!!

The second award is a 1-Year Bootcamp Finisher award. This award ala ultra-marathon is an ultra-bootcamp finisher award. To be a bootcamper is as easy as enrolling them. To achieve 30 seconds benchmark assessment timing everymonth is a challenge but a bigger challenge is to always be consistent with our training. If you are consistent in attending bootcamp every month without failure, you deserves more than a certificate and a RM100 voucher but that is the least we can do to acknowledge your strong commitment. The 1-Year bootcamp finishers will get a certificate, a finisher medal (awarded on next bootcamp party) and a RM100 voucher to off-set against the monthly fees. 

The recipents of 1-Year Bootcamp Finishers are as follows:

1) Ann Na Chai (BUE)
2) Jagan Nagalingam (BUE)
3) Morgan Mob (BUE)
4) Amirah Che Azizuddin (BUPD)
5) Suzanna Borhan (APD)
6) Rizal Ismail (BUPD)
7) Ira Syahanaz Johari (APD)
8) Naquiah Hakimah Suleiman (APE)
9) Wizmalisa Mahmood (APE)

Last but not least, on our 5th year anniversary I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Chief Brabon, Gunny Brabon, Senior Sarge Coad and all master global trainers for the guidance, for the awesome program and for all the support extended to COBC Malaysia. You are our true inspiration. 

For my partner Dr Malek Aziz, thank you for a good 5 years of partnership. You have been truly amazing both as a partner and as a friend. 

Equally as amazing are both Rose Emini Pahamin and Farhanah Bamadhaj.. the unsung heroes!! 

COBC is practically operated by them two! Whom tirelessly replied all emails, phone calls, becomes COBC MC at events, organize parties, organize training for trainers, order tshirts, distribute tshirts, remind owners to meet the trainers, remind recruit to make payment, channel feedback from recruit to owners, give feedback to instructors, monitors injuries and reminding instructors of recruits injury and recruit's being away, organising trainer's roster, find replacement instructors, do roadshows, attend to meetings with corporate clients, design a package for corporate, prepare booth, do exhibitions for branding, do marketing for clients, for branding, prepare recruit's attendance list, update record recruit's attendance and benchmark timing online yada yada yadaaa... the list is exhaustive and never ending. 

Thank you Rose & Farhanah for the best 5 years of being a good colleague. You both are indescribable! You both really pamper Dr Malek and I, and now we really cant do without you. If there is such a thing as Spirit of Bootcamp for staff, my votes goes to both of you.

We also cant do without the faces of COBC!! Our beloved Instructors!! Sarge Chun was our pioneer instructor whom began our journey together. Corporal Suresh has been with us during our infant years but left to get more knowledge and exposure, and had re-join us being better and wiser. Corporal Amir, our most dedicated lead instructor whom had given his full commitment to training. Our up and coming Corporal Wong and Corporal Prince. Corporal Affiq, Corporal Lian, Corporal Poh, Corporal Chee Yee, Corporal Mas... We are grateful for your undivided passion, commitment, cooperation and support. We are truly the most passionate team and we are proud to have all of you on board.

We celebrated our 5th year anniversary at the Modesto at the Strands, Kota Damansara.

Below are some snap shots, picture thanks to paparazzi Sarah Tan and Suzanna Borhan. (Click on picture to enlarge)

Our dedicated Rose Emini Pahamin, setting up the venue, preparing registration counter, distributing the COBC 5th year anniversary tshirt as door gift etc

Sarge Chun and model Eileen


COBC 5th year anniversary Tshirts.. and Fiza & Sabon

Corporal Poh having a.. err serious conversation with Rose

Dr Malek with his instructors

Free flow buffet food, coffee & tea

Opening and welcoming by the owners of COBC.

Sharing of experiences by otais... Surani Mohamad broke the ice.

Followed by Suzanna Borhan

and of course, Muzzafar Bahir

Sarge Chun once held the record for the best Benchmark timing assessment when we were all a recruit in Padang Merbuk

Corporal Wong whom before he became our instructor, was the 8 Weeks Challenge winner.

Award presentation to Surani Mohamad

Ann Na Chai

Suzanna Borhan

 Wismalisa Mahmood

Naquiah Hakimie Suleiman

We had some fun with the last man standing competition!

Corporal Amir awarded the mystery gift to the winner. The winner for the last man/women standing were Surani Mohamad and Gabriel Tan.

To commemorate the birthday of two corporals namely Affiq and Amir, we also had a surprise.

They both became recruit and Muzafar Bahir became the instructor!!

I am sure Muzafar will not be at the session for the next fewmonths.

When most had left, we camwhoring abit in our 5th year anniversary tshirt. 

Until the next event, keep your spirit high and always remember COBC for life! HOOYAH!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Chief! One day I will join you.

  2. I would forever be greatfull to COBC. Happy anniversary.

    1. Thank you Fathimath. COBC misses you. Don't forget us when you are back in Malaysia. HOOYAH

  3. I would forever be greatfull to COBC. Happy anniversary.

  4. Thank you Fathimath. COBC misses you. Don't forget us when you are back in Malaysia. HOOYAH


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