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If only I had the Home Energy Report  report many years ago, we would have saved and substantially reduced our TNB Bills but Thumbs Up to TNB for generating the Home Energy Report which we received a few days ago. Without any bearing on the electrical consumption for energy efficient home, we have been on a utility bill reduction mode since last year.

Our TNB bill last year 2014, averages RM1200 per month and early this year we target to reduce it below RM1000 thinking it was a reasonable target. Now we know it is not. According to the TNB Home Energy Report, we uses 184% more electricity than similar home.  The last three months home electric usage comparison was was a staggering 5,765kWh for our home; similar home averages 2,031kWh and efficient home (of similar size) uses 891 kWh. We are 6x higher than the energy efficient home. The comparison was on 100 similar homes (Source: TNB).

Earlier this year we let go of a few under-utilize refrigerators and freezer, change the lights to LED energy saving lights and had successfully reduced it but RM800-RM900 per month was still on the high side. The target now was to keep TNB bill at an average RM300 a month which is the energy efficient home. So we did a bit of research on the energy savings electrical items and replaced the 8 years old LG air-condition on 3 August. 

We had it replaced with the Hitachi inverter aircond with 5 star energy saving rating. The aircond too came with a 10 years warranty. It claimed it can reduce our electricty bill by 60%. That was doubtful and we may just be a victim of advertising but heck, it cant be any worst than the current 8 years old air condition.

The latest meter reading date was on 19 August which means, it was only 2 weeks since we had the air condition replaced. Within a mere 2 weeks, our electricity bill was reduced by 45% from RM1,147.05 to RM628.53.

The advertisement was as good as the result. Now we are talking. The next step is to slowly replace all the electrical items below:

 On the backdrop of an increasing inflation rate which now stands at 3.30%, very weak currency which affected imported goods in Malaysia and in my case, imported raw materials and as well as our fee payment to Australia, increase in almost all prices due to the GST , the best way to have more purchasing power is to reduced our monthly overhead costs. Whatever your utility bills are, I am sure you can further reduce it.

Another way to reduce our annual living cost is to take care of our health and fitness. In reality we do not budget or does not have any savings for medical bills. We must always take care of our health and the best way to do it is to enroll ourselves in a program that guarantees result. Without a doubt, I recommend the Chief's Original Bootcamp to take care of your health and fitness. It cost less than RM25 per training session.

Last but not least, did you keep track on the visits & payment to the car workshop to keep your car drive able every year? You should!! While we will always consistently pay for our car loan and mortgage, one visit to the workshop can be a painful pinch in your pocket. Take care of your car, save money from unnecessary cost of maintenance and make sure you get the best price and service from the workshop through CarBengkel Mobile application. CarBengkel mobile application allows car owners to get quotation for whatever repair/service you require for your car, locate the nearest workshop or alternatively, have the workshop pick up your car for service and/or repair without you having to sweat and wasting time at the workshop.

Efficient living is the only survival during this downturn. Stay Tuned~

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Stay Tuned~


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