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8 Weeks to Wow

Are you ready for a life changing experience in as little as 8 weeks?

No it is not just about dieting and it is not about exercising but it is all about a guided change in lifestyle. Many have attempted to diet and failed. There were more that tried to maintain a daily exercise routine but found themselves struggling and had to dragged themselves to the local fitness centre but ended up in bed instead.

The 8 Week Challenge (8WC) is a program that will not just guarantee a head turning result but it will also change your lifestyle for a healthier, sexier and a better you.

The registration for the 8 Week Challenge will be open tomorrow, 23 August 2013 at the link

The registration fee for the challenge is fix at AUD39.90 for recruits of the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) or AUD99.99 for non-recruit. You will need to pay at the point of registration at the domain .

You will also need to register and pay (by 31 August 2013) for both September and October intake  at the COBC Military Corps (MC 12) to ensure your placement is guaranteed. The fee structure and promotion that is valid to participate for the 8WC and stand a chance to win RM15,000 is available for viewing at!cobc-fees-/c1xu1 (all promotion is valid for 8WC except the virgin-introductory fees).

The registration for the 8 Week Challenge is subjected to a successful acceptance at your enrolled platoon. Once the platoon is full,  registration for the 8WC for that platoon will be closed..

So do not wait, placement is limited to a maximum of 36 and 48 recruit per platoon depending on location. Register now for September and October intake at!register-and-enrollment/citr .



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