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Don't you deserves to be in the best shape you can be?

For 4 Years now, the INFERNO™ or rather the formula behind the 8 Weeks Challenge has been growing. Every year it builds a better library of options, recipes and an amazing network of dedicated followers who will help you through your journey from 8 weeks to WOW!

We have literally THOUSANDS of success stories. People whose lives have changed. So many different stories…from changing a clothing size or 10, becoming fitness models, ridding themselves of the implications that being overweight brings, including diabetes, high blood pressure and being able to conceive (when overweight), Participants have entered physique competitions, they have run marathons, competed in iron man and triathlons and some even getting back into their professional sports. The benefits of this change are endless…Simple things like being able to chase your kids around the yard, and not be out of breath from 20 mins in the park with your toddler. And one of the most important things….having piece of mind that you have a healthy mind and Body.

Since the inception of the original INFERNO 1.0, many of our successful and now incredibly amazing looking participants have graced the cover of magazines, advertisements and newspapers. Now. Well now we want YOU. It’s your turn to get the body that you have always wanted. Just a little bit of will power and you are only 8 weeks away from it. Close enough to touch!

To ensure that your time on the INFERNO is not just rewarding, but also pleasurable, every year the original format is overhauled by our own internationally renowned fat loss expert ‘Gunny’ Brabon, recruits and wiling Chefs, to achieve even better results, while offering you some incredibly tasty meals and snacks.

This eating plan has been designed to gradually re-introduce all the foods you love back into your diet….this will work, but ONLY if you follow this plan to the word. Unlike other diets and Fads that you have tried, you will not re-gain the weight you lose…. IF you don’t go back to your old bad habits. Follow a few simple rules and you will have the body you want for as long as you want.

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