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In memory of a friend, a comrade, a running buddy and an inspiration to many. I can only imagine how wonderful Jadite was as a mother to two beautiful daughters, a daughter to her parent and a sister to her family because she was such an amazing women to all her friends. Jadite is a recruit at the Chiefs Original Bootcamp Damansara at Heights Zulu platoon and is one of the most consistent and committed recruit when we talk about training. She had ACE'd (100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort) her every month bootcamp session and when she missed any session, she will have it replaced at Bandar Utama Alpha where I train.

She spoke so passionately about the Chief's Original Bootcamp to everyone she met... that she attracted her badminton buddy whom then, had the Chief's Bootcamp to train hundreds of Citibank executives as part of their health and fitness program. That was Jadite. A very inspiring and motivating women.
I paid respect to the dear friend at the Gospel Church in Jalan Hang Jebat today at 5pm. It was the first wake session that I had ever attended. I met her sister whom we chatted and was surprise to learn that Jadite was the least active amongst her siblings. While in their youth, her sisters were the runners, Jadite was the opposite. Jadite whom had never ran when she was younger, took up running after she joined the bootcamp and actually had dozens of others to also start running. We always met in various running event.

Jadite first discovered that she had cancer incidentally when she had a bad stomach ache and had to miss a bootcamp session. She went for a medical check-up at the Assunta Hospital but was not properly diagnosed. Jadite was the second friend I knew that was mis-diagnosed at the Assunta Hospital. Jadite was diagnosed to have a tumor in her liver at the Sunway Hospital whom immediately scheduled her for a surgery to have it removed. Undeterred even after diagnosis, Jadite informed her training comrade Kitson Foong that she will be back at the bootcamp training after the surgery. That was again Jadite!! A very confident, positive and a strong women.

Jadite is forever and is always with the sincerest of smile no matter how tired, exhausted and stressful she was. She is always encouraging and inspiring to everyone that is around her. You only need a short moment with Jadite whenever you are down, and you will be back re-energized.

At every bootcamp party, Jadite will receive the ACE certificate and the Spirit of Bootcamp award!! She was voted the Spirit of Bootcamp at Damansara Heights Zulu on numerous occasions. The Spirit of Bootcamp is an award given when a recruit received the highest votes for being the most inspiring and motivating.

It was so hard to digest when I first heard that Jadite had cancer and it is even harder to accept to learn that Jadite had left. I can feel Jadite's every pain and agony both emotionally and physically having gone through the same cycle with cancer. I wish I can do more to ease her pain. Jadite is always positive and strong. Even at her last moment, she was still positive.

Heather, I feel for your lost. Please remember that you have a family in us and if you need anything, we are always here for you.

Last but not least, I was touched by Kitson speech at the wake session which described Jadite as how we all see her. With his permission, I am printing it here to share with everyone how amazing Jadite was. Jadite will always be remembered by the bootcamp fraternity as part of our family.

Eulogy - Jadite. By Kitson Foong.

It's so hard to forget someone who gave us so much to remember. My heart still aches in sadness, secret tears still flow... What it meant to lose you Jadite.. no one will ever know. 

When I was introduced to Jadite Liew, she was all hot and sweaty. In the middle of a bootcamp workout at the Zulu platoon, Damansara Heights. An attractive women, aroiund my age group who was outperforming guys and gals half her age. I had to get to know her!!

Who was this Jadite Liew who would eventually have such a strong impact and influence on my life? I've listed 4 stoic virtures that in my humble opinino encapsulate the Jadite Liew I know and came to love.

1. Strong

jadite was Strong. I mean really, really strong. Both emotionally and physically. SO exactly how strong was Jadite Liew? As a young teen growing up in the hills of Miri, legendary tales are told of her post-school tree climbing abilities. So strong was she that she made the school's shot putt team!!

In the latter stages of her life as she embraced the healthy lifestyle that is Bootcamp. Jadite swiftly showed us all exactly how strong she was externally. Promoted to the ranks of the elite Delta -  she could, would and id in fact lift any male and female delta (barring Maslina!) that walked in her rank. Each of us saw her outlift, outjunp and out maneuvred every physical obstacle put in her way. Aches and pain - she chewed them up and spat them out. Always with a smile. Never a complaint. Unlike me. She never slacked off any given exercise, no matter how tough and repetitious and never once cost any platoon member penalties in push ups, grunts or squats.

Jadite was super strong emotionally too. She took everything that life threw at her. Hard knocks, crazy long working hours, bad news, bitter medicines, open surgeries one after another. Chemotheraphy ~ Jadite took it all in her stride. I, of all people, knew the motional and physcial pain she went through. She shared withe me her private pains. Yet through it all she constantly reminded me that wasnt in her DNA makeup to ever squeal, whine or complain.

You were always so strong - till the very end Jadite ~  thought you would outlived us all.

2. Speed

Not only was she strong, Jadite was fast. She was not only a quick learner but also a speedy problem solver. One who would graso complicated issues ever so swiftly and propose a quick fire practical solutions to overcome them. *Steph _ remember when the battery in your car went flat on a rainy night? Well Jadite did all the problem solving on that one!

At Bootcamp and im competitive races - up hills and down flat roads she ran so fast, hardly anyone could catch her. And when she realised that, she slowed down to pace and encourage us. The Jadite I know had medals galore to prove her mettle. A drawerful * When I think of Jadite running speedily, I picture a beautiful gazelle. Graceful strides forward. 

3. Infectious smile
Jadite Liew was infectious. Almost everything about her was infectious. She had a smile that could launch a thousand ships. She ahd a smile for every occasion. More importantly, I'm sure you agree... Jaditre had a personal smile for each and every person she came into contact with.

For me, I'll never forget her naughty smile (*You know the one where a tingle wickedness after she's successfully pulled a fast number on you!). Those of you who run with me will always fondly remember her for giving me that very same smile each time she tricked me into running  *First - 8.5km (When she promised me it was 5) and eventually 18km up double hills when she said its only 5 mins across the highway!

A number of us bootcampers who call ourselves competitive runners owe much to Jadite Liew. Inspirational she was. She sold us on the benefits of adding running into our growing fitness regime. Paced me and never failed to slow down just to encourage me to not give up. "Giving up is not an Option Kitson!"

4. Kind and Compassionate

Jadite always gave of herself with no thought of ever getting anything in return. "If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worty of kind of heart trouble Kitson! Continue to develop more kindness "Kindness is like a boomerang. It always returns! - These words will forever echo in the hall way of my mind Jadite Liew!

Too often we underestimate the power of a kind word. a listening ear and honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring - all of which have the potential to turn a life around. I'll tell you this today knowing Jadite Liew - even though late in her short life, turned my life around. 

For every kind word. For each second you took to listen to me. For every honest compliment and words of encouragement you said to me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Jadite Liew. I am able to still stand here today because of you.

Jadite ...
Those special memories of you will always bring a smile.
If only I could have you back for only just a while,
Then we could sit and talk again like we used to do,
You've always meant so very much .. and you still do too,
The fact that you're no longer here will always cause me pain
But Jadite you're forever in my heart.. Until we meet again.

The Heather and Stephanie mim had this to say:

Perhaps you arent ready yet - to have to say goodbye
Perhaps you'd thought of thinfs you wished you'd said - well so have I
For one thing I'd have told you - not to worry about me
I'm with the lord in heaven now, you knew that's where I'd be
I'm sorry that you're feeling sad, for I'm so happy now..
I've asked the lord to ease the hurt - and comfort you somehow
It's hard at the beginning but I know you'll make it through
I hope it helps to know - that I'll be waiting here for you.

We love you Jadite

Rest now in peace.

Jadite , you will always be remembered.

Her passing had reminded me an important lesson. We are living on borrowed life. He, the Almighty may take it back anytime. Before its too late, (1) Do spend some quality time with those that we love. (2) Please do not forget to go for your annual medical check up once you are above 30 years of age. It is always better to discover any illnesses early. With the advancement of our medical technology, nothing cant be cure. (3) Pray and strengthened your belief in God and religion. In the end, we are all in God's hand.


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