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The Chief's Original Bootcamp has declared a state of emergency for all battalion to be at Defcon 3. All platoons under each battalion to form a unit ready for battle. This is the fourth war cry for battle issued in half a decade.

At Defcon 3, all recruits at all battalion to increase their training intensity and ready for deployment. Our intelligent unit speculate a war will break out with the following details:

DATE: 8 November 2015
TIME: 5:30am - 9:30am
WAR ZONE: To be advice.
THEME: No better friend, no worst enemy.

What is the Battle of Platoons?

The Battle of Platoons is a special event organized to foster the spirit of camaraderie between recruits from all platoons. Most of the time, recruits only interact with their fellow platoon mate without any opportunity to meet recruits from other platoons. During the battle, recruits from all locations will gather at the war zone. Recruits from all ranks; Rangers, Seals and Deltas would have to work together and win points for their platoon.

The Battle of Platoons was first mooted by Senior Sarge Coad; COBC Regional Master trainer & Spec Ops Coordinator in 2009. "The challenge was conducted to determine which platoon is the strongest in a friendly, enjoyable and slightly competitive way".

Who can participate?

1. Any recruits that is registered and train at COBC
2. To enable more recruits to join & participate in the BOP 4.0, a special fee is extended for all past, present & new recruit at only RM99.50 per month for the month of October and RM99.50 for November (The fee is conditional on registration and payment for both November & December before November intake- total RM199.00 for 2 intakes). This RM99 per month is for all recruits registered for the months of October & November 2015.
3. All WIP and special recruits can defer their WIP payment to December and pay the "special fees" instead.

Who cannot participate?

4. Spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend of instructors or admins are not allowed to participate to avoid any leakages of confidential 'war' information.

Is there a fee to join the BOP 4.0?

5. A war bond fee of only RM30 per person (early bird) if registered for BOP 4.0 before/by 3 October 2015. After 3 October, the fee is RM35. The fee is collected for medals, breakfast, drinks etc.

How to participate?

6. Register online at HERE latest by 31 October 2015.


7. A maximum of 50 recruits & a minimum of 40 recruits per platoon. A team with less than 40 recruits will be at the disadvantage and may lose points.
8.  All team members must have and wear the COBC grey tee.
9. A competing team must appoint a team Captain.

Stay tuned for more terms, details and information.


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