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Its 3 days counting down before the announcement of the top 7 companies from the list above. The 20 finalists had pitched and presented their 12 months planning of how they will use the award money on 26 November 2015. As stressful as it was for the founders of the 20 companies to present their business plan, it is even harder for the judges to decide and pick the top 6 best that they had to add another company to make it the Top 7 instead of six.

To view for the 20 finalists, click at the link:

Then click on each company to read the synopsis.

This is also the link where the top 7 will be announced and shortlisted on 2 December 2015. On 3 December, the public can start voting for the top 7 to be shortlisted to top 3.

Those shortlisted for the top 7 will have to pitch for the 3rd time to be voted as the top 3 and win cash reward. That pitch will carry 70% mark to the total score and a public voting is worth 30%.

On 1 December, a day before the top 7 announcement, the 20 finalists will gather for the final program with the BizSmart Academy, a mentoring session with Dato Wira Dr Haji Ameer Ali bin Mydin, the founder of Mydin chain of hypermarket, supermarket and emporium.

It has been a wonderful and productive journey for both Amnan Bazli Pahamin, CarBengkel and I. We have had and will cherish the privilege to have learn and train with a group of really passionate, determined and successful founders. It is ironic that we would actually feel sad if we are selected instead of others, whom had put in equally hard effort and passion into their business and in this competition. We would also feel disappointed if we are not selected. Its a really weird kinda feeling that only those in the group would understand. Nonetheless, please pray for us to be shortlisted.

Until the announcement date, Stay Tuned.

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