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The battle of platoons is an annual event organised by the Chief's Original Bootcamp to foster the spirit of camaraderie between recruits from their own battalion and among others as well as to compete in a friendly manner. The strongest and the best teamwork battalion will be crowned the Champion. There are 5 battalions at the Chief's Original Bootcamp at Ampang, Bandar Utama, Cyberjaya, Damansara Heights and Subang Jaya.

For the first time in COBC history, Damansara Heights was disqualified for insufficient enrollment but in good spirit, recruits from Damansara Heights enjoins Bandar Utama. Damansara Heights platoon, codenamed the Highlanders was crowned Champion twice in the 4 years the Battle of platoons were organised. We also have a new battalion from Maxis whom have been under corporate training with COBC for almost a year. MAXIS is the first corporate company that promote and emphasizes health and fitness for their employees all year through and even sponsor their employees to keep fit. All was from the effort and dedication from Asni Afzah and her team from Maxis Employees Engagement department.

Captains were selected for each team and the Captains in charge were Jason Lee for the Spartans, Aston for the Barracudas, Shahrul for the Maxis-Titans and Amri for the Legends. There were 152 participants in the event; Spartans 39pax, Barracudas 36, Maxis Titans 37pax and the Legends 40pax. Those that participated in the Battle of Platoons 4.0 are as follows:

(list to be updated)

This year there were 4 battalions competing under their own team banner as follows:

Team Subang Jaya battalion is codenamed the Legends.

Maxis Corporate team, MAXIS TITANS

Team Bandar Utama: The Spartans

Team Ampang: Team Barracuda

The theme for this year's Battle was "No Better Friends, No Worst Enemy".

The story begins in the midst of War. The invasion of enemies to Chief’s Original Bootcamp Malaysia had caused tremendous damage to Chief’s platoons. Besides damages, the enemies have also caught some of the recruits from different platoons as hostages.

Mission for the fellow recruits are to proceed to the war zone and begin with their rescue mission.

Platoons were required to stay closely to each other in order to ensure their own safety, also, they are oblige to advance to different stations to collect their necessary items (weapon, shield, air defence, rescue rope, stretcher, medical kit and etc) to save their comrade and bring them back to home base.

Rules & Regulations
• All the recruits MUST be in Chief’s Original Bootcamp Official Grey –T
• Recruits are NOT allowed to be more than 3 steps away from each others at all time.
• Recruits are ALLOWED to switch equipment with their comrade along the journey
• ALL the equipment are not allowed to TOUCH the ground
• In case of any emergency (health), recruits MUST inform the Instructor-In-Charge immediately
• All team members must encourage each other during the battle
• Recruits are NOT allowed to leave the “battle field” without permission
• Do NOT litter or vandalize the battle field
• ALL the stations must be completed in the SEQUENCE given
• The OFFICIALS has the final say on any dispute
• The OFFICIALS decision is final

There were 5 stations prepared for the first part of the battle. All team members must gathered at the basecamp by 5:15am where team captains will be briefed. They were flag-off at 6:15am and two time-keeper were assigned to track the time and record. Each team was given a map for them to find the 5 stations.

There were no other details given. Each team was guided by the map and instructions stated in the booklet. All COBC instructors and officials on duty were on 'policing' mode for any breach of the rules & regulation. Below are snapshots taken during the events. Feel free to download or tag anyone and do click on pictures to enlarge.

They had to slow down at one juncture when the sign board state "Kurangkan Laju"!

The team cheer for other team at the finishing. Everyone was such a good sports.

The food station for breakfast was all ready.

COBC Officials were giving instructions for the next event.

The match was a draw between three platoons.

To crown the winner, each team were asked to get a representative from Delta, Seal and Ranger where the 3 Deltas will compete among each other on relay with the Seal and Rangers.

It was such an epic moment when Maxis Titans whom were the last and was more than 100 meters behind sprinted and bypassed all others to be crowned the winner. 

Team Maxis was crowned the Champion for BOP 4.0 and will have MAXIS-Titans name imprinted on the COBC Boot trophy!!

The Officials on duty: Admin, instructors and supporters

All BOP participants, please contact your instructor(s) if you have not received your Certificate of participation.


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