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Its almost 2 weeks since the interactive page on HyppTV for viewers choice award was launched and it is ending on 21 November 2015!! Yes, closing in less than 72 hours!!

Please vote for our new technology start-up CARBENGKEL for the HyppTV Viewers Choice Award. How to vote? You can vote as many times as your finger and time permits and for those who vote the most (highest voter), you can win cool gadget (see below!!).

Follow the simple step by step guide below:

Use the HyppTV (not ASTRO remote control ya!!) and click on the i button (of course, you must switch on the TV and the HyppTV set first).

Then you will arrived at this page select "Lifestyle" and click OK on the remote. 

Once you click Lifestyle, you can then see "Alliance Bank BizSmart Academy Box" on top left. Select and click OK.

You will reach this page SME Innovation Challenge 2015, read the instruction (or you can just skip).
1) You will need to answer 3 simple question, if you do not know - can ask me.
2) Vote for your favourite finalist (of course, ME! CarBengkel).
3) Vote ME for every 1 minute for the next 3 days and you can win cool gadget and I can be voted as the Viewer's Choice Award.

Once you are ready, you click on "Vote Now" (see screen below) and answer all the three questions.

Once you have answered the 3 questions, click Continue and you reach this page!! All the top 20 finalists are displayed in 2 pages. I am on 2ND PAGE!! <<<- TAKE NOTE hehee

To go to the next page, you cant press the arrow button. Ya, I was abit confused too until I experimented and found the button to next page. Click on the double arrow button (see my thumb?!) as per the picture below.

Hah!! There you go.. I am on top right CARBENGKEL in orange.  Use the arrow (single arrow button) and move the blue box to CarBengkel (see picture below).

Click OK on my CarBengkel Box!! and you can see the picture changed to VOTED!! Move the arrow button until its at the word "Submit" in BLUE at the bottom (see picture below), then click OK!!

Once you have voted, this message will appear. It says, you may vote again, so VOTE la..

Thank you for reading and a big huge thank you hug for everyone who voted. May Allah swt blessed your good deed.

Last but not least, thank you HyppTV for this kind competition. Thank you too to #bizsmartacademy.

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