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Evening walk dengan twins di sekitar Sungai Penchala. Berhenti sat minum kopi di Kopi Dan Balut. Hari-hari lalu gerai ni tapi tak kesampaian hajat nak try. Gerai ni terletak betul- betul selekoh jalan menghala ke rumah. Selepas Nizra Auto.
Biasanya memang ramai pengunjung kedai ni. Gerai ni di usahakan oleh Shapik, anak muda yang memang menetap di sini; Sungai Penchala.
Petang ni masa tengah walkabout dengan twins, singgah kat Kopi & Balut berkenalan dengan Shapik. Shapik friendly dan mesra. Shapik suruh try pekena kopi vanilla. First time try kopi vanilla.
Sambil tolak pram, sambil hirup kopi. Kopi ni dibuat secara manual, omputih kata hand-made fresh from the oven. Hirup pertama terkejut sat. Tak sangka sedap gila kopi ni. Esok boleh singgah lagi.

Gerai buka setiap hari dari pukul 12pm sampai 7pm. Bulan Ramadhan buka pukul 6pm sampai 12 tengah malam. Masa bulan puasa, Shapik juga menjual makanan berbuka puasa seperti Spaghetti selain dari kopi kepakaran mereka. Terima kasih Pik.

Ps. Zoom gambar tu nampak Shapik kat belakang tengah sengeh 😁

Nasi Tumpang Ayang Cafe

 Sampai je Kota Bharu, terus sambar nasi tumpang udang dari Ayang Cafe cafe sarapan pagi di kota Bharu. Makan tak banyak setakat 2 bungkus je. Next food hunt, kena cari nasi sup keting dan sup perut

Kalau boleh dapat sup perut muda lagi syiok.


Pergh.. Tobat sedap baq hang!! It is as sedap as the tagline literally writes. I first noticed this food stall in February when it was first open. There were such a long queue along the main entrance into Sungai Penchala that it was so hard to missed the prominent red signage shop that had made a name for itself for the longest of queue.  I am not the type that would queue and try but I will queue if I know for sure that the food is good. 

Daging masak merah Loqstaq was originated in Jalan Sultanah, Alor Star Kedah 30 years ago and was formerly known as Nasi Azmi Jalan Sultanah. Sungai Penchala is their first branch and they are opening another branch in 2 weeks at Mutiara Damansara. The Daging Masak Merah Loqstaq adds to the wonders of Sungai Penchala list of delicious affordable food alongside Sambal Hijau, Ewa, 123 corner,  Muhibbah as well as dozens of others.

During the labour day weekend, after a get together with my senior COBC bootcamp instructors, Corporal Wong (in purple tee, cover picture above) suggested we should try the Daging merah loqstaq which he gave a two thumbs and two toes up!! We could not resists. Corporal Amir and Sarge Chun had never tried it too and was eager to taste it. Sarge Suresh whom had it with Wong once before, attested to the delicious meal.

The stall is open at 11am every day and we arrived sharp at the opening hour. There weren't so many people when we arrive (thank god) and we ordered our meal. The stall served two meal set, daging masak merah and ayam masak merah. All of us red meat carnivors had the beef. Each meal cost us RM6.50 per set with a free flow water. There were 4 types of water served (including H20).


It is actually not as easy to find a good Thai food that is reasonably priced and taste very similar to the authentic Thai cooking. Naturally, when we came across a good Thai restaurant that is Halal with food menu that tastes very similar to the cooking of Thais, I had to share it with you. 

We incidentally saw the signage Aroi Thai after sending my son to his weekend Taekwondo class with Elaine Teoh and Nurul Nadia Mahamat at Kota Damansara. 

The three months old restaurant is called Aroi Thai and everything in the menu is priced at RM1.90 (before GST) ala the famous Thai Boat Noodle and Bangkok street food. We initially ordered a bowl each of the Beef Noodle but wallop in total 14 items from the menu!


Fine dining restaurants have been mushrooming at every corner in the street of Phnom Pehn and if you ever landed in the capital and the largest city in Cambodia, you must try out the Original Steak House, a western cuisine and international restaurant. The fashionably casual steakhouse conveniently located at Cambodia's biggest shopping mall., Aeon Mall where you can have a drink at the outdoor bar or have a quality meal in an cozy air-condition indoor dining area.

I was invited and attended the steakhouse official launching last night with my business partner Steven Path and his lovely wife Anna Chan. The Official launching was attended by more than 300 of Phnom Pehn finest circle of people. I was introduced and befriended Pily Wong, the founder and owner of the restaurant during my last visit at Phnom Pehn by Steven Path. The smart and well dressed in suit Pily Wong is also the co-founder of Cambodia Automotive Industry Federation (CAIF) and also the Chief Executive Officer for Hung Hiep (Cambodia) Co Ltd, the only Mercedes Benz dealership in Cambodia.

The fashionably-casual steakhouse is conveniently located at Aeon Mall, No. 132, Samdech Sothearos Blvd (3), Aeon Mall, Terrace Avenue, Ground Floor, 12301 Phnom Penh. About 5 minutes away from the Nagaworld Hotel. You can find the restaurant on Facebook too at The steakhouse was born from Pily's high taste and big appetite for quality reasonably priced steak which is abit lacking in Phnom Pehn. At the launching, guests were treated to a free flow of the finest steak on the menu with appetizer and dessert. The steak was so tender and juicy.

We wish the Original Steakhouse, the enterprising Pily Wong and his beautiful wife Kelly the best in this new endeavor. Thank you for having us.
(Click on Picture to enlarge) 


Eat breakfast like a King they say but who knows what King actually eat for breakfast. What I do know, my breakfast can be a bit elaborated... okay, maybe alot. Today I changed the ingredient of my regular breakfast.. from a skimmed Cow milk to Goats Milk... Yucksss.. I know that is everyone's first thought and that was mine too for the whole of my life until Jaya Grocer, Damansara Perdana completely ran out of Cow skim milk (yesterday).

Let us rewind it abit.. I've been on this breakfast schedule (except the Goats Milk) for years in my quest for a healthier life. My breakfast starts at  5am.

5:00am - 25 Ounce (740ml) of water mixed with 1MR pre-workout drink (For energy) and two raw (yes raw!! straight from the shell) ayam kampung eggs mixed with Honey (for energy and manthingy- they say its good for men)... Sometimes, with a wholemeal bread or Banana and sometimes without anything else before a workout at the Bootcamp at 545am.

7:00am, after Bootcamp -  25 ounce of Skim Milk (today- GOAT Milk), mixed with Protein drink & 2 table spoon of Lecithin (For muscle).


Anny read this tips to unblock arteries and started me on this today. Day 1. I should do a blood test first to know its effectiveness but nonetheless, my Day 1 (6th MAY 2014).

It is always good to service our arteries when living with high cholesterol for already more than 10 years. I am on 10mg Crestor (Rosuvastatine) and 145mg Lipanthyl (Fenofibrate) daily for Cholestrol.

We will never know how those oily food and excessive fat had build up inside the walls of our arteries and vein. This fat build up in our arteries and vein will lead to artery blockage that can cause a heart attack and no matter how much exercise we performed each day, this fat build-up in the artery can be fatal.

We should look good and healthy in the inside as much as we are good looking physically.

So what do we need to look good in the inside? 

1.  Lemon - 1 cup
2. Garlic - 1 cup
3. Ginger - 1 cup
4. Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 cup.
5. Honey - 2 table spoon

Garlic improves blood circulation, clearing arteries and flushing out toxic waste. There are alot more benefits of Garlic which you can just google.


Once a quiet kampung, Sungai Penchala now housed the best mix variety food in town. The latest being Makngah Cakoi.. Makngah Cakoi was established in 1993 according to it's signboard but It was only last week that I made a stopover abd had the best Cakoi. Cakoi is a sort of roti goreng... My favorite choice after goreng pisang when I'm not dieting.

The shop is open at 1pm and close at 10pm from Monday to Saturday. The Cakoi is sold at RM2.50 per piece or 3 for RM5.00 and you can choose any one of the available 4 sauces to go with it. My favorite is the black sauce.


I passed by this restaurant almost everyday since it was open less than a year ago but we never stop by and dine until one day when we were exhausted of places to dine. We decided to give it a try. The restaurant is located at Damansara perdana and if you are coming from LDP or Penchala Link into Damansara Perdana, you can see the restaurant on the left hand side at the first traffic light.

The full address is at C-G-3A, Ritze Perdana 2,
Jalan PJU 8/1 Damansara Perdana,
Petaling Jaya, selangor

The restaurant has a good ambiance and relatively fast service with friendly and all smiley waiter and waitresses which is important to me. What is more important, the food taste better than the photos displayed. The price...? very reasonable!!

My favourite and a must have at every visit, is the mushroom soup!! Yes!! This is a must have before any meal. It only cost RM9.00 per big bowl. Secondly, the ceaser salad!! The portion, the salad dressing, cheese and beef bacon was literally a perfect salad to have.

I have been to the restaurant abit too frequent that I had most of the main menu including the kambing golek (yes, they roast lamb fresh on certain evenings). All the main menu especially the lasagna and the wide choices of spaghetti are all reasonably priced and are tasty.

Naturally, I brought along the core team member at the Chief's Original Bootcamp and this place was chosen as the next venue for the COBC Anniversary and party which will be held tomorrow, 10 November 2013 at 6pm.

If you need direction to the restaurant, click on google map below.!q=Ritze+Perdana+2+Service+Apartment%2C+Jalan+PJU+8%2F1%2C+Damansara+Perdana%2C+Petaling+Jaya%2C+Selangor%2C+Malaysia+by%3Aexperts&data=!1m4!1m3!1d7448!2d101.6118253!3d3.1661326!2m1!1e3!4m10!1m9!4m8!1m3!1d2709!2d101.6112679!3d3.165599!3m2!1i1114!2i696!4f35&fid=7



Love at first sight was all me when I recently discovered the Cheese Cake and its Flat White Coffee at the Artisan Roast Cafe in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. I know!! I am so outdated!!

Literally artistic as per the cafe's name, I was served by the friendliest and almost everyone with the best looking tattoo. The welcoming ambiance and the friendly nature was as good as the taste of the cheese cake!! The cheese cake is really to die for and the coffee.... indescribable!!!


Now that our lead instructor and our one and only Staff Sarge (COBC) Dann is happily married with also our instructor cum Dann's university love LC Ody, what else can we do but to celebrate his wedding with err.. Durian!!! Aiiiiks.. although it sounds weird but we deserves Durians!! Why? err.. well...... why not? We drove from Dann & Ody's wedding in a convoy of 10 cars to Taman Melawati and had a bottomless order of Musang King!! The total bill was for a good RM1,420.00 (initially RM35 per kg) before discount and after some  discount, the total cost per head was only RM35.00. In other word, each of us ate 1kg of Musang King Durian.

Durian is almost back in season and that was why it was abit expensive but the juicy, bitter creamy taste.. Oh my god... it was damn worth it!! Except for LC Ridz who was not into durian, everyone was overdosed!!! Below was the candid and camwhoring while indulging!!


After spending the whole morning in support to our recruit Zai Johari who together with Alex Cheah brought the new sport Sasuke to Malaysia, we were all knackered and hungry!! Actually more like starving and the thought of Deda's cheesy meaty burger was just too irresistible. We left the heart of Putrajaya to Alamanda to visit and support our stomach Deda Ridzwani, another fellow recruit from COBC whom had only recently launched two new eating stall at Alamanda Mall, Putrajaya. The two stall namely Noah's Burger and Waffle stop balance up the diet and sinful delicacies. When burgers are usually made of fats and meat leftovers, Noah's burger is 100% beef patty without any additives, no fillers and no preservatives.. it is healthy, good and err.. lets see how the burger taste like!!


Did you ever wonder what does recruits at COBC eats every day after every session and/or at anytime when they are not training? Well... one thing for certain, we always share our food menu for breakfast.. or lunch and even dinner on various Whatsapp and/or blackberry platoon channel.. and the most recent being these posting...

Maybe its true what BUB Delta Kenny Lock Heng Weng posted, that "A real man never lets his woman sleep hungry or Horny..."... but I think most men went to bed either horny or hungry!

From as early as 7am... someone would start posting food.. food and more food... Makan Makan makan... what better life is there?


If there is one addiction of sort that I craved for everyday then it must be in those natural supplements that I have never been exhausted of trying and experimenting for the past 22 years since I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML). Since then, I have tried all sort of traditional supplements such as akar kayu and Ginseng, have seen all sort of Bomoh from Mokhtar Lintang to Gusti, taken all form of drugs from hydroxyurea to morphine, attended all traditional Chinese sinsei such as acupuncture and traditional urut (not urut batin ar!) and the likes of it; have tried various type of exercises from Chi Qong, Tai Chi to Pilates and Yoga for breathing technique, stretching and relaxation. I have also experimented various dieting form from Dr Adamo's Blood Type Diet to fresh mix vegetable juices that comprised of green apple, bitter gourd, carrot, grapefruit, cucumber, ginger and beet root which I am currently taking now and each experiment lasted at least for a year. Most of the experiments less than 3 years old were shared in this blog.

Inevitably, when we are living life at the extreme, our internals and body needed to be serviced and overhauled especially with my growing up history. My teenage livelihood was filled with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplant and various treatments for CML. Lifestyle in the 20s comprised of endless sleepless night being either overdosed with meetings and deadlines and/or overworked with friends travelling, clubbing and disco'ing. In the 30s, life was fanatically full of strenuous activities from mountain climbing, dualthon, triathlon and marathons and for the past 3 years..... Bootcamp!!


If ever you are exhausted of ideas on where to eat.. or feels like experimenting food... or do not know what to eat.. you can send SOS to the food-finder Sarge (COBC) Boon!!! If ever there are excess food to eat.. do not put it to waste, call COBC Food-Slut USJ1-Delta Tan Wee Liam. If ever there are good food to share... you know where to find me!! I completely trust Sarge Boon's taste in food having put on a few kilograms in weight everytime Sarge Boon introduced us to a new dining place and again, my trip to Penang ended with a big huge hooyah feast.

Shortly before bidding farewell to Penang after officiating its Convent Green Lane School alumni and attending Penang COBC party, we crossed the longest bridge in Malaysia and the fourth longest in Southeast Asia to 104, Jalan Permatang Tengah, 12300 Butterworth. For location map, see below:

It was quite a distance drive from Hard Rock Hotel to the Khun Thai Restaurant but we made it there within 30 minutes drive on an empty stomach.


MAKANSUTRA at Sungai Penchala!!! Believe it or not.... Sungai Penchala is the in-thing now!!... err for makan!! used to be famous for religious gathering Al Arqam as a Malay kampung but now it has evolved as a upper class residents and more importantly a centre for Makan!!!

The latest makan-pot at Sungai Penchala is a popular Chinese Cuisine called EWA Food!! Ewa food was only recently open and its specialty is in Steam Fish, Asam Pedas, Curry Fish Head and Sweet sour (Tilapia). The Tilapia are alive and fresh procured fresh from Temenggor, Kelantan where a Norwegian Company breeds on large scale of Black Tilapia (Genoma) farm. The restaurant is open daily except on Monday from 12:00pm to 3:00pmn and 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

Although that is not their specialty but we ordered ala carte the Cantonese Bihun and true enough we were not dissappointed!!! It was so good and so yummilicious!! Coincidentally, my friend and neighbour Haji Aref Puteh and his wife Hajjah Maznah was at the next table bedalling (eating without fear) Curry Fish Head and they both gave a two thumbs up for the food there too!! Nawal Aini Zulkifli said..... err.. this shall be our new luncheon place!! and I totally agree!


We seldom break our diet unless it is for some food that is worth eating and the moment we discovered one of COBC recruit has a Nasi Lemak stall daytime cum Waffle at night, we could not resist but to lend our stomach support. The stall owner is none other than Chief's Original Bootcamp BU-Alpha recruit Rashidah Rdzwani @ Deda Ridzwani. Her stall was located at quite a popular spot in Plaza Damas at Ajidon Alley. Address at E-O-16, Block E, Plaza Damas, Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Ajidon Alley was once our favourite eating-pot for my favourite Mee Rebus Tulang which is only available every Friday!! My bil Azhar Sulaiman and Mohamed Rhiza Ghazi whose office are both located ad different block in the same area were regulars there too. Azhar Sulaiman once, had a stall at Ajidon Alley selling.. err.. keropok lekor I think? My fellow Proton Edar dealer Rashid's wife too once has a murtabak stall there!! Now that we know Deda's stall is also at Ajidon Alley, we would frequent the place even more often.


FOOD Seduction.. aka Kamasutra MAKANSUTRA!! Who would not go wild thinking of food especially during fasting month and when there is only a few hours left before breaking fast... unless someone is not fasting :-p There is no better topic to talk during fasting month than food!!! So lets talk food. Yesterday, this friend make me salivate for steak!!! at Menate Steak!! (Menate is a Kelantan pronunciation of Binatang) and now I cant stop thinking of steak!! cisss.. menate.....

We were introduced by Menate steak by my training partner Dr Malek Aziz in Ampang... We had our regular team meeting and Dr Malek Aziz chose the Menate Steak to protein-load!! huh.. we were loaded alright. Last Saturday, my other partner Daing Daniel Fitri went there again.. quietly!! secretly!!!!



Being only on a protein diet for the past 6 weeks with the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP 8 week challenge,  we opted to dine out and gave us a good treat without cheating on the diet (you hear that Raja Affandi & Syed Mahadzir? *stick tongue out).

After scouting around for the best place to eat, we found the KEDAI DAGING LAS VACAS at Mt Kiara (very close to Coffee bean). 

This restaurant is very similar to a meat butcher shop. As you enter and there are varieties of raw meat being displayed and all priced in 100 grams. They have varieties of beef from wagyu beef, tenderloin, sirloin etc.. they even have lamb and ribs.

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