While running the Melbourne Marathon, I was convinced to undergo the knee operation as advised by Dr Saw from the Kuala Lumpur Sports & Medical Centre earlier this year. The pain was quite unbearable and I immediately contacted my physiotherapist Dr Aston for an immediate physio and made an appointment with Dr Ng Wee Meng at the UMSC at 5pm on Thursday, 14 October 2010 for a second opinion.

I went limping to see Dr Aston and after an hour, I was back on my feet. "If you allow me to work on your knee, and you do the leg stretching daily, you can run all the marathons that you want BUT I DO AM NOT IN FAVOUR of surgery", adviced Dr Aston. Woww... Hows that for a change? Earlier this year, I would replaced any doctor that advised against bootcamp or running and now vice-versa. Dr Aston was very comforting and his touch was magical... I can now walk without limping within just 1 hour of physio.

I was back at the 8th OBC-BU session the day after the physio. Anybody with any sports injury should pay DR ASTON a visit. He is contactable at 0192103787. Dr Aston Ngai Seng Huey is a UK trained Sports Physician and is experienced in treating elite athletes (NSC/NSI) as Team Physician (badminton, basketball, cycling, aquatics, martial arts, boxing, hockey, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, soccer, golf, X-games, Equestrian teams, etc) for the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, SEA Games, Thomas Cup and World Cups. Dr Aston is a Licensed Continental Ringside Physician. He works with clubs, international, national, state sports associations in promoting safe participation in able bodied and disabled sports. He is the Team Physician for KL Dragons (basketball).

If you need to seek help, it is as important to seek help from a specialize doctor as it is important to seek advice from anyone experience. I saw many friends seeking/giving advices and help when they themselves has never had similar experience. If I were to ask a non-sports specific doctor about my knee as I did before, the simplest advice given, was to stop running or reduce the running mileage. Similarly, if you seek advice from someone who had never run any full marathon, his advice will be contradictory if not silly.

Being back on my feet after Dr Aston's magic... I was at the 8th bootcamp session and saw Sarge Dann, Corporal Chun and LC Nawal in reds smiling happily as they all ran and achieved their PB on the Sunday, 10.10.10 races. The runners fraternity is growing larger and larger.

After the warm-up with LC Nawal, the Rangers, Seal and Delta were separated for the Grinders Challenge. We stood in a rank and the first challenge was a fix 15 reps for Delta, 12 for Seals and 10 for rangers for a total of four challenges.

Challenge 1,  requires the platoon to complete as many sets of the workout within a fix period of time. The workout comprised of the Jump Squat for the leg, Close Grip Pushups for the chest, Jackknives for the Abs, Grunts for core & legs and Sprint. On my left was Corporal Sandy in Grey and Dr Malek Aziz. Although many recruits were still recovering form the Sunday runs but they all had so much energy that drove our spirit for the best effort.

Challenge 2, with the same repetitions, we did the Stutter Squat, Stutter Push-ups, Stutter Sit-ups, Bear Crawl and a short burst of sprint. Although the leg muscle felt abit stiff post-marathon but I was able to perform all the exercises. The knee too was almost back to normal. I can hear Rienna Choo's voices calling other recruits to be faster.

Challenge 3, we did the Stationary lunges, Table-tops, Monk Crunches, side-stepping. Sandy Roberts and I was totally wrecked. Our body felt heavy and the muscles felt really stiffed but we pursue to complete as many workout sets within the given time.  Challenge 4, Frogs, frog push-ups, tummy-to-back and Sprinting. We completed the challenges with flying colours. It is not just the speed that was important but also correct forms and techniques.

The next session on Friday is the BRING-A-FRIEND day and the last session that Corporal Sandy Robert will be attending. Corporal Sandy will be leaving back to Wales, United Kingdom on Saturday, 16 October 2010 for good. It is heart-breaking to see Sandy Robert leaving us especially when Sandy Robert is one of our loyal friend, faithful and strong supporter of OBC-BU. I cherished all that moment we had training, running, laughing and camwhoring. You will be dearly missed Sandy.

See you all on Friday for the BRING-A-FRIEND Day.... Until then, Stay Tune...

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  1. Good to hear Dr. Aston been treating you well.. I always trust his judgment in dealing with any sports injuries and i have always recommended him to anyone that's looking for a practical, reasonable and expert diagnosis of their injuries..

    that reminds me. i need to see him too! :)


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