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Life turn sweeter as we get older and mine turned sweet'est with a 25mmol/l glucose count over the weekend and it was not a pleasant experience.

It has been almost 10 years since I had Diabetic type 2 and has been on 850mg metformin (glucophage) twice a day and 30mg Diamicron MR (Gliclazide). When I changed my lifestyle into a super active outdoor person and adopted the Blood type diet, I self-revised the dosage of my medication to 850mg metmorfin once a day and stopped the Diamicron MR. When I went on mega-active activities with recent half marathon and Mt Kinabalu climb, I did not replenished my supplies of medication thinking the mega active lifestyle would self-regulate the sugar level.... very clever of self-proclaimed doctorate Dr Armin Baniaz.

The diabetic has been quite friendly since diagnosis except for a few hypoglycemic moments which over the years, I had learn to recognize the symptoms. The symptoms of hypoglycemic or low blood sugar that I found very pronounced in me was the sudden shiver, excessive sweating (even in an air-condition room), jelly legs, disoriented and slurred speech. I had never experienced high blood sugar or Hyperglycemia until recently (with 25mmol/l).

Here I am thinking the recent 8kg lost (unintentional and unintended) in weight in 2 weeks was due to the recent Mt Kinabalu climb and running, and the extreme fatique was due to the fasting month nicotine and food deprivation but in actual fact, it was the symptom of high blood sugar. Beside the sudden lost in weight, unusual (or rather extreme) tiredness, I had an excessive thirst and extreme hunger, blurry vision (like a white spongy in the eye), frequent urination, irritability, tingling lips, aching muscles etc... in other word, I had all the symptoms of high blood sugar without realizing it. I was practically sleep-walking with half dead brain and sleeping bodyparts.

I had only discovered the 25 mmol/l glucose count after visiting the doctor for a bad stomach ache which I suspect was due to 'stone'. After visiting a surgeon and underwent an ultra-sound to further check, I was cleared of any stone or malignant or growth but I am scheduled for an endoscopy in 2 weeks to rule out other possibilities. However, my fasting blood sugar count was still alarming at 17 mmol/l (fasting).

Lesson to learn, living with diabetic is not just about eating well and regular exercise... but more importantly.... its taking medication for life. All the 2 years of sacrifices from not eating KFC and Steaks following the blood type diet... did not work without the doctor's prescription.
Those with diabetic although we are the 'sweet' kinda people, we have to maintain ourselves from not being too sweet and learn to recornise both symptoms of Hypoglycemic and Hyperglycemia. Click HERE for a reliable source in understanding diabetic. 

Until the sugar level is manageable, I was advice to stay away from intensive exercises to avoid any affect on the insulin, meaning.... restricted to a max 20 minutes moderate exercise only and had to be off-Bootcamp for awhile (just this week) and worst... cant sack this Doctor (for asking to avoid bootcamp). I would have change the physicist but unfortunately, cant run away from Doctor Sista... Dr Teratai Edithy Pahamin whom is on a 24 hours on-nagging call. Sista Docta is on her final exam to get her MRCP.

After 10 years, now am seriously doing research on the perks of being 'Sweet'. The past 2 weeks on hyperglycemia was the ORIGINAL TORTURE... worst than the torture by Sarge Dann @ ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

This is perhaps God's way of saying 'Hi, remember me?'...

p/s- shooot.. now thinking of Tutti Fruiti....
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  1. This doesn't mean that exercise doesnt help - everything you've been doing has helped I'm sure, including your hardcore workouts at OBC. You probably need to pay closer attention to what you eat - cos judging by what I see on your blog, I still see lots of junk and areas to be improved. Exercising doesn't give one the license to eat (especially when you have an illness). I pray for God's healing upon your life, my brother.

    Don't be discouraged. Everything happens for a reason.


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