Its the time of the year again when I am lost of words to describe how lucky I am to be able to spend the Hari Raya with my beloved parent and siblings. A few days ago, my colleague as well as a dear friend lost his mother whom fought strong against many illnesses. I could not... I cannot... I cant even bear... I cannot even imagine the thought of being without my mother.. or father.. or any members of my family, no matter how strong I can be... I can never prepare for that day... Subhanallah.

As I hear the 'Takbir' from the neighbouring mosque.. I thought of my friend, Sidik and quickly went to my parent house...... and ate rendang kerang!! I can never grow old from my parent... I am grateful that my parent is well. I sms Sidik although it was already midnight and Sidik replied he and his beloved wife shahirah misses their mum and they cook her favourite food as if she is around to celebrate the Eid together. I can feel his pain, sadness and loneliness........

During this raya, I take this opportunity to apologize.. zahir & batin.. to my blog readers, to my friends, business partners, colleague, acquantainces, relatives, family members and especially siblings.. having inherited with temperamental trait, moodswing at times worse than women PMS, I am sure I have pissed, annoyed, irritates, bad mouth and offended many people.... again, please accept my apology, ampun & maaf.

On behalf of the management of Fasfik Sdn Bhd, ABP Auto Ventures Sdn Bhd, Mac Group, Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia and my other companies... SELAMAT HARI RAYA.

Have a wonderful raya and if you are driving.. please drive safe. I hope we can all forgive each other and start again with a zero-zero....