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Be a DUKE for 5km


Who wants to be on top of a  DUKE? dont get too excited ladies.. but that is exactly what you can do on 22 November 2009 from 8am to 12pm. You can do anything with the DUKE within the 4 hours... you can play, sleep, run or just walk with the Duke.

There is no catch except for a fee of RM5.00. That is all that you need to pay to participate in Malaysia's first DUKETHON 1 MALAYSIA RUN at the Duke highway... err maybe another RM2.00 to pay for the toll during the run?

DUKE almost a virgin highway but is Malaysia's latest landmark. Dont miss the opportunity to run for 5km on an 8 laner, 6 storeys above ground highway.

My brother Rhiza Ghazi is aggressively marketing the race maybe in anticipation of getting a 1 day toll-free pass from the Duke and although I never participated in any race that is less than 10km, I will make this race an exception.  Register now at DUKE-REGISTER on or before 14 November 2009. For more information click race-info.

see you at the DUKE....

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  1. Hi!

    When I found the ad a week ago at the Duke toll booth I bet you'll be joining.

    Good luck bro!

  2. Haha, I love to join but for a guy that seldom jog I'm not sure whether I'm able to finish the run.

    Or is it gonna be 1km run and 4km walk for me?! haha

    Still thinking la bro

    8) 8) :P


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