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The Last Day at the Bootcamp...

Today marked the last day of our October Bootcamp training session.... next week on Monday all participants' fitness level will be assessed... for improvement (if any).

So what is my take? The Bootcamp is on a monthly registration and renewal. Participants will be re-assessed to move on to the next level of the programme or remain status quo at the current... if at all re-accepted into the programme.

I have received numerous feedback on its effectiveness and inquiries if I am continuing with the programme. Truthfully, I am not the best person to comment.... I registered half month into the programme and was sick half of the half month. So on the random days that I was at the training... 4 sessions out of the 12 sessions per month, I will summarize as follows....

I lost my bootcamp virgin to a big fat, heavy tractor tyre. Of course I prefer the slim, petite, sexy and light but at the bootcamp, it is always a blind date!! You will never know what to expect. We went up and down and up and down with the big fat & heavy on top. It was strenuous but the first time is always painful... and so they say.

The second session was all about grooming. We were given an original mud bathwith only the natural ingredients such as mud, grass and probably some poops from the smell of it. Shoba Bala called it frog infested mud puddle and look forward for more of it.. having been with the Bootcamp for already 4 months.

The third day was "friendly day" where you bring your friend along for a get together. It is the best day to socialize and the best way to lose a friend... or so said Malek Aziz's : "How to lose a friend in 60 minutes". Thinking Rose Emini always took photos of my wrinkles.. I brought her along......!!!

The last session for the month was this morning......... and today... 'The theme was... needless to say, "Now, everybody can shop for a new shoe"... There is no better justification to shop for new shoes every month than to join the bootcamp...



If you have been paying the Truefitness or Fitness First gym 180 a month without any progress or improvement or if you have been paying the gym without even going to the gym.....

and if you have been paying a few thousand ringgit a month for Personal Training session at the gym and you dont see result except a pinch in the pocket....

or if you have been training and now lacking the motivation or the drive to improve...... like me..

or if you are in for the challenge and to vary your existing training programme.....

For RM299 You certainly should join the Bootcamp?

Will I re-register for November Bootcamp?

Errr... to miss the opportunity of being green, natural friendly with free original mud spa treatment and to learn the art of losing a foe/friend weekly as well as given a good reason to go shopping... I DEFINITELY WILL NOT MISS IT... and I think everybody should join the Bootcamp too... Register now at: Bootcamp online.

So see you next week.

and for those ladies who wants to get personal with the BOOTCAMP TRAINERS (ALL MODEL LOOK MEN... Mmm..).... come to the bootcamp GRADUATION HALLOWEEN day at the Borneo Rainforest cafe tomorrow, Saturday 31st October 2009 at 730pm....... to dress for halloween.. this is how the trainers look at us trainees.. as zombies and ghost!

Having attended only 4 sessions.. I dont think I deserve a graduation day. Have fun all...................


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