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When damage is done, it is time to take action... the Military Style !!

As in any other year, the month of Syawal that ended yesterday or was it 2 days before had treated us all too good with endless aidilfitri open house invitations aka eating feast. I am thankful that I am in most friend's list of invitation. My only regret is the time constraint to attend all those invititations but I am flattered and honoured to be remembered and invited. Thank you all for the invitations and my apology if I was not there. There are still a few more extended open houses next week although Syawal has ended.

The change in the daily staple food was quite damaging. An otherwise daily meals  without carbo, no rice and mostly organic oat diet was replaced by variety type of sinful rice from nasi dagang to briyani and endless desserts; almost triple if not more than the normal daily portion. As a result, the prominent extra inch around the waist and a few pounds in weight... the hidden result is the cholestrol, uric acid or glucose level that too would have been obvious with a blood check that is being avoided.

The gym and daily running suddenly felt heavy and unfriendly. There were only very few succesful attempts to run-train and gym-workout during the whole month of Syawal and that very few training was dreadful.

When the damage is self-inflicted, own effort is lacking and the laze kicked in... there is only one solution... by FORCE!! How...?


I registered myself (with Abu, Nawal and hopefully Rhiza Ghazi and Rose Emini) at the "Boot Camp". Attempts to drag other siblings especially Chempaka Emalin seems futile. She was more concern of 'life-lost' than 'fat lost' at the boot camp although I think she (being sentimental) is more scared of losing the fat that she befriended many years ago. During one of the gatherings, Nawal's friend, Anushia Siva Subramaniam introduced us the boot camp that was established in Australia in 1991. It is military inspired, outdoorgroup personal training program that utilises discipline base motivational training.

For only RM299 per month, the bootcamp consists of three, 60 minute sessions per week, for four weeks. The program begins with a Benchmark Workout that allows the instructor to assess our current strengths and weaknesses, and place us with other Recruits of an equivalent fitness level. This will enable the individual Section Commander to continually challenged us, without asking more than what we are physically able.

There were three training locations but I enrolled for the location at Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur that was nearest to my house. The first training began tomorrow 19 October 2009... MONDAY at 5:45am.

I look forward to being sober from the whole month of food-overdose. I will blog the whole experience at the bootcamp....

Stay Tune!!

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