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Santa Claus is early and it is only another 21 days counting down to New Year!! and 28 days counting down to the Chief's Original Bootcamp January-Intake!!

Let us welcome the year 2013 with a new resolution and that resolution should be nothing less than to target for a 6-pack abs by end-2013 (latest!!) If you need a reason.. read Opalyn Mak's link below...

To read that article, click HERE. The ladies do not need much convincing, they all know the importance to stay healthy, lean and sexy. Only the men.. usually abit degil to start working out but for whatever reason, we hear ya!! Especially from the Otais and the feedback from new members at each platoon. Yes, we are listening.. I am listening, Dr Malek is listening, Farhanah Bamadhaj is listening, Rose Emini Pahamin is listening and so are all the Reds!! We always listen to you and thank you for all your feedback.

We hear you want the program to be affordable!! We hear you want the payment to be flexible!! We hear you want to bring friends!!! We hear you want more bargains.

So what does Santa Claus have in store for us for year 2013?? See below!!

COBC WIP Card!!! The WIP card is literally a 'Work In Progress" Card.. We are all under renovation.. err I mean transformation.

The Chief's Original Bootcamp is launching its first membership package that entitles the bearer of the card for a stunning RM199 per month for an unlimited training workout (terms and condition apply) from the normal retail fees at RM299.

1) Yes!!! Only RM199 per month for COBC-White card holders!!

2) You will also get a whopping 20% discount at all New Balance outlets!! Yes!!! A whopping 20% discount in a smart collaboration between COBC & New Balance.

3) and a list of discounted pricing for Spa & Massage, grooming with Menicure & Pedicure etc etc..

4) Discounted price for Supplements 

5) Discounted price for Vibrams

Terms & Conditions

1) Recruits must register for 1 year in advance at RM199 per month.
2) Easy payment scheme by paying only 3 months advance payment (RM597) and a payment of RM199 every month from February to the 10th months and last two months payment to be deducted from the 2 months advance payment. Example, pay RM597 (for online transfer or direct bank-in or round-up to RM600 for payment via credit card/paypal) now for January and only RM199 for every months in February to October and there is no payment required for the months of November and December Fees that will be deducted from the 2 months advance payment.
3) Registration is valid for 12 training months and any cancellation, the 2 months advance payment will be forfeited. 
4)  Training for any of the months (within the 12 months) can be carry forward/defer for any reasons (injury or work commitment) for not more than 3 months and is subjected to at least 7 days prior notice before the next intake start.

Yes!!! The key word for the New year Resolution is to be sexy, polished and groomed! We only have 1 body that we will use for... err another 40 years or so? Lets take damn good care of it!!

Quarterly Fees (3 Months - 3M)

Our Quarterly fee is now RM699 per quarter!! Quarterly fees can only be subscribed every January, April, July and October.

Terms and Conditions
1) All registration and payment MUST BE made before the January, April, July and October intake began.

Family, Siblings and Couple,  package!!
We want you to get your Papa, Mama, siblings, wive(s), girlfriend(s), Husband, Boyfriend(s) and fiance healthy & sexy!! It is so wrong to be healthy and sexy alone while the family members, spouse/partner growing Fluffier? Get your family members into the program by just paying an additional RM150 for an unlimited session (terms and condition apply).

* Does it apply to existing recruit? Yes.. for those couple already training with us.. This is a huge savings for you. Happy New Year...

Early Bird Fees
Pay for your next month's fee early (by 3rd week of the intake) and get the fee at 10% discounted rate at RM270 instead of RM299 per month.

Friendster Package
Introduce a friend and get RM50 discount on your next month's fees (Applicable to new registration). Not applicable to WIP card holder.

First Time registered recruits get a 1 time fee of only RM90 per month!!! Yes!! lose your COBC-virgin for only RM90. Experience and be part of the best community!!

Corporate Package
For any corporate company or organization that has appointed COBC for its team building or health awareness, its employees can benefit from Corporate fee at the rate RM150 per month for MC12 session. For more information, email to

Terms and Conditions
1) Scan a copy of your employee card or appointment letter and email to

Barter Trade
Yes.. We know alot of our recruits are multi-talented and skillfull. Barter trade your services either in cross-marketing, your products or skill!! If you have anything to Barter for the fees, please write directly to me at

Media Rate
Yes.. if you are directly employed with the media, please do keep us posted. We are always a partner to the media. How much is the media rate? write to me at for further information.

It is by no secret that our under/post-graduate student Fee is only RM99.00 per month with a free T'shirt (subject to availability). *Only applicable to full time students. This student rate is extended into the year 2013.

Terms and Conditions
1) Scan a copy of your student card/offer letter for study and email to

Its the Hottest deal in town!!! You can see the smoke!!!

So what say you? If you think the promotion is good, raise your hand!!

Err.. Just the hand Dodo, dont need to raise the leg... 

If you feel the deal is great, please leave a comment and share it with your friends!! Let us share whatever good we have.

To register, click HERE now!!
and pay immediately through:
(1) Online transfer (only within Maybank to Maybank or CIMB to CIMBC)
(2) Direct bank only at either Maybank or CIMB.
(3) Credit Card via paypal at HERE (Only applicable for payment MC12 RRP - RM299, 1 year Deposit & Advance payment RM597 and 3 months package (3M) - RM699).

All registration without payment (within 1 days) will be removed from registration to enable others to register. Placement is only confirmed once payment is made.

Maybank account : 5127 6360 1954
CIMB Account: 1258 000 261 5059
Both account name: ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

Be quick, placement is limited to a maximum 48 registration per platoon. HOOYAH!!

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  1. Good offer Armin.. tq2.. err question... we still to register for every month even we subscribed for yearly card?

  2. Account number cimb is not 12580002615059 ?

  3. Is the WIP card membership transferable, say you relocate to another country next year, can you sell off the remainder of your membership period?

  4. Hi Anon 1,

    Yes... Still need to regisrter for each and every month. We are trying to sort for a simpler method.

    ANon 2,

    That account number is valid.

    Anon 3,
    No it is not transferable but if you are permanently relocated, then we can make it an exception for you. :-)

  5. Is the early bird discount applicable to MC8? So, RM180/month?

  6. Yes the early bird is also applicable for MC8 at RM180.

  7. What r d terms for d siblings,family,couple promo?do we need to show anything as a proof of d relationship?

  8. Hi,

    Where would be the place for Boot Camp? I would prefer PUTRAJAYA...

    If so, can I register for February & March only (2 months?)

    What would be the cost?

  9. Hi armin, it would be amazing if the COBC has another branch in Ipoh

  10. Hi Anonymous,
    Sorry for the late reply. Ipoh is in the pipeline but not so soon. Thank you for your feedback.

  11. HI THERE, may I know what is the term and condition for pair/couple/husband-wife registration? thanks
    and what is the special price for this


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