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Morning blues...

It was at 7am.. Daddy was in the car waiting for his only child Aaraf to get his socks but after almost 10 mins of waiting there was still no sign of him. So daddy got out of his car and stood infront of the entrance door feeling upset and was furious for he didnt want Aaraf to be late to school. He heard Aaraf's crying calling Daddy daddy daddy.. Thinking he was in tantrum because Daddy insisted for Aaraf to wear socks to school and Aaraf probably couldn't find his socks, Daddy screamed loudly from inside the car for Aaraf to be quick!! There was still no sign of aaraf.. so from the main door, Daddy rushed into the room ready to scold Aaraf for being late and for what he thought was in tantrum but he instead, discovered Aaraf lying on the floor with the drawer upside down by his side... "Daddy it's so painful", cried Aaraf while both his hands holding his toe that was bleeding.. with tears flowing down his red cheek.. 

"Daddy.. help me...", cried Aaraf profusely with his voice stutter in pain and face wet in tears. My heart stopped... sank... but quickly went and hugged him tight. Aaraf could not stop crying. The Wooden drawer fell on his toe breaking his nail and cut his skin. He was in pain for almost 10 minutes while I thought he was in tantrum.

Now daddy felt bad for screaming.. Aaraf's voices in pain kept ringing and the picture of his little eyes struggled in tears occupied my mind while driving to work and for the whole day.

Aaraf has been the best of child and will be celebrating his 10th birthday on 10 December. God has been kind to me Alhamdulillah.

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  1. Poor aaraf but he is strong kid like his mom and dad!! hhooyyaahh~


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