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GLITTERS AND GLAM ON RED CARPET!!! Penang Chief's Original Bootcamp turns 1!

The Chief's Original Bootcamp PENANG turns 1 in October last month and to celebrate the inaugural anniversary, our Penang team gathered a committee that comprised of Penang recruits themselves while COBC instructors led by Sarge Boon became the advisors. Afterall, the party was to celebrate the recruits for another month (in this case 1 year) of consistent training for better health and physique!! The committee that comprised of those in the list below chose "Glitter and Glam on Red Carpet" as the theme.

They even invited James Bond??!!!

The Red Carpet Committee:

Advisor – Sarge Boon & Corp Kenny
Secretary / Treasurer – Christina Cheah
MC – Kevin Tiger  Chew & Jarett Banana Kwong
Backdrop and Deco – Sarge Boon
Photographer – Tang Kheng Leong (Long Tang)
Video Montage Design – Marccus Low (The Groom of the night)
T-shirt Design – Wong Kwei Yee (Kiwi Bond)
IT – Kevin Tiger Chew
PR – Lau Phaik San & Kelly Ong

Kaypos – all of the committee… hahaha

2.30pm              Committee (Wong Kwei Yee, Corp Kenny, Kevin Chew, Jarret Kwang, Marccus 
                          Low) arrived as earlier as 2.30pm to set up the venue, sound system & rehersal 

4.30pm              Depart to freshen  up.

5.45pm              Committee and Camera person (Tang Kheng Leong) arrives

6.15pm              Committee and Camera person makan

7.00pm              Arrival of Guest

7.30pm     MC (Jarett Kwang) making an appearance
                 Banana dance appearance

 7.45pm  Speech by Armin.
Read by MC. I did not know how the MC will read my speech, so I wrote with detail of some 'action' for the speaker to act (I hope he did a good job).

Masters of Ceremony Jarett Kwang
Penang Battalion Commander, Sarge Boon,
Organising Committee members,
Fellow comrade and recruits of COBC.
Assalamualakum and a good evening to all.

After 2 years and 4 months since COBC was first established in Malaysia and a year since COBC was first introduced in Penang, I feel abit awkard…. Or rather.. very awkward. One would think after a year working out in rain, hail or shine, we would be celebrating the 1st year anniversary probably in half nude to show off the hard-earned ripped and hot bodies!!! Because that was what we saw especially after the 8 week challenge!!!

But today we all came fully covered from neck to toes in tuxedos and ties…

Ladies and gentlement,

I am beyond proud at the achievements made by COBC recruits in Penang and in Klang Valley. Never in the short history of COBC, 12 of us made it to Australia 8WC Semi Finals!! Never!! But this year, 12 of us made it to the Semi – Finals and three of us made it to the most talked about, Australia’s 8 week challenge FINALS!!

I remember the first time I saw Sam Kaola or Abdul Azizam…. (paused- staring at Abdul Azizam).

Look at him now (pointing to Abdul Azizam) our 8WC Finalist!!  I can hardly recognize him now!! This is a true testimony that COBC is where an ordinary man can achieve extra-ordinary result!! This is a true testimony that the program that you invested for only RM299 a month is worth every single sen. There is no value for a better health but you get both a better health and a Woww.. beautiful physique!!

Let us hear it, let us give it a big HOOYAH for all the 8WC Challengers whom are all a winner with their new re-branded physique.. Give them the biggest of HOOYAH..  On my count.. 3.. 2… 1… HOOYAH. One more time…. 

A year ago, Dr Malek Aziz, our core-team members and I deliberated for almost a year whether we should expand COBC to Penang or otherwise. We were still doubtful after we visited Penang twice but on the third visit, we met Cheah Boon Chong aka Sarge Boon!! 

You know what happen then… Sarge Boon brought us to visit dozens of field to strategically make it our basecamp.  We also visited dozens of Makan-pot!! I was surprised at the Makan-feast and appetite our Sarge have and can indulged. Probably his way of making sure our recruit is back being fat the soonest they lost weight so we are still in business hehe…. Joking ya!

The rest was history!!! It has been a year since that day.. Now… COBC became the most talked about bootcamp in Penang!! This speaks for all of you… A good program is not complete without the best of instructors. We are very proud of Sarge Boon, Corporal Kenny and Corporal Foong. 

Lets give them a bigger HOOYAH for their dedication and commitment.. Can we have Sarge Boon, Corporal Kenny and Corporal Foong to stand up (on a chair?).. and on my count, let us give them a big HOOYAH!!.. If the trainers had given us a great time, lets give them a big hooyah my count….. 3.. 2.. 1… HOOYAH!!

Woww.. that was a big Hooyah...  I was told there are a lot more speeches after this!!
I had a longer speech prepared in my head for tonight but unfortunately, diabetic took me down first before you. Although I was eager to meet and shake the hands of every recruit in Penang. But I believe you will all be in our partner, Sarge Boon’s good hand. 

Yes, the perks of being me came with diabetic, Cholesterol, gout and an endless sickness. As you all would have known, both Dr Malek Aziz and myself are both cancer survivors. We both learn the hard way of the importance of good health and health care.  Prevention is always better than cure!! WE truly believe in the COBC program. We both have been with the program consistently for now our 3rd year. We are glad to share the program with all of you and we are glad you are all benefiting from the program. We must always remember that there is no price-tag to a good health.

In the name of good health and the best of program, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you for creating the best health community in Penang, in Klang Valley and on FACEBOOK and probably.. the best community in the world!!! Every personality here, makes COBC what it is today!!
On behalf of all team members, than you.. Thank You!! and THANK YOU!!! Last but not least, thank you to all the organizing committee!! HOOOOYAH!!

8.00pm     Speech by Sarge Boon, Penang Batallion Commander and lead instructor.

Hooyah! I am no good at memorising so I am going to read from this paper.

First and foremost, I would like to wish a big thank you to the organizing committee; Kevin Chew, Wong Kwei Yee, Jarett Kwang, Marccus Low, Tang Kheng Long, Lau Phaik San and Ong Kai Li, Corp Kenny and of course not forgetting (she will be pissed if I do), my bigeest critic to Christina Cheah, for the time and effort in putting all these together. 

COBC in Penang stared with only 8 recruits in Alpha platoon last year 4th November 2011.

I can still remember Sam, Priscilla, Crystal, Iskandar, Yen, Christina, Sabrina Hamid and Azlan were there for the 1st session, Benchmark. It was hell of a fun and Crystal actually saying I cant do this and Priscilla, the most epic giving me the ‘no’ sign after 5 minutes into the session. I can assure she is thinking who will be so crazy doing this every morning. But now, I am proud to say this, Priscilla, she didn’t give up, from zero push up to multiple push-ups to running a marathon this year.

Initially, COBC was just merely a bootcamp to me, I would never have guessed that I would meet a crazy bunch of recruits who I have turned to care so much and are always proud of. You recruits have become a part of my family. Literally, I meet all of you more than I see my wife and don’t be jealous ya (looking at Christina).

This year marked Penang recruits 1st time entering the 8wc. And I am proud to say we have the Australian looking at us with awe. Give yourself a big hooyah. To all, no matter what we have achieved, big or small, I would never ever exchange you all for any other recruits because we have been through so much together through the hard training and crazy diet. You all are what made this possible. and again, my proudest moment is to call all of you COBC recruits. HOOYAH!

8.15pm    Makan
Slide Show on Bootcamp recollection and 8wc before and after achievement.
Prepared by Marccus Low.

8.30pm    Speech from 8WC M’SIA RUNNER UP & LOCAL RUNNER UP (SAM)

Mock awards to the top 4 8WC

Recruits surprise gift to Sarge Boon, Corp Kenny and Corp Foong.

The rain coat was a prank!!! The actual gift was a minimus New Balance Dri-Fit Tee

8.40pm   Certificate presentation (ACER & SOB)
1. Tracy Ng
2. Tang Kheng Leong
3. Novelle Ooi
4. Marccus Low
1. Lim Han Leong
1.  Ang Shi Qun
1. Ang Shi Qun
2. Lim Bee Ling
3. Lee Hooi Sei
1. Ng Kar Kit

Spirit of Bootcamp (SOB!!)

Alpha - Teoh Jiunn Eng
Dusk - Sharon
Charlie - Patrick Phuah

Alpha - Linda Oon
Dusk - Ong Kai Li
Charlie - Ang Shi Qun

As a reward for being voted SOB... err.. they got free banana???

9.00pm    Best dressed announcement
                        Female best dressed: Novelle, See Ying and Lay Soo. Winner is Novelle (the bride 
                        of the night)
Male best dressed: Maxwell, Wong Kwei Yee, Joe Han. Winner is Kwei Yee 
(Double 07, Kiwi Bond)

9.20pm    Sep, Oct & Nov birthday babies. 
Birthday cakes and cupcakes sponsored by Sarge Boon.

Wong Kwei Yee, Marccus Low, Kelly Ong, Ong Gim Ann, Lily Heng, Jelin Chew, Eric Yeoh, Elaine Oh (absent), Linda Oon, Crystal Khor, Jason gan, Novelle Ooi, Sharon Magdalene, Lau Phaik San.

>>they were asked to do Opa Gangnam Dance led by Wong Kwei Yee.

9.40pm    Lucky draw
                        Prizes – 4th Prize – COBC Cap, 3rd Prize – COBC cap + Grey T, 2nd Prize – 1 month 
Bootcamp, Grand Prize – 2 months Free Bootcamp
4th Prize – Corp Foong. Lucky recruit: Eric Yeoh
                        3rd Prize – Corp Kenny. Lucky recruit: Tze Schwan
                        2nd Prize – Christina. Lucky recruit: Joe Han
Grand Prize – Sarge Boon. Lucky recruit: Ang Shi Qun

10.00pm    End the night with a “Graduation”  song & Camwhoring!!!

10.05pm   complimenting recruits who have been joining us for 3 months and above for 
                          the last one year with Penang COBC anniversary t-shirts.

Last but not least...... How do we conclude the Chief's Original Bootcamp overall ???

Thumbs Up!!!



Rock!!! Roar!!!

Two Thumbs up!!




The BOMB!!!

The night ended with the best Hooyah and a memorable Yahoo



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